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War is in decline, but for how long? | The Economist

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One hundred years after the end of the first world war, battle-related deaths have fallen worldwide. But flashpoints remain and new threats are looming. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: https://econ.st/2xvTKdy Daily Watch: mind-stretching short films throughout the working week. For more from Economist Films visit: http://films.economist.com/ Check out The Economist’s full video catalogue: http://econ.st/20IehQk Like The Economist on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEconomist/ Follow The Economist on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theeconomist Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theeconomist/ Follow us on Medium: https://medium.com/@the_economist
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Text Comments (334)
Zorka Kelly (4 days ago)
You are American imbecil!!
Caio Reinhardt (6 days ago)
It says Brazil is a free country, but with a murder rate so high up crime may be our civil war
David Boson (6 days ago)
For 50 odd years the US has no serious adversary. They are starting to realise they are now at risk of being hurt if they over stretch.
Xiao BaoBei (6 days ago)
Those weapons the USA sells to Saudi Arabia, will one day be used against the USA.
Xiao BaoBei (6 days ago)
I give it 3 months till next big war scare.
Why is Colombia shown as partly free? Wtf
William Woody (6 days ago)
90,000 dead in 2017?Sounds awfully low to me.I’m pretty sure Yemen alone tops that.
KuNaL MaHaJaN (7 days ago)
Certainly a very much filtered (read artificial) report. Incomplete in all senses, failed 2 highlight the conflicts like the one's inSomalia & Much if North-western Africa, whci gets arms n ammunition not just from Us or Russia, but from Very Large of the EUROPEAN Countries as well. Article is anti towards the communst countries. Totally inappropriate title for the video. Certainly not what should be expected from the ECONOMIST.
Han Zhang (7 days ago)
This video confuses freedom with the right to vote. How do you decide which of the following nations is more free? Nation A: you can choose your leader, but you can't be out at night because of the massive gang and gun violence. You also cannot choose between any of the utilities or groceries you buy because there is only one choice. Nation B: you cannot choose your leader, but it's totally safe to go out anytime, and you have access to most foods and quite a few luxuries if you're middle class or higher.
DEEPAK JOSEPH (7 days ago)
War is the only thing which can push us forward faster. Contributions of war can be seen everywhere... especially in technology
Sir Nicodemus (8 days ago)
This is such a shit video. It is like junk food but for the mind, absolutely no substance.
Wulin Teo (8 days ago)
Curious questions, which country has the most military bases overseas? and why the country needs so many military bases? and what is the goal?
Punished Venom Snake (8 days ago)
I wonder why humans must continue to fight. I wonder if warriors will ever disappear from this world. .. Never. There will always be warriors. And there will always be war. Cortana -
Peter Xian (8 days ago)
Never Take Peace for Granted. Word.
John Ismail (8 days ago)
Your video here, just highlighted Zambia in yellow as "partly free". Where do you get your information from? You guys seem lost mwe
Lio Pm (8 days ago)
too shallow
GamingTV (8 days ago)
war is on the rise, not decline, the stage is now set for WW3, the war that will end all wars, Civil war in the US is on the brink, a global war in asia by china, a cyber cold war is in full length, a new russia cold war is also on the brink, and the middle east is on it's way of a regional civil war
Megafro (8 days ago)
Don't start a fucking war or we will never become an advanced civilization. Were ONE fucking species but we fight each other.
Parveez Ahmad (8 days ago)
Say something about kashmir war
t m (9 days ago)
What a load of bollox this video, the Zionist scum have caused death of millions.
Luka Balic (9 days ago)
How could you class Russia as not even semi-free?!
mohaideen khader (9 days ago)
World will be peaceful if America and Israel are vanished....
Renata Nuranova (10 days ago)
how Russsia IS aggressive?
Tisha Kapoor (10 days ago)
No war in angry was ever won....damn true😪
Ed Lam (10 days ago)
remember honduras arrive to B.C.
Philip B (10 days ago)
Look down, and swear by the slain of the War that you'll never forget.. Siegfried Sassoon, "Aftermath".
Azam Khan (10 days ago)
nice propaganda...so who is fighting in Afghanistan iraq syria Nigeria chad and has more than 300 military base around the world.... if war is in decline why US military budget is increasing every year???
易拓 (10 days ago)
Obviously, it's USA that is eager for wars.
Venezuelan Civil War????
Stuart Little (10 days ago)
I think Einstein said he didn't know what weapons the Third World War would be fought with but the Fourth World War would be fought with sticks and stones.
