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How fast fashion adds to the world's clothing waste problem (Marketplace)

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Fast fashion is a major contributor to the world's clothing waste problem. Many of us give our old clothes to charity or drop them in a store take-back bin, but you might be surprised to learn most of it is sold and can end up in the landfill. To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.4493490 »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Sav-Chan (6 hours ago)
I never understood why people literally THROW AWAY clothes. Donate, recycle, reuse, sell. Take an old t-shirt to make a pillow case, baby onsie, quilt piece, doll clothes, etc. Seriously you can recreate your old fibers into something new in your own home.
Thúy Aiko (11 hours ago)
I have a pair of socks from Walmart since the 6th grade and it's still my favorite. Bill Gates shops at Walmart for a reason yall.
Not only people wasted money, but they wasted food, wasted water, wasted electricity, now they waste clothing. Take them to thrift stores or second hand stores or non profit charity to help those one in need.
chiyerano (1 day ago)
This is why I try to focus on buying a few good quality versatile basics as opposed to a lot of clothes. You save money and still look good while making less waste.
Crazy Driver (1 day ago)
Underwear uhh..uhh.
suraj karki (2 days ago)
hello< have you heard of Nepal? why dont you try it in Nepal?
Ursula Smith (3 days ago)
It's a shame!
bella chia (3 days ago)
When my son and nephews were smaller I gave them my "hand-down" clothes. Now that they're all older and bigger they give me their clothes. The only new clothing I purchase is socks and underwear. The trick is to purchase better quality clothing that will last because fashion trends and colors ALWAYS come back after a generation!
Jackie Albert (4 days ago)
Why not sort out what that's really not good burn it and give the good ones to clarity how much clothing do one needs some times you never get to wear most of it because you get up on a morning you get ready for work for some of us 6 days a week it could be 7_4 or 8_5 we barley have time to go out but yet still we kept buying we need to help the less fortunate more that is my passion
Are you still doing videos like this thank you for the video appreciate it
Rey Formento (5 days ago)
I will take your used panties.
Abigail Luther (5 days ago)
This was more or less a direct result of the recession. While I think it gave rise to "thrifting" and "secondhand" shops becoming cool again, it also definitely brought fast fashion, Forever 21 garbage to the forefront.
lidette711 (5 days ago)
I'm from the Philippines, and I can attest to this. I grew up thrift shopping with my Mom, and I've been told since I was a child, that all of the clothes in the thrift store were actually donations that importers profit out of. Usually, going thrift shopping is cheaper than buying brand new clothes, and you can haggle, too. But I agree with the claim that there are too many useless low-quality clothes that will only get junked. I see them in thrift stores all the time. And these thrift stores pride themselves in selling New items every week, even though their stores are still overflowing with unsold goods.
Cherry bling (7 days ago)
wow i reuse my old clothes and turn them in to Rag dolls, why not just send them to places that clearly need clothes
Heather (7 days ago)
i wonder, if down the road there will be a resurgence of repair shops? it would be nice and could create jobs that way also.
Jade Damboise Rail (8 days ago)
I've always used clothes until they're worn and I give them away then. Now that I know more about textile waste I mostly shop for clothes second hand.
Andy Orbet (9 days ago)
I was a victim of this, I had a closet FULL of this stuff…. belts, shoes, jeans, pants, skirts. I tried to commit suicide several times because I just couldn't find myself, despite the abundance of material objects, a good paying job, and Friends.... I was SO EMPTY! I met a guy who was SO HAPPY, he just showed it, he was around 41 or 42 but looked like if he was in his early 30's... he looked like his life was all going good and working well. I asked what his secret was as I got to know him better and I entrusted him with my suicidal thoughts and my struggle, surprisingly he went through the same and his saving grace was minimalism. Consuming and owning less, leads to a more worry free life and a way of living more full of substantial experiencies and happines. One day fed up when I thought I was gonna lose it, I went through my closet and donated 70% of it, TONS OF CLOTHS sitting there, not wearing them for ages!! Then went to my kitchen, livingroom, guest bedroom, room by room until I was done with my entire house and life, it took me two weeks. I do not know what happened but it's like something clicked in me, an immense sense of peace, happiness, joy… People were asking me if I had gotten a make over, suddenly I was losing weight, motivated enough to join a gym, lose weight, eat better, plant my own garden, spend time with loved ones… 180 degree change! Since I started to planning my life differently, I deleted Facebook, Instagram, no more Kardashians, and Trump updates, and Beyonces.... and more me connected with MYSELF and the people who mattered. Suddenly within days my depression and suicidal tendencies dissapeared, and those feelings were replaced with joy and a lust for living! I have to say less is more, I am living proof of it, and I encourage everyone to live this kind of lifestyle, not only you are making yourself happier, but you're helping save our planet!
