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Five of the World's Most Fascinating Small Towns

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In this reel, we're traveling to unfamiliar places. We visit the most crowded island on earth, see how the Aussies live underground and visit a zero-waste town in Japan. SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/vR6Acb #SmallTowns #Island #Travel This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world. Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: http://goo.gl/2KABeX Make our acquaintance on Facebook: http://goo.gl/Vn0XIZ Give us a shout on Twitter: http://goo.gl/sY1GLY Come hang with us on Vimeo: http://goo.gl/T0OzjV Visit our world directly: http://www.greatbigstory.com
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Great Big Story (5 months ago)
New to our channel, or don’t have time to look through our back catalog? This video is part of a series of Great Big Reels we’ve put together for a blast through our world. Don't dig the reels but love our single-serving size stories? You can always tell a reel by the collage-style thumbs. If it's got four small images, it's a reel.
M D (3 months ago)
the only brown/black people here never spoke for themselves,,,,,
Spencer Lim (3 months ago)
Thanks for going in depth and wasting our time.
neeon Fox (3 months ago)
thanks Great Big Story for this little compilation....ive watched 2 of the stories before and didnt know about the other small towns.....now i will because of this!!
C. Powell (3 months ago)
Whoever wrote this Great Big Story comment (your marketer? ) phrases this infirmation very well along giving it personality👍
pitpotdeeerste (16 hours ago)
considering those trash less ppl have been burning their trash for the past decades the ground pollution from those ashes containing heavy metals and such they wil stil get them cancer
Rina Quartz (1 day ago)
I want to live in the zero waste town
Chelsea (1 day ago)
Of course Nebraska. I live in Nebraska and my village is 600 people. More then 2, but still tiny.
ِ (3 days ago)
love those kei vans in japan lol
Dave Christan (3 days ago)
not much sex going on there sadly lol
Don Ventura (4 days ago)
We could create a lot of jobs and help the Earth with a zero trash declaration in the US.
Texas Ray (5 days ago)
"Burning garbage created carbon dioxide emissions that became dangerous". This is total BS. All that vegetation decays every year and produces millions of times more CO2 than that one little village could. Sure it's a good thing to recycle waste but let's keep it honest shall we?
RainbowChocolate (7 days ago)
would be nice if they spend more time on the second island
Khondker Rifat Hossain (12 days ago)
Excellent video....just awesome:)
Ingrid Weiner (14 days ago)
Canadump could learn a lot from these people.
Toni Memetaj (16 days ago)
If you live in Kamikatsu probably youll live over 100 years old
Jewela (19 days ago)
no sealand? lol
wolfsmaul-GER (22 days ago)
"i just burned it in the yard"
Darkboy2525 (22 days ago)
Japanese people are very inspiring. There determination is truly respect worthy !
Fox the gamer (22 days ago)
Estonia! 🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪
Rubicon Outdoors (23 days ago)
Did Muslim refugees get to Khanu ?
Republic Of Seaska (23 days ago)
the one in japan seems nice to live in. imagine living in a town that doesn't have trash or anything like that?
Toxic Bubbles (28 days ago)
Jomari Roxas (28 days ago)
A place without people is still better than that 'zero-waste town'
Amellia Ladd (1 month ago)
Wow. I idealize the idea of no waste policy. Maybe others should look at them, and imitate there choice.
Маджик ман (1 month ago)
I would go to the all women village for obvious reasons
CJ Vaughn (1 month ago)
All feminists should live here
Juksu (1 month ago)
Hearing estonian language always cracks me up because I'm finnish and the languages sound so alike but still gibberish :DD all my love ror Estonia tho!
Claire Lemke (1 month ago)
What an interesting little documentary, thank you
Andrew (1 month ago)
And the election results are: Well. It’s a tie
Andrew (1 month ago)
Kamikatzu sounds like heaven
yunxin wen (1 month ago)
the first island is about the culture they'll remain or not, the second is about life is difficult, the third is about how people live with the natural environment, the forth is about industry abandon, the last one, small city? town?
Mike Lincoln (1 month ago)
No men, no fishing, no money, no people living on island.
SP10 Currency (1 month ago)
How can a business survive in a town of one?!
Off-Grid Optimist (1 month ago)
Holy Jesus, a whole underground city, this is exactly what I dreamed of. It makes perfect sense for the sustainability of Humanity. Good thing my house has wheels I think I'm going there very soon!