Tudor Repilado (10 days ago)
Wow, you dropped some data and then what a conclusion line. You could just as well have written on your foreheads "we shouldn't take peace for granted and walk around in circles in some public square".
Beau (10 days ago)
hold on.. wouldn't Donald Trump be one of the 3 most disturbing risks?? he does control an army that has, over the past 2 decades killed WELL over 1,000,000 people (most civilians) Hell in the first 3 years it killed over 600,000.. thats a fucking genocide! and from that point they are now doing more bombings than ever! more drones than ever! THEY are the biggest risk! This isn't the war ON terror, its the war OF terror. https://www.psr.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/body-count.pdf
jcezary (10 days ago)
As long as we, the people, say the politicians right in the face, clear and loud NO !!!
Cristian Licea (10 days ago)
"Where love reigns, laws are unnecessary"
Ki-Sean Excell (10 days ago)
Idk, no one wants a world war but as humans we just I think need to. WW1 was not in terms the actual First World War you could easily argue that it was the 7 years war or even the Napoleonic wars. I don’t think we will but who knows considering the current political climate.
What Ever (10 days ago)
What a bunch of bullshit
Luis Raguzzoni (10 days ago)
wars are motivated by exacerbated nationalism and religion, only time can save us from these retrograde idiocy
Capras12 (10 days ago)
No not always, there are tones of reasons for war
Tariq Yousef Yousef (10 days ago)
USA is the biggest murderer of humans in these times and best on blaming others
Capras12 (10 days ago)
where is your proof?
xx270 Wu (10 days ago)
Oh no...
Harrison Fung (10 days ago)
I don’t mind war if that means the China will be nuked...
Chao Chao Liu (11 days ago)
elaborate your premises on your point about the Chinese threat? So irresponsible
Capras12 (10 days ago)
how is it irresponsible? its common knowledge that there is a Chinese threat, ask literally anyone in the south china sea.
Usman Hamza (11 days ago)
So "The Economist" thinks Pakistan is partially free when it has already seen democratically elected governments transferring power to the next one...?
Usman Hamza (9 days ago)
+Capras12 I am not in denial... I am questioning the credibility with which they have surveyed Pakistan as "partially free". On the other hand India is considered FREE, I thought they need to take into account the UN Resolutions on Kashmir which makes it an occupied territory... How is Kashmir free and Pakistan partially free... It is stereotyping... Too much crap over mainstream media...
Capras12 (9 days ago)
+Usman Hamza being in denial doesn't change the truth.
Usman Hamza (10 days ago)
+Kleco102 my subject here is Freedom House... I think there research is done from a drawing room watching too much mainstream media... I would like them to stop stereotyping a country on its past and update themselves with reality...
Kleco102 (10 days ago)
+Usman Hamza It's subjective, it means different things to different people. That map is based on data collected by Freedom House, an organisation. Now if you had done your research on why Pakistan is considered "partially free" according to Freedom House you would not be commenting these things.
Usman Hamza (10 days ago)
+Capras12 concerning...? Not at all... How would you prove a democratic country as "partly free" Instability regarding economy and corruption is not termed as partly free, that's something else... They are talking about form of govt
Partha Ceo (11 days ago)
one of the best youtube channel
Marcin Machnik (11 days ago)
There wont be another worl war because war is bad for business the only one who make profit out of it are arms corporations
Marcin Machnik (10 days ago)
+Capras12 I was talking about US arms corpo ;)
Capras12 (10 days ago)
arms corporations dont make any more money when we are a war
DuffmanIRL (11 days ago)
The US is by far the greatest threat to peace in the world. It's also worth noting from the video that most of the capitalist countries are listed as 'not free' by a capitalist propaganda channel.
Capras12 (7 days ago)
+Crypto buzz nope
Crypto buzz (8 days ago)
Wrong it’s ISRAEL
Capras12 (10 days ago)
Nice conspiracy! I bet you think the earth is flat too
Paul Gibson (11 days ago)
It's America, not Americar....
F-ck_Spyware (11 days ago)
Poppy fields at the end, I wonder how many people get that
alipaf2002 (11 days ago)
Ah, the Economist's side of story. Russia, China and North Korea are threat to peace, not UK, USA and France ;)
Capras12 (10 days ago)
well whether or not its their side, that doesn't change that its true....
Marcelo A D (11 days ago)
I was looking here and, very sadly, have to say all the highs were during democrat presidents of USA, except one. New proof that left likes to kill.
Capras12 (10 days ago)
what proof? please provide it. ill wait.
Without war, there are no offensive memes
Jmana That’s where ur wrong! This is our best defence https://youtu.be/vTIIMJ9tUc8
Jmana (10 days ago)
The best offense is a good defense. and it's called a nuclear weapon.