Judgment Proof (9 days ago)
I don't keep up with fashion, I wear my clothes until they wear out. Having limited money, I can't afford new clothes all the time and gladly welcome good used clothes Another thing that should be considered is maybe taking some of those old clothes to help the homeless and even take them to shelters, churches, charities, anywhere clothes are needed It's a good idea to refurbish old clothes and find new uses for them. If you shred them up, you can make stuffing for coats, quilts, pillows and so much more
imalrockme (11 days ago)
11:35 Really?????!!!!!!
G H (12 days ago)
The charity I work with makes the clothing into bricks. You need to find reputable charities.
Crystal Rene (13 days ago)
I shop at a thrift store and yard sale. I hardly ever shop in the name brand stores anymore. I just don't need to spend so much money.
Haniya 1212 (13 days ago)
none of us gonna stop shopping ( ik im not)
Chantal Anarado (14 days ago)
One things I think...hold these companies accountable for producing these clothes! How many clothes do they make that ends up in landfill before even reaching consumer?
Mariel Murillo (14 days ago)
My daughter went through a bunch of clothes as a baby I sent them directly over to Mexico for children in need, that's what my family does. We send over gently used clothes to people over there.
Wesley Johnson (15 days ago)
New style everyday helps the economy to grow. People will alway have jobs to pay their bills and buy more things that they don't need. Me I wear my clothes and my shoes until it's disintegrated.❤✌
Just Fine (16 days ago)
If you've lived in third world country, you have known about this your whole life.
TheSUPERHAPPY1 (16 days ago)
Question that could save a lot of my shirts: How can I get grease (from Greek Salad Dressing) out of my shirts. I always get oil, grease, salad dressing on my shirts. How can I get it out? (Also, I need to start wearing a bib)
TheSUPERHAPPY1 (16 days ago)
3:39 Anyone know who these youtubers are? I'd like to watch them
n vue (16 days ago)
I've recently became a minimalist. Best thing I've ever done for myself!!!!!!!! There was a point in my life where I went to the mall every. single. day... LITERALLY. Now when I see clothing hauls, or people who have waaayyyy more things than they need, I experience some low key anxiety lol.
Tina Huston (16 days ago)
We have to stop with our glutton and greed. We're running into big problems, people. Think about the NYSE. It's a problem, a BIG problem.
hsiao mei (16 days ago)
These companies who have started this campaign of recycling, protecting the environment are just manipulating consumers. Like what the reporting said they either sell or recycle with what we bring to them (used clothing). Check the grocery bags : they sell for 5 cents per bag, money goes back to their companies. It always benefit these companies.
PuffTheCat Puff (16 days ago)
We need a super moth! Somehow, we need to make... THE MONARCH, that would eat clothes.
Always tired (16 days ago)
Reduce, reuse and recycle. Buy quality. Learn to sew and fix your clothes. Only buy what you need.
Annie L (16 days ago)
This video is extremely informative.. it really opened my eyes
soapychikin (17 days ago)
This documentary changed my life.
Jody Pope (17 days ago)
in theory: cities could have a few centralised freecycle events, for clothing etc
balamstudios (17 days ago)
You could check what latinamericans do. They buy used in trift markets.
