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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea S02E22 The Death Ship

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Maria Kelly (2 months ago)
4:21 Seaview Rock and Roll!
Maria Kelly (5 months ago)
Lew Gallo, who played Stroller, was Major Joe Cobb on the 1st season of Twelve O'Clock High.
Pancake 52 (7 months ago)
I bet it's the bimbo Tracy. Or the old bimbo.
Pancake 52 (7 months ago)
That bad guy was the sheriff on the Virginian.
tom hood (8 months ago)
Nelson is a badass
Maria Kelly (5 months ago)
tom hood And a damn good one!
SwarthySkinnedOne (8 months ago)
Now this was one HELL of an episode!!!
Marcus Justice (10 months ago)
USS Seaview uses the Ultrasonic Weapon to to destroy The Albacore Skipjack Attack Drone Submarine. Before The Seaview Crewmen get Dress in Civilian attire Suits and Sport Coats Shirts and Ties for ShoreLeave Liberty; and are concern about job security will a successful test cut down the number of crewmen needed to run the ship or will she be destroyed during the test.

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