Conveniently missed to mention that the USA has been the largest aggressor since the beginning of the last century and would remain so in the foreseeable future. Who is solely and directly responsible for civilian killings in Afghanistan and Iraq and to a large extent in Syria? There is one straight and simple answer that any reasonable person not falling to western propagandist media would know.
plok ijuh (10 days ago)
Did you consider the Allied intervention in Europe against the nazis an American aggression. If so I welcome more of it!
There would be far far less civilian deaths in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq had US not intervened for its ulterior motives - keep reigning as world's top MAFIA and keep military industrial complex thriving! ISIS wouldn't exist without IRAQ war. Taliban wouldn't be bombing fellow Muslims if there was no " WAR ON TERROR." Syria would far less complicated without US intervention.
1234coolman (10 days ago)
that would be the taliban in afghanistan, terrorist groups in iraq that detonate bombs in every place of there cities and ISIS, along with Russia and Syria that cause deaths in Syria. Maybe you should educate yourself.
IRO IS KING (11 days ago)
Very wrong, civilian killed by the US is far lower than that of Saudi Arabia and Russia and Syrain regime. Let me remind you that each bomb that the US or its allies uses costs around $200k. So they will make sure it is used on the right target
Kram (11 days ago)
America accounts for 50% of all military spending.
Kram (9 days ago)
+Capras12 https://ourworldindata.org/military-spending It won't save you, your military. Your dollar is about to collapse. Lol
Capras12 (9 days ago)
+Kram you just keep digging yourself deeper.
Capras12 (9 days ago)
+Kram nice ad hominem, very mature. Stop dogeing and provide proof. It should be pretty easy. Just look it up on Google and post the result. Not that hard.
Kram (9 days ago)
+Capras12 hyper sensitive american. Lol. Keep getting mad.
Capras12 (9 days ago)
+Kram haha no. How about you provide me a source for your claim? Or are you to afraid that you are dumber than a "stupid Amarican". Typical reaction for someone who is embarrassed they are wrong.
Paulo Melo (11 days ago)
Caminhamos para a paz!
D'Brickashaw (11 days ago)
1:43 who gave them that role....
Salokin (11 days ago)
I worry though that when the current wave of elderly dictators like in Africa, Asia and eastern europe fall, that it'll foster potential civil strife ala Iraq and Syria
castello west (11 days ago)
War is not in decline at all! The maniac in charge got more money for the military than anyone ever! https://www.forbes.com/sites/eriksherman/2018/06/20/house-and-senate-democrats-vote-68-percent-and-85-percent-for-massive-military-spending/#394df9465101
Olavi Löv (11 days ago)
Mankind has grown strong in eternal struggles and it will only perish through eternal peace.
David Boson (11 days ago)
we spend more than ever before on our militaries. Yet there are less wars. Maybe there is enough money being spent on the war industries by being scared of war, than actually going to war.
Capras12 (10 days ago)
What is actually happening is deterrence. No one wants to start a war they cant win, thusly having a big military and nukes helps prevent war. Also global trade is a big deal in keeping the peace
Alonso Díaz (11 days ago)
Humans like war. Despite all the horrendous conflicts throughout history, war repeats because of human nature: to grow tired of peace and revive old grudges
Capras12 (10 days ago)
Humans dont like war. War is just the last resort and suborn people good or bad will hold out till the end
Tommy Kelly (11 days ago)
Whats the background music in this?
Cristian Licea (11 days ago)
Respect mofos and agree not to kill each other. Simple
Cristian Licea (10 days ago)
+Capras12 solutions don't come on silver platters. This isn't my problem to solve, I'm only suggesting a path that I believe leads to a solution without having to eliminate entire populations and engender hate and suffering. No one solves problems for others, one can only offer guidance.
Capras12 (10 days ago)
+Cristian Licea "rehtoric, love and diplomacy" is not a solution
Cristian Licea (10 days ago)
+Capras12 being influential not boasting power. Using rhetoric, love and diplomacy. The only way you can get someone to do something is to make them want to do it...or put a gun to their head. Read The Servant by James Hunter, greatly recommend it.
Capras12 (10 days ago)
+Cristian Licea well its a lot more complicated than "Respect mofos and agree not to kill each other." and anyone with a basic education should understand this. well maybe im wrong, maybe it is simple, if you why dont you tell me how to solve the North Korean crisis?
Cristian Licea (10 days ago)
+Capras12 put whatever label you want on it, it all comes down to individual social behavior and group dynamics. People want things and other people want those things too, how they resolve this problem is completely up to them.