Manmeet Kaur (17 days ago)
MoM: tells me to clean closet and get rid of old clothes Me: noo I can still wear this shirt I wore when I was 12 and so what if this has a whole in the back no one will she it if I wear a cardigan Mom 2:54 u would’ve found some nice useable clothes from there too
robertson Patrickson (17 days ago)
22 minutes to say landfills, or Africa
Binish Bunny (17 days ago)
This is embarrassing. I started a small business a year ago and deep down my values kept creeping up and I'm closing up shop. My heart hurts thinking about the wasteland we live in. Sadly, we all have the potential to change it but most never do.
Metti Na (17 days ago)
Same here. I wanted to open a clothing store but my values wouldn't let me do it. I wish there were ethical stores that pay their workers fair wages and make their clothing in a sustainable manner.
Jonathan Duenas (18 days ago)
Who noticed Alpha M
Liam Fenton (19 days ago)
i think Patagonia is the best clothing company and do lots of great things to recycle and re use their own products!
lorraine merry (19 days ago)
i live in 2nd hand clothes ( except underware) I cant aford to buy new clothes and im in the UK.
greatcurious cat (19 days ago)
So long as there are demands of clothes, these clothing companies will always produce and produce. Hoping that one day we will have a best solution.
greatcurious cat (19 days ago)
In the Philippines we call these used clothes Ukay-ukay.
Can'tMiss Everblack (19 days ago)
Hand wash your clothes to make it last longer. That's all you have to do to prevent it from getting worn out fast.
Add E (19 days ago)
I would like to suggest a swapping area in each common room of college dorms. We did this all the time, even with shampoos and things we didn't like. I'm not going to use this, so out it goes and someone else picks it up by the end of the day. If it's something no one wants, eventually it will go in the trash, but a week is certainly more than enough shelf-life for almost anything to be claimed. This would probably also work well at food pantries. Many people would like to turn their old clothes into cleaning rags but can't afford to buy new. I'm one of those people. And I will opt for the more durable clothing every time, if it doesn't look right after I've washed it, I'm not going back to that store. I get pretty angry when one of the few things I liked enough to buy this year doesn't make it through the laundry. Reduce, reuse, and since we can't really recycle someone would do well to start an industrial incinerator for this stuff. Heat and power something big. Take care of the smoke responsibly. We have the technology, now we just have to use it.
Emily Mackley (20 days ago)
Instead of adding clothes to waste piles, why not give them to people in need, either in your country, or other countries? This is so sad... 😫🙁 Also, consider selling your old clothes.
britt dee (20 days ago)
In Ottawa, search facebook for buy nothing groups where you can donate them to your local neighbours
dacealksne (20 days ago)
#BuyMore #SendShitToIndia #WinWin
dacealksne (20 days ago)
I'll take your old underwear.
Food Curls (20 days ago)
I only buy clothes when they are really worn out. Best change I made and also helps me save a lot
Phair Plaigh (21 days ago)
H&M sizing chart is made to fit adolescents & it's mainly one wash worthy quality clothing
Paul Mata (21 days ago)
Opens the question, now to find a solution..
Alex Jayne (21 days ago)
It’s hard to afford high quality so I do buy from fast fashion stores 😞
Julia A. (7 days ago)
Alex Jayne There are Thrift Shops, Flea Markets and Craigslist as well. Buy second hand 😊
Vegan Vibes (21 days ago)
The power is in the hands of the western consumers. Not in the hands of politicians, wars, governments or fashion brands. If we stop buying, they will stop producing. Simple as. And we must not forget the awful effects that fast fashion has on the planet. Of course, there is the controversial issue that a decrease in fast fashion will decrease these jobs in Bangladesh and other countries, which are necessary. But this will shift and adjust and the jobs will become better, just like what would happen with any other social justice movement. People in the UK, US, Canada, Australia etc need to start shopping at thrift/charity stores, using online second hand apps such as depop, shopping from local and small businesses. And better yet, we need to just stop shopping as much. There’s a lot of scientific evidence linking shopping to a genuine addiction, because of the dopamine release that it brings. Social media, influencers, TV shows also have a lot of power over how young people, in particular, shop. But, social media can also be used in an amazingly positive way as well - it can be used to let people know about this, which is the first step
alisha Dawn (21 days ago)
if clothes ends up in landfills its because u all are not doing what u suspose to clothes are suspose to be sent out to other places who does not have anything
alisha Dawn (21 days ago)
this video is a lie our clothes what can not be sold goes to every goodwill that other stores cant sell then goodwill boxes them up as well as shoes and these things are sent over seas even shoes with a small hole its sent over seas for people who doesn't have anything ..
