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It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish LIVE (Professional Recording)

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Live in Hoboken, NJ. BEST LIVE RECORDING of this song, ever. October 7th, 2007. Small crowd, only around 200 people. Professionally recorded. My Chemical Romance. PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/fonboozles Thank you! :)
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Text Comments (149)
Maria Gameiro (4 months ago)
allen frank (4 months ago)
I am going to die
Chris Kimber (7 months ago)
some love
allen frank (7 months ago)
bless his vocal cords jesus
zDesertHawk (10 months ago)
666 subscribes huehuejue
ItsMe Arleene (11 months ago)
Boi i'm looking at the comments from 2009-10 ugh you lucky people, I started listening to MCR in May of last year (2017).
Charlie x (3 months ago)
ItsMe Arleene i’m very lucky. my brother loved mcr. i’ve been been to 5 mcr shows, during black parade and danger days
3:23 ray being precious
party poison (11 months ago)
Ray laughing at gerard😂😂😂
Teaon Bush (1 year ago)
why does every nasty mcr fan have this strong desire to prove that "frerard was real xD my poor baby fronk didn't deserve this"
Chiminie Chim Chim (1 year ago)
I love how the audience is so freakin awful but they still did they’re best and put a ton of effort into this performance 🖤❤️
pipipapah (1 year ago)
That One Girl Jayna (1 year ago)
I love gee it was so funny and cute when he said LOUDER!!! to the audience and rays smile is so cute and Awwwwww their just all so adorable😘😍😍😍😍😍😘😘 I really miss them
Georgie Girl (1 year ago)
omg nostalgia
emthesmølchild (1 year ago)
RIP MCR...your memory will carry on <3
Chiminie Chim Chim (1 year ago)
Awful audience, but poor Frankie his mic stand is only like an inch tall 😭 it’s so cute though he’s such a bean
Amy Anything (1 year ago)
3:22 Ray's smile
cccapricorn (1 year ago)
Void Catalyst (1 year ago)
*"I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I JUST DID"* best thing ever lmao
salty (1 year ago)
Quality. Content.
ViGames214 (2 years ago)
3:23 Ray was so happy I'm crying
Hui Ting (2 years ago)
Well Ray seems to be having fun
Vileblood (2 years ago)
I would literally amputate any of my libs or murder anyone just to see them live during the Revenge era :(
That One Girl Jayna (1 year ago)
Red x77 I would amputate my libs or murder anyone to see any era of theirs
Human Being (1 year ago)
I would do it for any era :(
msggerard (2 years ago)
Well those 200 people are lucky
Shiloh Blackwood (1 year ago)
thankyou venom extremely
C. Babs (2 years ago)
this song fucking RIPS
Nintend No (2 years ago)
0:54 the fuck was that?😂
Void Catalyst (1 year ago)
NintendNO JoyceDS don't worry it's just Gerard barking
I am Ghostie (2 years ago)
Lmfao 😂😂😂😂
prickly cactus (2 years ago)
NintendNO JoyceDS i laughed
ham damage (2 years ago)
I keep coming back to this
Hollo Hullu (2 years ago)
I can sort of understand a bit of it but can we get over this "I'm literally crying" Bullshit? Enjoy that this is a fucking awesome song and that MCR ever was a thing
Emily Calles (3 years ago)
Ray smiling around 3:25 is precious
remedy hunter (6 months ago)
Emily Calles this smile should be contained by the CDC because it’s incredibly and dangerously infectious
Someone Else (3 years ago)
people saying that this is terrible audience..and what should be audience doing? Standing like the dead? No, they're enjoying the performance and that's the way it's meant to be.
kinderdolll (3 years ago)
oww faboluos! forever killjoy!~♡
Patata_salud (3 years ago)
I was watching sims then I got here I'm not mad at it though I love MCR and one day on a sixteen hour trip I fell asleep to this song
J1N (3 years ago)
fucking audience
琴cottie3 (3 years ago)
I have this DVD :3
Aqmal Khalid (3 years ago)
this is fucking awesome!
Andres Lemus (3 years ago)
0:25 Frikey (?
freddy jacobo (3 years ago)
Toro's smile haha
Crystal Jones (3 years ago)
Mum: Why are you wearing all black? Are you trying to make a statement? Me: *grins* No, its a freaking deathwish...
As My Life Falls Apart (9 months ago)
Crystal Jones why not say fucking?