Problem I always have with the measure of war being in decline of course everything is going to be seen as a decline after the biggest war in human history.
Capras12 (10 days ago)
maybe you should go look at the statistics yourself and see that the tread goes father back than that.
Elite 35 FAZ (11 days ago)
The truth has been told at the end. "We should never take peace for granted". The people who believe the world will become a fairyland and everyone will live happily ever after then they should learn from the human histories that human always seek war and crime against each other. It's not always only about other country or religion but also war can happen in between same communities or tribal groups which are known as civil war. Men are always just too cruel to embrace peace.
Capras12 (10 days ago)
nice sexist comment at the end there.
So that’s why domestic terrorists are all ex military.
Dog alpha (11 days ago)
it's ok, earth will still be here when we blow ourselves to kingdom come, a few million years it will take a the reptiles will probably rule earth again.
L Lee (11 days ago)
1.06 Russian aggression towards Europe? What about that Russians feel threatened by unreliable and broken promises of US and Europen.
Youman 2201 (11 days ago)
USA are the main causers of most wars
Capras12 (9 days ago)
Once this 9-11 bullshit is resolved, I'll be happy to discuss the points at the beginning. Feel free to quote me on that
Capras12 (9 days ago)
+Youman 2201 the reason why I'm not going to tell you why you are wrong is because I already know exactly what you are going to say. You are a conspiracy theorist, you don't list to facts or realist so no matter what I say you will deny it. This it's a waste of my time. If you give up your fictitious beliefs in conspiracy theories I'll be happy to tell you, but knowing your type, that will never happen. All you are doing is dodging the topic. Provide any proof of any of your claims and I will address it. So far you have done nothing but spew idoicy and ad hominem. You are the one who keep trying to derail the conversation. so do you want to defend your beliefs or are you a coward?
Youman 2201 (9 days ago)
Capras12 lol still can't provide any explanation into why my statements were untrue so you had to change the topic to 9/11. How Pathetic are you! I've wasted my time.
Capras12 (9 days ago)
+Youman 2201 first off, different buildings are built in different way (duh) so they arnt going to all burn the same. Also the grenfell building didn't have a plane crash into it with a ton of jet fuel. You also have answered any of my questions I asked before, and if the only argument you can make is about my sure of the word your, than thats pathetic, and not an argument. Plus my IQ which you don't know, doesn't change the facts I have presented, nice try at an ad hominem, very mature. An no, there were no bombs in the WTC and if there is, provide proof. You have yet to provide any proof for any claim you have made Including your first one. And I refuse to try to explain the basic logic behind why your original comment is bullshit to a conspiracy theorist. So untill the 9-11 this is resolved, that's the topic, and don't try to dodge it.
NathansHVAC (11 days ago)
But the left believes Iran should have nuclear weapons in 10 years?
Vance H (11 days ago)
Sharing, Justice and Peace for All.
Marc Padilla (11 days ago)
This is an old or rehashed video.
SamuriLemonX18 (11 days ago)
Please hire actual narrators and stop using literal robots.
John A. - (11 days ago)
I love the intro: "thx for the constant media coverage of Wars and terrorist attacks most people think we live in dangerous times" -that's why I hate profit-generating news now.
Krisztián Kőrösi (11 days ago)
Really like the "small" message at the beginning. As democracies emerged, suddenly those countries hardly ever get into conflict with each other. There has been enough war, citizens of this planet don't want it again. Live in peace, and build a better world instead.
Krisztián Kőrösi (10 days ago)
The more democratic it gets, the more we can define it. The less democratic it get, the more political agendas would get into focus.
Capras12 (10 days ago)
It what we all want, but the world is complicated unfortunately
zedeighty (11 days ago)
The USA has been at war for 222 years of its existence. But they just take after their dear old dad, we Brits have been in so many conflicts it would be nearly impossible to count them all. So... Uh... What is it that makes a rogue state a rogue state, again?
JT Esterkamp (11 days ago)
good to see you faded the doves this time
Massimo O'Kissed (11 days ago)
It's funny, because most of the world sees the USA as the greatest threat to peace. Oh wait, that's not funny.
Capras12 (11 days ago)
Well if that's the case than most of the world is wrong. Also where is your proof?
castello west (11 days ago)
There is no coverage of wars in the US. What are you lying about?
castello west (10 days ago)
+Capras12 No. You are the ding dong. Who lobbies bigger than the MIC? Get a clue and get your head out of your ass. https://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/indus.php?id=D
Capras12 (10 days ago)
+castello west Oh not to mention that the whole idea of a Military industrial complex is pretty much as ridiculous as claim 9-11 was an inside job. Anyone with a basic understanding of our government structure, economics or military spending know that a MIC is impossible in our current system(BTW im not denying that there are problems with the system, there are, just not what you think). you are honestly the most pathetically ignorant person i have ever met.