Katya Vakulenko (21 days ago)
Could you recommend brands that are not extremely expensive but good quality, minimalist and will last long? Thanks!
Katya Vakulenko (1 day ago)
+Cosmic Ant most of affordable second hand shops where I live sell heavily worn low-quality clothing like h&m. It's almost impossible to find anything decent
Cosmic Ant (2 days ago)
Katya Vakulenko *Second hand*
ciang limalima (22 days ago)
it is also common here in the Philippines... we called it "ukay-ukay"..... some are selling it cheap and some are quite expensive...
man man (22 days ago)
Fashion, food, vehicles, technologies, entertainment are among the main modern needs basically controlled by the 5 % of richest people in this world who would do anything to maintain their richness. I doubt if these people and their munions care even an atom of the crippling environment n inhabitants which and whom are sufferings due to those heartless greediness.
Christina Enriquez (22 days ago)
It's called ukay-ukay in the Philippines.
cathartic reverie (22 days ago)
10:10 "At least they're trying?" Other woman: ......................................................*just stares deadpan*...yeah......
Give it to Africans and some Asian poorest nation 😭❤️
the18Ting (23 days ago)
"Thrifted Transformations" is a good example
Xandrous (23 days ago)
surely they ground down fibers can be used for something other than clothes. something larger would make it more sustainable. i find rapid consumerism repulsive.
elvianny matos (23 days ago)
I only go shopping on Black Friday, buy less than 10 items
jeona32 (23 days ago)
I guess i knew now why i hate buying cheap clothes i always buy high fashion and pay more and used it for many years. .
Stephanie Murray (24 days ago)
In the UK despite thousands of charity shops, about 50.000.000 bin liners of clothes go to landfill each year ! horrendous !
Stephanie Murray (24 days ago)
These clothes are not worn out of damaged or dirty they are given away because people are BORED with them ! Clothes should be expensive not cheap ,, I buy only new underclothes, the rest I either make or buy second hand and I always look smart! I have friends who spend all their time shopping and they look like walking piles of fabric ,,
Arnie Lein Ibardo (24 days ago)
Just simple.. Close all the shops.
faith yan (24 days ago)
Me watching this: Looks at my shirt and remember I bought this from thrift stores. yey!
Amanda Shelton (24 days ago)
If you want to make sure your unwanted clothes go to the needy take them to the shelters or give the clothes to the poor themselves. It's simple. Also stop buying so much. It's just like food stop eating so much and you will lose weight. Also don't believe a company that promotes anything about their honest business because if they are honest they wouldn't have to promote honesty, you will just see the honesty. Trust should be earned. Simple.
Min Yoongi is Life (24 days ago)
Ukay-ukay is the answer.
andthenifellinlove (25 days ago)
I can't remember Rhee b'day time I shopped. Some time last year, I know that.
justine betita (25 days ago)
Thats why I always buy my clothes from thrift shop!
adds jo (26 days ago)
everyone misses the good quality of simple well made cotton clothes of the 90s
noman aman (26 days ago)
h and m sells it to middle man and give money to UNICEF means that it is donated, who UNICEF help ,people in need ,and those resales make money and those people buy it with little money ,guess what thousands of job and second circulation of economy and everyone on the better side, however i am not a fan of fast fashion ,quality things are rare and have high price these days.
Betty Dunn (27 days ago)
I always bought good quality clothes when on sale. I've found some good stuff at the Salvation Army Store, too. I am still using the clothes I bought for a travel job in 2001. You don't just dump clothes for frivolous reasons. I've lost more than 50 pounds over the last 14 years, and quite a lot of big sizes just had to go. You also lose height as you age, and the slim, medium length coat starts to hang loose.
Carl (1 month ago)
if you think there is something abnormal about this and want to know more i would recommend theories of surplus value and das kapital by karl marx.