CampbellRocksAgain (1 month ago)
That last 1 could use a caravan of people
scyvir paixn (1 month ago)
Last one is a perfect place for loners
Megapixel (1 month ago)
i live in estonia
Canadian Syrup (1 month ago)
9:20 FUN FACT: That church is Serbian, made by the Serbian immigrants, and is the biggest in the town.
rétro (1 month ago)
Quick question: So did Monowi have a lot of resident in the ‘older’ days?
WasuWasuSu (1 month ago)
Honestly, I’m envious that some culture last so long. One of my own culture basically became erased because modern times was simply too widespread. Even now, I find it difficult to find people that remember and can share their stories with me. The young don’t even want to listen to a story anymore. To those who are keeping their culture alive, you’re doing great. It’s tough, but keep doing it. My heart aches for my culture, but one day, a new culture will be created from this time, even if it’s very different, and years from now that will become culture and I hope the young grow up to at least appreciate a little.
Glip Abazza (1 month ago)
I love lesbian island at the beginning.
Nova Chandra (1 month ago)
I love my solitude.. and the underground homes would be fabulous for me..
rockerseven (1 month ago)
The towns with no waste and no crime are wonderful. It's too bad society can't do that in larger towns.
TBT (1 month ago)
Just look at the way they dressed up, it shows they have respect for them selves. Compared to western countries.
Karl Johansen (1 month ago)
japan people are so genuinely nice! omg iam gonna puff up and fly away :3
Atung Bawean (1 month ago)
Kamikatsu is most fascinating. Green, beautiful landscape, and the great mindset of people.
Nothing Here (1 month ago)
The First Town Is Practically The Estonian Matriarch Order
Kayla Madigan (1 month ago)
Those Australians are definitely prepared for a nuclear war.
Halfling (1 month ago)
The Australian guy is my new favorite person.
HeyIt'sAthena (1 month ago)
I love Japan Soo much
Halcyon (1 month ago)
Surely all thèse places néed immigrants , their societies are far too homogenous.
h0lyone (1 month ago)
I love your content! Keep it coming!
Ben The Great (1 month ago)
The underground town reminds of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys comic
Moa ღ (1 month ago)
The trashless and underground town seems amazing.
LifeOf Axel (1 month ago)
So basically Where i live It’s pretty small
cross corleone (1 month ago)
mary: i nominate mike as the next mayor. mike: i nominate mary as the next mayor.
Heidi W (1 month ago)
hmmm I thought Estonian would sound like Russian, but it sounds more like Swedish or Norwegian to me
The Resurrection (1 month ago)
Just found this Channel. Subbed!
Ascanius (1 month ago)
Unesco is a globalist ploy to control everything
Red Judas (1 month ago)
"Coober Pedy comes from the Aboriginal for White Man in a Hole." Straight up, it's a bastardization of English for Cooper (name) and Pit (hole)
perkele (1 month ago)
Viro saatana, melkein Suomi joten torille
Brooke Wasley (1 month ago)
What?! I'm surprised Jerome Az is not on here.
Nicholas Brewer (1 month ago)
Great video
Chin Chin (1 month ago)
An island of women, hhmmmmmm....
Oomuu (1 month ago)
I wish I lived in lesbian island.
Andreas Niinemets (1 month ago)
love how they spelled kihnu hahaha
George Berry (1 month ago)
I need to travel more
mikeleke0 (1 month ago)
Kihnu seems racist, I see no blacks. The EU should allocate a thousand or so N. African migrants, so they can discover the joys, of multiculturalism.
Nancy Baldwin (1 month ago)
I like the underground town. It's pretty nice. :)
Isaac Chay (2 months ago)
If they are so strong and independent, then why dont some of those ladies go out on the fishing boats?
Prepper Rick_W (2 months ago)
Featured are the umm, heavy set women of Kihnu... interesting...
Fern Leaves Studio (2 months ago)
Really? They live underground because it's 50C above? In Hermosillo We live with temps 45C in the shadow, 50C in the sun and we don't live underground. And next summer it might get worse because they are cutting too many trees without a real reason... I dunno but I feel that they aren't really hardy...
edwin herrera (2 months ago)
Second island remind me of the movie water world
Ab Sub (2 months ago)
I spent my first 17 years of life in a small village until moved out for undergrad school. Now I live in a big city surrounded by all gadgets. The village life is still vivid memory of innocence and simplicity!! Lot of love and stress free life.