Capras12 (10 days ago)
+castello west What the hell kind of sources are these? these have 0 credibility. hell one of your source is a fucking forum post on a sports page that got -7 points? This is pathetic. I dont understand how who owns the economist changes anything in this conversation. Also why do you assume I'm a trump supporter? are you a child? BTW alt media means nothing if it is not credible. you have provided 0 evidence to support any claim you have made, and yet every claim can be disproved by a 30 second google search.
castello west (11 days ago)
+Capras12 You should prolly check out who owns the economist these days. Don't look, you might learn something.
castello west (11 days ago)
+Capras12 All of the news we see is about your orange buddy in charge. They won't even talk about why in the hell he is fucking with the agreement in Iran. We are kept in the dark unless you go to alternative media. Are you still in kindergarten?
Ryan Martin (11 days ago)
Wasn't there a pew research thing that said that more people viewed the US as more of a security threat than China or Russia. Maybe it has something to do with how neither country has a "habit" of doing illegal interventions, or arming terrorists.
Cold Storage (10 days ago)
Russia did meddle in Ukraine, Georgia. It's now openly having "talks" with the Taliban and allegedly arming and funding them to replace US/NATO in Afghanistan, just like it's almost done in the Middle East. China meddles in India-Pakistan conflict and has a bunch of rogue States under its protection which it directly supports and funds, like Pakistan, North Korea, etc. No one is clean in this race.
TW E (11 days ago)
Does Ukraine and Georgia ring a bell
Forrest L (11 days ago)
All three present their own threats, Russia sells to anyone, we just offer a better price. China will intervene with debt traps, maybe they're more legal, but equally disruptive. China and Russia have as little ethics as the US
Capras12 (11 days ago)
+Elite 35 FAZ No this guys is not right, see my above comment
Elite 35 FAZ (11 days ago)
@Ryan Martin You are right. People are now not much of a big fan of western nations. People are getting scared of the power of the west possesses. Fear is a good factor to control people but it can be used to control everything for forever. At one point or another people will just fight back or turn into rebel.
And America is the best country in the world. Which started Invasion on Iraq and had direct military in almost all corners of the world. Make something that makes sense.
Capras12 (21 hours ago)
+Bhimireddy Ananth Reddy lol, yes it does. You seem to have an illogical bias against the US
+Capras12 My place doesn't change my answer nor explain it.
Capras12 (9 days ago)
+Bhimireddy Ananth Reddy seems you are very selective about your history. Where are you from?
plok ijuh (10 days ago)
+Capras12 I am sorry to say bad about US. But the cost of their mistakes is damn too High. And they keep on repeating them.
chf gbp (11 days ago)
Not sure of how the stats r compiled. But clearly war zones and war ravaged civilian population (and displaced refugees) have both exapnded greatly these last 18 years. Out of sight surely should not mean out of mind. It s offensive to wave misleading statistics in a self congratualting way in front of the refugees and civilians of Afghanistan, syria, iraq, libya, Yemen, and kashmir. Wait, there is a theme here....
Capras12 (10 days ago)
+chf gbp My problem is you are unfairly criticizing this for presenting misinformation when it is not. Yes the number of IDPs and refuges has jumped a lot in the last 30 so years, is due to more factors than just combat, and the fact that most wars now are civil or insurgencies. Also there is the simple fact that we are keeping track of IDPs now more than ever before so the past data is flawed at best. And it might shock you, but battle related deaths includes civilians! And its pretty pathetic that you resort to insulting my character rather than having a shred of maturity.
chf gbp (10 days ago)
+Capras12 : why r u triggered so much?
chf gbp (10 days ago)
+Capras12 : over the course of human history. Yes. But that s not saying anything new. What Matters to us IS the current trend, i.e say last 30 years? War related refugee number certainly sored in recent years. The video said itself that the pattern of new wars IS that causualties r overwhelmingly civilian. I.e. combat deaths IS no longer capturing the real picture. I suggested a list of measures as potentially relevant. What is your problem?