Just Jazz (2 years ago)
Naysh IsNotOnFire (3 years ago)
i am so mad that i am literally never going to be able to go to a MCR concert. >;(
jaydawgnym94 (9 months ago)
Naysh IsNotOnFire. I am also very disappointed,mad, and depressed that i can/could never go to a my chemical romance concert, it pains my soul.
bαckup (4 years ago)
omg this is the best
Harvard University (4 years ago)
This audience was awful
beetle juice (1 year ago)
Pink guy dude, it's a professional recording so they edited the crowd out.
I am Ghostie (2 years ago)
+Pink guy Alright
Harvard University (2 years ago)
+Jalia Brodie Idk. Seems pretty weak for a MCR crowd
I am Ghostie (2 years ago)
+Pink guy They had no mics in the audience, and you can hear them at certain times. They're also moving about quickly, aren't they? I mean, they seem pretty hype.
Harvard University (2 years ago)
+Jalia Brodie The crowd was dead. You could barely hear anyone singing and those who weren't in the front were just standing there
sarah ! (4 years ago)
For some reason, I really feel like crying now. ;-;
Mixed Nuts (1 year ago)
sarah ! It’s okay, let it out
Josiah Walley (2 years ago)
The last half of this song (the blast beats and then "I've lost my fear of falling...") has always made me a little sad.
Sitoresmi (4 years ago)
When you go.. Just know that I will remember you. I lost my fear of falling. I will be with you, I will be with you
Sofia Widström (5 years ago)
is it just me or did anyone else notice when Gerard screamed "Just know that I will remember you" into Franks face? And remember, this was also the consert Frank said "Lie to me" in "I'm not okay"...
Nodnerb (1 year ago)
Sofia Widström angry bofrens
josh kelshaw (1 year ago)
Chemicalien (5 years ago)
Me encanta lml ♥
Melany Nicole (5 years ago)
I love this Gerard <3
Sofia Corella (5 years ago)
Paul Heyman (5 years ago)
That album brings back soo many good memories!
Roberth ClubRocker (5 years ago)
3 cheers for sweet revenge IS A MASTERPIECE
Mf Decay (1 year ago)
ehyannei lol with your over confidence. Check again, mate
liam ring (1 year ago)
//ehyanne// this song is from revenge.
ehyannei (1 year ago)
This song is from the I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love album lol
SarahBeezy (5 years ago)
then weapons right?
tucker3601 (5 years ago)
Bullets -> 3 cheers -> the black parade -> Danger days
SarahBeezy (5 years ago)
what are the albums in order? just curious.. xD
diogoroza11 (5 years ago)
The Old MCR is better than new...
Josh Miller (5 years ago)
lol, Bob's face at 2:24
zombieman49 (6 years ago)
*It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish* C'mon People..
Miguel Robledo (6 years ago)
This was not recorded on October 7th! On Octber 7th 2007 they were performing at Palacio de los deportes in Mexico City. A date I'll never forget.
how about now
TuskyTheMammoth (6 years ago)
Mikey still standing there like ._. pokerface
Sword nFaith (6 years ago)
Long Live My Chemical Romance <3 Thank you for the Venom!
zduncan27 (6 years ago)
I agree with you, but the description says the crowd only had around 200 people in it.
Diana (6 years ago)
fuck.....why'd you leave bob.......
Roberth ClubRocker (6 years ago)
apeshxt (6 years ago)
@F Jay, bro I love Pink Floyd and all that shit. This band is amazing in the fact that they have so much energy. These guys are, in their own right, a call to the Ramones, they have the heart of punk rock in their bones. These concerts are meant to be sloppy. They are supposed to be loud. They are supposed to be mean. So sit, kindly fuck off.
Federico Jerez (6 years ago)
Ok that's good. Roger Waters plays evert gig for more than a 100.000 people and does it way better than MCR: The same with Radiohead or Noel Gallagher. I'm musician and play on stage is one of the best things that ever could happend to you in your life, never, i said NEVER that sensation could be uncomfortable and it grows as more people comes to your show. So YOU shut the hell up and don't keep on justifying a sloppy gig like this.
Nate and Harry's Mum (6 years ago)
And they F*CKING rule live!!!
A4444 (6 years ago)
I'm pretty surprised people consider this "bad".