Rebekah Sadie (2 months ago)
0:33 "no man's land" • Pun intended? 😂
Jamir Temjen (2 months ago)
The first one xD
Prima Murdock (2 months ago)
That Japanese town of Kamikatsu is certainly amazing. I always knew zero waste was possible if only people’s mindsets would change. Seeing it actually being done on a municipal level gives me hope that ppl can change & not continue to live ignorantly about what actually happens to their garbage.
erin rossi (2 months ago)
awesome i want to go to everyone of these places! I really love the recycle town and the underground one which i knew about from opals! we live in wonderful world i wish we could all learn to help each other stop the hate and just realize we ARE different. I wish there was a world peace day where no violence happened.
rjc0234 (2 months ago)
"when the zero waste program started, we all had to go out and buy big pickup trucks so we could transport our waste to the recycling centre. it was a shame, as i used to cycle everywhere" already an example how sometimes trying to save the environment, can tip the balance the other way.
mustsolution (2 months ago)
I wonder if the deceased waste free townies were turned into fertilizers as well
22vx (2 months ago)
niggaplease47 (2 months ago)
Does this video make anyone else want to drop trou and bang all these women
Licensed and insured A (2 months ago)
We need the zero waste policy here before we loose our planet.
Tee Carr (2 months ago)
The Japanese no-waste village is absolutely impressive!! Coober Pedy is amazing, as well! Actually, it’s easy to see why all five villages qualified... well, maybe not so much the Nebraskan town, but, definitely, the rest.
Roland's Durendal (2 months ago)
CO2 emissions are not dangerous to plant life, quit the fear tactics, and the effects of change may prove quite beneficial. What is important is that everyone of us clean up our act i.e. pollute less, recycle, reuse water, home garden, downsize, solar power, pick garbage up!! ack!
Olhamo (2 months ago)
I just saw on another of these videos of strangest, or most fascinating... maybe it was 60 Minutes, a woman in Australia who one day developed what is called “foreign accent syndrome” which only means they can see what it looks like, hear what it sounds like, but can’t explain why.. and she sounds like one of the women from this Estonian Island. She often feels very distressed over losing a big part of who she was, but maybe if she visits thia place, she will feel right at home!
Sam S (2 months ago)
Population One! Me! ☺️☺️
Jill Mayunga (2 months ago)
They're men must be cheating
Cheeky Rose (2 months ago)
Stayed in Coober Pedy twice. Interesting experience, but twice was enough for me.
Ana Maria Gutierrez (2 months ago)
Kihnu Island - Estonia the first town is my favorite.
Serafin Alcantara (2 months ago)
11:06 those prices are a steal!
Keto Lisa (2 months ago)
It’s too sad that many idiots will make it their mission in life to disrupt the culture and heritage of these delightful places under the guise of UNESCO cultural bs diversity....so very sad
BrendanJ Rice (2 months ago)
This is one thing CNN does good in journalism
relax it's just me (2 months ago)
the best location to play hide and seek.
Salvatore Escoti (2 months ago)
we Europeans consider Estonia in Northern Europe not Eastern...
Rustam Moukhametzyanov (2 months ago)
That Australian cave town looks comfy af! I wonder what's the economy like there, probably has to do with mining
Mchooofer Hine (2 months ago)
The zero waste town.. You cant recycle plastic.. Plastic makes life alot easier. just because you sort trash out in different categories, and it been sent away to a power plant, doesnt mean it doesnt get burnt in the end for heat anyway. So whats the point? Mother nature will suffer anyway.
a1uM1nuM448 (2 months ago)
I want to live in the underground town
Dave Otuwa (2 months ago)
Coober Pedy. What a racist name! The smallest citys in the US of A are in a county in NE with the same exact name as the hall where I live on campus.
its bella here (2 months ago)
I was so into the second one bc I'm part Colombian
Veronica Mendoza (2 months ago)
the town in estonia reminds me of the movie *THE WICKER MAN* with Nicolas Cage lol
Tom Sawyer (2 months ago)
Everybody running to the big cities and spending thousand of dollars on tiny home and room just to survive. All those beautiful land and open filed in NE just break my heart..
Ronald Garcia (2 months ago)
At 3:52!?!?!?!!

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