Capras12 (11 days ago)
+chf gbp you must be truly stupid to not understand that their is a strong connection between battle deaths and IDPs this is all well recorded and studied information. If you doubt it, do your own reaseach before you reached a biased and completely inaccurate/ignorant opinion on the matter
Capras12 (11 days ago)
None of the statistics presented are false. If you just look at history you can clearly see a trend towards peace. These stats are complied by their parties unrealted to the waring nation. IDPs are well documented as well. Their is no doubt that violence has declined
Israel and Its slaves UK and USA were rogue States under Bush and Trump
+Capras12 Do you know about the slavery of your government and policy makers to the cancer illegal state Zionist Israel? Can you fool people think why you could even criticize god but never the zionist Israel?
Capras12 (11 days ago)
Do you even know what slave or rogue state means?
Michael X (11 days ago)
A group of sad people have it in for The Economist as theres always a high number of dislikes on their videos even when there should be no reason.
chf gbp (11 days ago)
In your opinion...but There r plenty of valid critiques. Your 'loyalty' is touching, bizarre and am sure unappreciated
Shut up Liberal (11 days ago)
Remember this comment: There will be another world war by the end of the century
Capras12 (11 days ago)
Hopefully not
Hedgehog Fox (11 days ago)
This "democracy don't fight with each other" narrative is such a bullshit.
Fernando Valdez (11 days ago)
I think war will go into decline as long as there are democratic nations who have conservative people living in them.
Capras12 (11 days ago)
​+Fernando Valdez I never said that most media is conservative don't put words in my mouth, that's dishonest. And no, conservative media is not mostly near the truth, it depends on the news sources itself, exactly the same with liberal media, each side has good and bad media. But from your assumptions of liberals, I have a hard time believing that you even try to understand their side as you are too caught up in the us VS them mentality.
Fernando Valdez (11 days ago)
Capras12. Since when was the majority of the media conservative? What conservative media says is mostly near the truth.
Capras12 (11 days ago)
+Fernando Valdez conservatisum has nothing to do with it. Its normal people vs pissy hippies. If you ask any regular liberal, they will tell you that war is an important tool. Just because you media says all the liberals are like that doesn't mean that's true. Instead of assuming people's believes because that's what you are told, you should go and actually talk to them. People like you are the reason for the political division.
Fernando Valdez (11 days ago)
Capras12. Well since conservatives know that wars are useful to destroy autocracies. It makes sense to say that wars and autocracies will fall as long as there are conservative people in democratic nations to say “we need a strong military.”
Capras12 (11 days ago)
Do you have any proof for this claim? Or do you like to feed false information to further widen the gap between parties. Any person who thinks their party alone is the only reasonable ones is not only retarded but activity degrading our society.
Master Set (11 days ago)
The only one real treat to the world is a global US aggression. US starting wars and threaten "rogue states" tho they have no other option but military defence. У Каддафи и Хусейна не было ядерной бомбы - вы уничтожили их. Ким Чен Ын имеет ядерную бомбу и вы поджали хвост. Ассада бы тоже уничтожили если бы не поддержка России, у которой ядерная бомба кушать. Угроза нападения США и оси зла НАТО вот что разгоняет милитаризм и ядерную гонку в мире.
Capras12 (10 days ago)
+99 % why do you assume I watch fox news? that is a pathetic ad hominem. your comment is one nice big strawman, and you never address anything I actually said. I bet The Sun keeps you well informed.
99 % (11 days ago)
Capras12 your right he didn’t, he only dismantled puppets who were put in years before, saddam was chosen by the USA, the taliban was a armed resistance against the soviets, gadaffi was put in power by the British and the us, do you see the trend? When there work is complete they discarded! Anyways Fox News keeps you heavily informed, good bye, your friend from the U.K.
vks_ (11 days ago)
+Master Set Ossetia isn't a UN mandated country and is not internationally recognised. Georgia, just like Serbia, was invaded whether you like it or not. UN peacekeepers are only their to ensure Russia doesn't invade anymore territory, just like in Cyprus, or anymore violence to occur. Russia once again annexed/puppeted the territory of another Soverign state. It isnt evil, it's power. You can't just disrespect the Sovereign right of a nation and hold a referendum AFTER you invaded. Russian forces evicted UKRANIAN troops from their own military bases. No shot happened because Ukraine would undoubtedly lose. Donbas and Lugansk are both states that funnily enough have large amounts of "Russian volunteers" fighting. If the Baltic states weren't part of NATO they would have been invaded because they have a "high Russian population".
