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Five of the World's Most Fascinating Small Towns

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In this reel, we're traveling to unfamiliar places. We visit the most crowded island on earth, see how the Aussies live underground and visit a zero-waste town in Japan. SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/vR6Acb #SmallTowns #Island #Travel This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world. Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: http://goo.gl/2KABeX Make our acquaintance on Facebook: http://goo.gl/Vn0XIZ Give us a shout on Twitter: http://goo.gl/sY1GLY Come hang with us on Vimeo: http://goo.gl/T0OzjV Visit our world directly: http://www.greatbigstory.com
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Great Big Story (3 months ago)
New to our channel, or don’t have time to look through our back catalog? This video is part of a series of Great Big Reels we’ve put together for a blast through our world. Don't dig the reels but love our single-serving size stories? You can always tell a reel by the collage-style thumbs. If it's got four small images, it's a reel.
M D (1 month ago)
the only brown/black people here never spoke for themselves,,,,,
Spencer Lim (1 month ago)
Thanks for going in depth and wasting our time.
neeon Fox (1 month ago)
thanks Great Big Story for this little compilation....ive watched 2 of the stories before and didnt know about the other small towns.....now i will because of this!!
C. Powell (1 month ago)
Whoever wrote this Great Big Story comment (your marketer? ) phrases this infirmation very well along giving it personality👍
andreas mc nugget (15 hours ago)
love how they spelled kihnu hahaha
Leon Columbine (23 hours ago)
I need to travel more
mikeleke0 (1 day ago)
Kihnu seems racist, I see no blacks. The EU should allocate a thousand or so N. African migrants, so they can discover the joys, of multiculturalism.
Nancy Baldwin (1 day ago)
I like the underground town. It's pretty nice. :)
Isaac Chay (2 days ago)
If they are so strong and independent, then why dont some of those ladies go out on the fishing boats?
Prepper Rick_W (3 days ago)
Featured are the umm, heavy set women of Kihnu... interesting...
Fern Leaves Studio (3 days ago)
Really? They live underground because it's 50C above? In Hermosillo We live with temps 45C in the shadow, 50C in the sun and we don't live underground. And next summer it might get worse because they are cutting too many trees without a real reason... I dunno but I feel that they aren't really hardy...
edwin herrera (3 days ago)
Second island remind me of the movie water world
Andre Geldenhuys (3 days ago)
You left out Orania in South Africa... interesting town!
Ab Sub (4 days ago)
I spent my first 17 years of life in a small village until moved out for undergrad school. Now I live in a big city surrounded by all gadgets. The village life is still vivid memory of innocence and simplicity!! Lot of love and stress free life.
Rebekah Sadie (4 days ago)
0:33 "no man's land" • Pun intended? 😂
Jamir Temjen (6 days ago)
The first one xD
Prima Murdock (6 days ago)
That Japanese town of Kamikatsu is certainly amazing. I always knew zero waste was possible if only people’s mindsets would change. Seeing it actually being done on a municipal level gives me hope that ppl can change & not continue to live ignorantly about what actually happens to their garbage.
erin rossi (6 days ago)
awesome i want to go to everyone of these places! I really love the recycle town and the underground one which i knew about from opals! we live in wonderful world i wish we could all learn to help each other stop the hate and just realize we ARE different. I wish there was a world peace day where no violence happened.
rjc0234 (6 days ago)
"when the zero waste program started, we all had to go out and buy big pickup trucks so we could transport our waste to the recycling centre. it was a shame, as i used to cycle everywhere" already an example how sometimes trying to save the environment, can tip the balance the other way.
mustsolution (7 days ago)
I wonder if the deceased waste free townies were turned into fertilizers as well
22vx (8 days ago)
niggaplease47 (8 days ago)
Does this video make anyone else want to drop trou and bang all these women
We need the zero waste policy here before we loose our planet.
Tee Carr (8 days ago)
The Japanese no-waste village is absolutely impressive!! Coober Pedy is amazing, as well! Actually, it’s easy to see why all five villages qualified... well, maybe not so much the Nebraskan town, but, definitely, the rest.
Roland's Durendal (9 days ago)
CO2 emissions are not dangerous to plant life, quit the fear tactics, and the effects of change may prove quite beneficial. What is important is that everyone of us clean up our act i.e. pollute less, recycle, reuse water, home garden, downsize, solar power, pick garbage up!! ack!