BRITNEY DHARMAI (1 month ago)
And then they have the nerve to say that these places are shitholes. Like these clothes all of the plastic that they use at their stores are dumped in Africa and Asia
Chris Francis (1 month ago)
LOL This problem has been around since the 70s.
Sour Pickle (1 month ago)
Omg.. i felt disgusted.. shame on you pull & bear, zara, h&m.. god will destroy you !!
Steph romuga (1 month ago)
Message me if you have some stuffs to throw coz there are alot of people in my country dont have any of those
Steph romuga (1 month ago)
I hope i can have one of those junk clothes im here in the Philippines and i dont buy clothes i just wait for my relatives will gave me.. hope you can send it to us
Stephanie Ceja (1 month ago)
Look into IG and Etsy shops that use thrifted/recycled textiles to make clothes, home items, accessories... support a family and the environment!
Stephanie Ceja (1 month ago)
I have had the same three pairs of jeans for over 5 years; I have had FOUR pregnancies in those years and I have wore my jeans with my slouchy sweaters that I love and my dresses during the warmer days. IT IS POSSIBLE. We have a quite large family but we are also a low-waste and vegan family. I have 7 children and all their clothes can fit in a bin, so Can their toys. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.
Birdie's Chronicles (1 month ago)
plenty in the Philippines..we call it here 'ukay-ukay'
Olivia Nicole (1 month ago)
Soooo from what I'm understanding.... It's hard to break down mixed fibers? Or separate them? Soooo is this a good time to bring up Leviticus? LOL... God knows what he's talking about.
Sabina (1 month ago)
If you LOVE BUYING - just buy SECOND HAND!! S.O.L.V.E.D.
April 🥀Rose (1 month ago)
The same happens in the beauty world with makeup.
claire fitzpatrick (1 month ago)
Yes green washing and blaming consumers. Fair enough some people buy way to much. It's the COMPANY'S. Factories are the problem across the board. In many industries, cars, plastic, food etc. The second part of the documentary I knew about this as I used to work for salvation army TRADING COMPANY u.k. I was powerless to do anything. A lot of charity shops take the donations of clothes etc and resell the good stuff. Then the o.k stuff might get passed around or rotated to other charity shops if there low on donations coming in over the door. Then depending on the charity they sell the rest to the "rag man". Then the rag man resells the clothes to poorer countries. My advice for someone in the u.k is ask the charity shop what there policy is on were the clothes go after the charity shop might not sell them. I hope this information helps someone.
April Charter (1 month ago)
Donate to thrift stores that sell for cheap! Vv wants 17$ for dresses I would totally buy....used for 4$. I saw the boots I was wearing on a rack for 18$ used. I paid 22 new for mine!!
Ali Orstrom (1 month ago)
We each only have one body to dress!! I don't know why people think they need so many clothing items/outfits. I've only bought second-hand/thrifted clothing for about 2 years and I actually haven't bought any clothes in quite a while!!
Frozen Wolf (1 month ago)
We live in a large city. They have calls out for the women's/family shelter and the mens mission. Which help families and some are halfway houses. Each have programs for looking for work or housing. But I have some clothes from my college days. I use them until there so thin and start to fall apart. And I do more of my clothes shopping at the local second hand stores because I don't like alot of today's fashions.
flo - (1 month ago)
What too much clothes? I have 2 pairs of trousers and a few pullis! But i am 16, so im growing. It makes no sence too buy much clothes in this age.
Crooked cat (1 month ago)
I hate going to the stores like Forever 21 or H&M and theres SOO much selection with cheap material it overwhelming for me, now when I pass it all i'll think about how much of those clothes are going to end up in landfill.
c.a. greene (1 month ago)
Fibers could be used in fill for blankets and warm jackets for poor in third world countries Encourage quilting as a renewed hobby or granny sport and make quilting batting from recycled fibers at 1/5th the cost of cotton batting
Sarafina Donald (1 month ago)
Don't buy new clothes! I.E. I still wear things I was wearing 10 years ago.
Rhonna Marsden (1 month ago)
I donate all my clothes but i have no idea where it goes from there.

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