Master Set (11 days ago)
+vks_ Geoprgia bopmbed civillans in even smaller country - Ossetia. Tere were also Russian UN mandated peacekeepers there, who are suffered alopngside with a civilian Ossetians. So Russia retaliated top make Georgia stop genocide. That's it. Just use logic. Russia CRUSHED Geoprgia. But no territory was taken. No repparations. Noting. So what the point for Russia to attack? Because it EVIL? Don't be silly. As of Cremia - there was no single shot there. Our troops were there by the contract with Ukrain. Cremia pepole made a referendum and returned to Russia peacefully and rightfully. Not a SINGLE shot. And as of Donbas and Lugansk - there is brutal civil war there now. Why? Because there is NO Russian troops there. If they where it would be ended just like with Georgia. But Putin chose not to start war. He is more cautious than Medvedev who was a president in 2008.
vks_ (11 days ago)
+Master Set Well mad. You must be going against Putin because even he says there are Russian troops in Crimea 🤔 weird. Yes, im sure Georgia. A tiny nation with a tiny army would start a war with its most powerful neighbour 🙄 The USA at least has accountability from her populace. In Russia they support Putin like he's a Tsar.
Alejandro Zarzuelo (11 days ago)
The world is already peaceful, so please don't reverse the trend I think that if the world continues its path, then war will become less and less frequent, but we have to keep going
Alex Shackelford (11 days ago)
how much u pay for that music
Richard Ando (11 days ago)
I'm surprised that the Economist failed to mention US vs Iran. US may again be duped into doing the dirty work for Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Capras12 (11 days ago)
Iran is not much of a threat at the moment. Also what 'dirty work' would we be duped into doing
42 -42 (11 days ago)
Most of the deaths are thanks to USA...
TheRugbyClub HQ (8 days ago)
42 -42 you clearly know nothing about history
Capras12 (10 days ago)
+Louison Boucher Ok where to start. So yes, we unfortunately supply Saudi Arabia with weapons, but we cant control what they do with them, and unfortunately geopolitics is complicated so you can just stop doing that all of a sudden. Also, have you ever even seen which weapons the terrorists use? I would bet less than a percent is american made and the vast majority of those weapons have been stolen or captured from fallen troops.
Louison Boucher (11 days ago)
+Capras12 Indirectly terrorists receive weapons from the US, UK, France... as these countries provide Saudi Arabia. It has been proved that some sunnites terrorists groups got some back up from Saudi Arabia in order to fight extremists shiites groups (supported by Iran). Besides that, Saudi Arabia is also using those weapons in the Yemen's civil war, but this time without going through terrorists groups. So yes America and all weapons sellers are involved in modern wars even though it's 5000 km away. Point is : Would these wars be softer without a sofisticated weapons supply ? Not frankly sure.
Capras12 (11 days ago)
+Josh Topham the us does not supply terrorists in any modern conflict. The biggest supplier for them is Iran, saudi Arabia and maybe (probably unintentionally) Russia and China. Why would the US give arms to the people we are fighting?
Bob Faggot (11 days ago)
Capras12 who gives that Saudis missiles and provides them heli- carriers to deploy their jets from so that they could bomb Syria, Iraq and Yemen. The U.S is response for most of the war deaths since WW2
Chosen One (11 days ago)
We need war for oil!
Stephen Yu (11 days ago)
I can’t believe The Economist has become this misleading and mediocre these days
Paul (10 days ago)
+Mr Comment People like that NEVER point out what is "misleading", they simply say comments like "so biased!" or "fake news" and leave it at that. ALWAYS. Without fail.
Knave Child (11 days ago)
Owned by Rothschilds - the international finance of wars.
chf gbp (11 days ago)
Point it out
Capras12 (11 days ago)
Please point out any part of this video that was misleading. I'll wait
Mr Comment (11 days ago)
Stephen Yu What part of this video is “misleading” or “mediocre” to you? Or do you just like posting nonsense?
Arka47o92 (11 days ago)
I don't want a war. My continent break through 2 of the most horrific war in less than a century. I want to keep leaving peacefully with my German neighbour. Drink some sangria on the Spain terrace of Barcelona. Have a few words with my Brits cousin... I want to leave in peace in my Europe. #hymne à la joie.
Nellie K. Adaba (10 days ago)
There will always be wars, even if some of them stop.
TheCanadiangirl4 (11 days ago)
I feel the same way despite living on another continent.
Pato Industries (11 days ago)
Vive l’amitié franco-allemande!
Krisztián Kőrösi (11 days ago)
Same here as a Hungarian. When I'll have kids I am going to tell them the story of our family, what terrors our countries had to live through. Never ever again.
vks_ (11 days ago)
Those foolish enough to advocate for war should never be installed into power.
Klumsy Kameleon (11 days ago)
Hey guys, I need a speech for "Is war a necessary evil" can you guys give some points etc?