Lord EMO (6 years ago)
thinkingjack (6 years ago)
oh yeah, but not when they play stuff after Three Cheers
Jack Turner (6 years ago)
Much as I do agree with the sentiment, it does say that this gig is only infront of 200 people...
adymcr palco (6 years ago)
wooooaaaoooo son increibles como ellos ninguno y como odio cuando dicen que sus canciones son depresivas a mi me hacen sentir muy feliz me llenan de energia y me gustan que sean diferentes al resto. amo a MCR!!!
thinkingjack (6 years ago)
Man back when they were great!
Drake Nazar (6 years ago)
I used to love this song.. HAHAH
Natália Batista (6 years ago)
Yes, the letters "RS".
evilfinchman (6 years ago)
ray has a tattoo???
aahh i have this dvd e.e and always that i see it i feel excited
aulden ruth (6 years ago)
to whoever says they suck, watch their mexico videos. At a place like this, the equipment kinda sucks, its very hard for anyone to hear themselves, especially the singer. I mean, in my opinion, Gerard did amazing with what he had. Just sayin.
Helena Grilo (7 years ago)
It's so good it just moves me to tears everytime I listen to it :3 sometimes it even makes me laugh... actually it is inside of me in every moment I need support, I am mad at someone or I just want to celebrate life. One of those songs that stay with you forever <3 And that's what MCR is all about.
María José Pauli (7 years ago)
OH MYYYY GOOOOOOD 3:23 Ray's smile :3
MCRocks27 (7 years ago)
"Hip Hip Hooray for me, you talked to me," I love that part sooooooo much!! MCR4FuckingEver!
Maria Macedo (7 years ago)
and Gerard says that he doesn't wanna be cool... x)
gibs9105343 (7 years ago)
wish i would have gone 2 there concerts befor they brought out dangerdays :LL think black parade and three chers are the best CDS ever by MCR long live MCR
Garett Fogel (7 years ago)
and the bullets
2013afroman (7 years ago)
I love blasting My Chem. New and old stuff. I loved the revenge, i loved marching with the black parade, and i love the killjoys.
OllieHarris95 (7 years ago)
There's no mic on the audience, so you can't hear the screaming well. Just saying. :L
Juan Guerrero (7 years ago)
I think Gerard has said that this is one of the hardest songs for him to perform (And I've sang along it's freakin' crazy how that man sings) in any case, it's one of my favorites. If not my favorite by them. SO GOOD.
thinkingjack (7 years ago)
Fucking finding a way to download this and putting it on my ipod
RoseVonK (7 years ago)
This is definitely one of my favourite shows to watch.
eltigreDominicano809 (7 years ago)
bitch ass crowd !!
I see the dvd every day in my house XD!!!!
Jandy Puagh (7 years ago)
I love this song *-*
Boon Leong Ho (7 years ago)
3 cheers for sweet revenge was such a great album...
Traduzidos Bangtan (7 years ago)
I Love this song!!! I Reeeeeeaaaaaallly Love this song!! This Band is fuckin awesome!! My Favorite Band in the world! I´m so proud to say: I´M A FAN OF MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!
Liz U. (7 years ago)
I love this song. I can't believe it still brings me to tears even after all the countless times I've listened to it. It reminds me of one year today...♥
flyinglemoncentral (7 years ago)
This is Gerard's hardest song to sing live. And he still sounds fucking amazing.
TheJamieD (7 years ago)
I love how he says "I've lost my fear of falling" at the end :)
krihearts (7 years ago)
Lovelovelove them! I so love you gerard! <3
Captain Vanjoy (7 years ago)
@mjttb1 i agree, but i mean, its kinda true. i love his voice, but his lungs should really take a break every now and then. like, 10 minute breaks... or 20... im not hating. :(
Morgan B (7 years ago)
EAT PEANUT BUTTER MONKEY!!!!!! My chemical romance is amazing and so was this performance also I agree with the ppl saying he's working hard on stage and puts alot into each song he does and MCR haterz plz understand that wat Gerard and MCR do is tiring and hard but its rewarding to them and that's what they do for a living and u hav to admit MCR is pretty freaking awesome doing these kinda performances FOR YEARS!!!!!!
ByronleeS (7 years ago)
@mjttb1 he does sound a bit wierd live.
Martina Beijer (7 years ago)
@Enzzo17Productions yepp at Maxwell's
J Rock (7 years ago)
wow this version is amazing! Cant believe this only has 24k views...

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