Olhamo (9 days ago)
I just saw on another of these videos of strangest, or most fascinating... maybe it was 60 Minutes, a woman in Australia who one day developed what is called “foreign accent syndrome” which only means they can see what it looks like, hear what it sounds like, but can’t explain why.. and she sounds like one of the women from this Estonian Island. She often feels very distressed over losing a big part of who she was, but maybe if she visits thia place, she will feel right at home!
Sam S (11 days ago)
Population One! Me! ☺️☺️
Jill Mayunga (11 days ago)
They're men must be cheating
Cheeky Rose (11 days ago)
Stayed in Coober Pedy twice. Interesting experience, but twice was enough for me.
Ana Maria Gutierrez (12 days ago)
Kihnu Island - Estonia the first town is my favorite.
Serafin Alcantara (13 days ago)
11:06 those prices are a steal!
Beanieweenieable (13 days ago)
It’s too sad that many idiots will make it their mission in life to disrupt the culture and heritage of these delightful places under the guise of UNESCO cultural bs diversity....so very sad
BrendanJ Rice (14 days ago)
This is one thing CNN does good in journalism
relax it's just me (14 days ago)
the best location to play hide and seek.
Salvatore Escoti (15 days ago)
we Europeans consider Estonia in Northern Europe not Eastern...
Rustam Moukhametzyanov (16 days ago)
That Australian cave town looks comfy af! I wonder what's the economy like there, probably has to do with mining
Mchooofer Hine (17 days ago)
The zero waste town.. You cant recycle plastic.. Plastic makes life alot easier. just because you sort trash out in different categories, and it been sent away to a power plant, doesnt mean it doesnt get burnt in the end for heat anyway. So whats the point? Mother nature will suffer anyway.
a1uM1nuM448 (17 days ago)
I want to live in the underground town
Dave Otuwa (17 days ago)
Coober Pedy. What a racist name! The smallest citys in the US of A are in a county in NE with the same exact name as the hall where I live on campus.
its bella here (17 days ago)
I was so into the second one bc I'm part Colombian
Veronica Mendoza (17 days ago)
the town in estonia reminds me of the movie *THE WICKER MAN* with Nicolas Cage lol
Tom Sawyer (18 days ago)
Everybody running to the big cities and spending thousand of dollars on tiny home and room just to survive. All those beautiful land and open filed in NE just break my heart..
Ronald Garcia (18 days ago)
At 3:52!?!?!?!!
Ronald Garcia (18 days ago)
lenlu007 (18 days ago)
SANTA CRUZ DEL ISOLOTE... They should DEFINITELY get solar panels for that little island... At least one panel placed on each house roof...It would be a “game changer” for the inhabitants...
Pepper Noia (18 days ago)
Zero waste needs to spread worldwide
L. S. (18 days ago)
I bet its paradise... NOT
memorieca grace (19 days ago)
Love these stories...
uzwad mirmizwa (19 days ago)
what name background song?
Cracker Boxy (19 days ago)
That jap sounds korean not that I can understand either.
Ticklebum Sherlock (19 days ago)
K but like that no trash town what do they do about tissues guys do their “business” into
iceman11849 (20 days ago)
I'm sure they ''can't wait'' to get their fare share of the ''caravan people''. they will really spice the town up , won't they..hahaha...
Ellinon Enosis (20 days ago)
All matriarchal communities have either extinct or havent evolved....this is one of them...something like the amish(which is suprisingly a patriarchical society...) Men are tools to feed the women who sit at home dancing while men risk their lives, with only reward once or maybe twice a year sex(a quick one because after so long they might finish even at the sight of it)
Capt Biddy (20 days ago)
more than half the shit you ppl throw in the recycle bin gets taken to a dump btw
Monica Michelle (20 days ago)
I think I just found wonder woman’s island. When do I get to move there?
Paigevdl Plays ROBLOX (21 days ago)
In my school I just have recycling, paper, garbage
peter power (21 days ago)
the zero waste town, do they recycle tissue paper?
Morgan Olfursson (22 days ago)
That's what the Japanese call Zero waste , what a fucking joke !