Yanis Makhlouf (11 days ago)
We should all try to avoid war but sometimes diplomacy fails or some threats need to be dealt with on the battlefield. We are sometimes dragged into deadly conflict. We should be glad of the relative "peace" of our world and do our best to preserve and improve it.
Capras12 (11 days ago)
I would never call war evil. War is a tool used by the good and the evil.
id (11 days ago)
War's opportunity cost is basically infinite, it always puts us back and destroys technological and economic advancement.
Alex Shackelford (11 days ago)
these proxy wars are very symbolic, its like standing up to bullying. just one time standing up to a bully is all it takes then they get the message, adn teh world needs to be reminded democracy will stand up for itself..and dictators around the world are always testing that becuase of mans ambition
Manuele Mambelli (11 days ago)
Is war an evil? - Yes, it is. Is it necessary? - No, it isn't. Wars may result in huge social and cultural changes and these may be good. The two world wars resulted in the advancement of democracy and in the affirmation of human rights. However, we don't know for sure whether those advancements would have still occurred without the sacrifice of 40 million lives. Someone might even argue that wars help to keep under control the world population when it gets too large, but that too can be achieved through demographic control policies.
Bobo Momo (11 days ago)
Right now there is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine soldiers die every day but the West doesn't care
Eve Kohley (8 days ago)
Saudi Arabia is also bombing Yemen to the point of crimes against humanity & Trump sold SA the weapons. I feel queasy
zzz (10 days ago)
They don't really care about it until they finally find oil in Ukraine, LOL. That's when they want to spread democracy in your country.
jcezary (10 days ago)
Ask any Ukrainian living in Ukraine if its true. BTW, where is your channel dude?
vks_ (11 days ago)
I rather not get Britain annihilated. We could instead use their own tactics against them. Upgrade our infrastructure then hack theirs.
Capras12 (11 days ago)
Unfortunately geopolitics is complicated. What a news flash!
Aminata Kamara (11 days ago)
Good. Why jings it. I want to see a peaceful, happy and productive world
vks_ (11 days ago)
At least until we get a colony to Mars.
Equinox Crew (11 days ago)
Aminata Kamara here’s hoping we at least have a few more decades.
UMANG BADOLA (11 days ago)
New mainland China soon in PAKISTAN Australia Africa Shrilanka
Kostas Adamos (11 days ago)
Turkey is much more aggressive than Russia and thanks to the free USA (LOL) we may have a new war soon
Kostas Adamos (11 days ago)
ALI PALA you are mistaken but let me guess you been paid from erdogun regime or you have no idea where you live. ERDAL MART ADALI Russia hasn’t invaded formally to those regions but turkey has formally invaded and holds ground to Syria because of the Kurds, to Cyprus and to Greece - Imia among others and in general turkey has war across all its borders and within its borders. Guys you have not even internet but only erdogan’s news channels to be informed from. I feel sorry for you!!!
Killjoy0329 (11 days ago)
Lmao do some research before commenting something that makes you look like a dumbass
vks_ (11 days ago)
+Piotr B Sorry dudes. Thought you wrote the opposite.
Piotr B (11 days ago)
+vks_ - that's actually what I wrote: it's imaginable = I can imagine it happening = It's quite possible. And "neglect to defend" would be a consequence of "shifting military potentials".
vks_ (11 days ago)
+Piotr B I wouldnt discount them all triggering at the same time. Unlikely of course, but if the power of the USA is off handling one enemy. It may neglect to defend its allies defending against another.
Samir Sehgal (11 days ago)
Democracy is the key to eternal peace and prosperity. Geopolitical players must step up to prevent the Red tide from the east. Until a more capable government takes hold in America, Britain or Germany, I’d nominate France to lead the free world to victory. They have a liberal and prosperous nation with a strong foreign presence and generally very good 3rd world relations, unlike the US, as well as UN veto power. This is hard for me, as a Brit, to say, but...VIVA LA FRANCE!
NathansHVAC (11 days ago)
A world full of women and weak men can only bring one thing. A strong dictator. It'll be interesting to see if history is different this time
Capras12 (11 days ago)
+NathansHVAC Do you by any chance believe that 9-11 was an inside job? because that the level of stupid conspiracy we are taking about here... oh, and please cite any reliable source that supports your claim.. ill wait... probably forever
Capras12 (11 days ago)
+NathansHVAC I really hope you are a troll as well
NathansHVAC (11 days ago)
Who wants 7 trillion dollars a year to fund the United Nations to create one world communist state? The excuse is to save the planet from cheap energy. Who supports globalism? Who wants universities to oppress press free speech? I can tell you it isn't strong men.
Capras12 (11 days ago)
I really hope you are a troll.

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