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Chicago Comb Co. Model 1 & Model 2 Combs

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I share my thoughts and opinions on the Model 1 Hair Comb and Model 2 Beard and Moustach Comb by the Chicago Comb Company! Beautiful and functional tools that should last a long time and be treasured and passed down to future generations! Let me know what you guys think of them. Zach CHICAGO COMB COMPANY: http://www.chicagocomb.com/index.html WESTCOASTSHAVING: http://search.westcoastshaving.com/b/q?k=chicago&sn=161304780
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Avery Alix (4 months ago)
Neat video, though it'd be cool if you compared to other combs.
WayofTheZach (4 years ago)
Tedd! All I can say is thank you to you and John for making such an awesome product and commenting on my video! I'm honored. Zach

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