Evelyn Dovale (22 days ago)
We need that zero waste policy in the U.S...well, everywhere.
atinis (23 days ago)
I am an Artist my work is from upcycle materials!!! 👍
Trrnce (19 days ago)
Proof it; otherwise it doesn't exist.
cap green (24 days ago)
no wonder why Australians say down under they live down under
Aurelious Maximus (24 days ago)
I´d be like in that last town like "all right honey you take the job of mayor I dont really care, I´ll apoint myself lord of the woods and sky for all I care"
Kimochi san (26 days ago)
9:55-10:11 that's the most redneck thing i ever heard XD
laur laur (28 days ago)
They are penguins
simone griffiths (28 days ago)
No black people in the first town and no white people in the second island to lol
SirPano85 (28 days ago)
Japanese chef with Italian shirt in an english doc...... I hope his food is Brazilian
Wilfred P (28 days ago)
According to the global alarmists, that Island should be underwater by now.
Andreina Vel (29 days ago)
I struggle with anxiety. The underground city is cute but I could never sleep living there thinking about an earthquake and being trapped.
BusyBasaz (30 days ago)
God bless Elsie Eiler. She seems like a super lady, good values and mindset.
countys32 (30 days ago)
Why did they get a valley girl to narrate this?
læzy lozer 2600 (30 days ago)
Amazing how such small communities can have such beautiful and diverse cultures... cough EUROPEAN UNION cOugh
MorpH2k (30 days ago)
Wow, did you even try to pronounce Kihnu or did you just go straight for "Canoe"?
hku99 (1 month ago)
Wow that's awesome
Ja Wot (1 month ago)
“It was confusing”
American Girl (1 month ago)
OK-with a ton of people on the island the size of 2 soccer fields....we know where all their sewage is going.
Sriharsha C V (1 month ago)
Man, I feel so jealous of those societies who can organize themselves. Being able to commit is a treasure.
Michael-twigs-dwigs (1 month ago)
kihnu island has all hardwood floors because the carpet has all been munched?
Michael-twigs-dwigs (1 month ago)
so in a nutshell kihnu island is a lesbians dream
Derek Ocean (1 month ago)
0:47 The subtitles made an unneccesary annotation to the woman's remarks. You can hear her say, "Many old traditions still are alive" which is perfectly grammatically correct.
Sudarshan Rajbhandari (1 month ago)
Its funny to see how the Japanese language is understood by the auto English translator
Sita Afoa (1 month ago)
Omg the underground town is beautiful 😍😍 and the no trash place in Japan is just breath taking
Sarah Riedel (1 month ago)
"White man in a hole" 😂😂
Vaibhav Shah (1 month ago)
In short, the US F***ed up.
Nathaniel Freud (1 month ago)
Just because there is an island full of mostly women doesn’t mean that they’re special
Farid Khan (1 month ago)
No man's world, if ww3 breaks out.
walter white (1 month ago)
Had to be white people in Khinu.
Charles (1 month ago)
Gah my dream Is to get a job at Great big story, how cool would it be to travel around creating docs?
manangdali (1 month ago)
wOW Kamikatsu village is such a model village
Simón Ospina Zuluaga (1 month ago)
Funny how the dismissed the colombian story in 30 secs with no interviews. Maybe not such a "great big story".
Edgar Casillas (1 month ago)
Someone must had been watching waterworld
Salvator Mundi (1 month ago)
More leftist tripe and propaganda. Jeez....
hardleecure (1 month ago)
That underground city is incredible.
Kam3man (1 month ago)
2:57 Storm along Harbor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The white and the asians knows how to run and build structures and tech for such a wonder towns, the iland of those colombian natives will be a [email protected]$hole if it wasnt for the inventions of the other cultures, what a waste of place.
M. Roman (1 month ago)
These are stories for human change on many levels.
Morgan StarChild (1 month ago)
White man in a hole" lol love it seems cool literally underground
191 people obviously don't like this video... How can someone not like something as good as what I just watched. I just suscribed by the way.
Marie Lastname (1 month ago)
122 degrees Fahrenheit are 50(!!!) degrees Celsius!!!!!!!!
punker4Real (1 month ago)
the only thing they are doing wrong is NOT crushing the cans or glass it can save a lot of room crushing them
ScorchStorm (1 month ago)
Man, these towns are amazing, Id love to visit them someday. The underground one especially, if there’s ever the Zombie Apocalypse, I know where I’m going. So cool.
M D (1 month ago)
the only brown/black people here never spoke for themselves,,,,,
Snowy y (1 month ago)
Saw the title taught oh this video sounds interesting clicked onto said video seconds heard that women only lived in the town immediately clicked of and left this comment
oof kek (1 month ago)
for the tiny towns,send some homeless people who aren't druggies.im sure they would be happy.

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