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THE INFINITE MOTHERSHIP - Indestructible Regenerating Drone?! - Nimbatus Early Access Gameplay

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Nimbatus: The Space Drone Constructor Gameplay - The Infinite ICBM Mothership! + Other Amazing Custom Ships! - Welcome back to Nimbatus! Today in Nimbatus, we take a look at the ICBM Mothership made just for us! We also try our hands at building a magnet ship! Let's play Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor! Want more Nimbatus gameplay? Let me know in the comments! Nimbatus Bobbit Worm Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YTb1VM4HZs&list=PLVxH6E2fftre-JndPwRE-sR2eJhDw8URi&index=4 More Nimbatus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2jFe1k5dk4&list=PLVxH6E2fftre-JndPwRE-sR2eJhDw8URi&index=3 ---------- Play Nimbatus: https://store.steampowered.com/app/383840/Nimbatus__The_Space_Drone_Constructor/ About Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor: Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor is an action-packed simulation game. Craft drones out of hundreds of different parts and explore a destructible, procedurally generated galaxy. Build autonomous drones to fight against other players' creations. Do you have what it takes to become a drone engineer? The Nimbatus – the biggest mobile drone factory ever made - was sent out to space. Its mission is simple: To gather as much information about the universe as possible and to find the far ends of it. But beware! There are going to be many encounters hindering this mission. Being in a place far away from home, the Nimbatus is seen as an unwelcome intruder. Taking on tasks related to new discoveries, population control and environmental disasters won’t be easy. It is vital to mine rare resources, advance research and experiment with technologies to combat unknown threats and explore uncharted galaxies. ---------- Want more IGP? Check out these links: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/IGP_Subscribe IGP Twitter: http://bit.ly/IGP_Twit IGP Twitch: http://bit.ly/IGP_Twitch
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Text Comments (154)
you do realize that shields are a thing, right? Edit: 9:39 that yellow stuff you were shooting was money... Edit 2: He discovered the shield! XD
Simon Kennedy (21 days ago)
Watching you slowly lose your mind over this game is VERY entertaining dude!
Oreo of the west (25 days ago)
One way to make your drones fly faster and more smoothly is to put at least 10 or more larger thrusters on every side, and some small thrusters in the corners to help turning. This will make handling AMAZING and WILL make it turn on a dime and go really fast
Michael MAnville (27 days ago)
It is like you cannot recognize that they explode when they die. You get in close, they go boom, you take damage. Keep your distance and you will do well.
Oliver Craft (28 days ago)
The red eggs was due to heating up from the meteors hitting it.
I love how much noob IGP is lol....I stil love you bud, make more good vids
Johnrich Talunay (1 month ago)
9:58 *facepalm*
Seamus Black (1 month ago)
IGP the transmitter slows you down until you destroy it
K-ja crew (1 month ago)
I love how he struggling I like this kinda game maybe levels 👌
Daniël Fuhres (1 month ago)
IGP, ''Even professional made ones, can't do shit!'' Me, ''Uhhhh, they can when they are in compentent hands. >=P lol'' Still love ya & your super entertaining vids though, keep it up. ^w^ <3
The Lonely Lump (1 month ago)
Herro. I returna. I’ve been gone for awhile. I missed chu.
Cameron B (1 month ago)
"Anyway bla bla bla see you in the next one" that's when u know he's done XD
Gman Whaaat (1 month ago)
27:40 murderous IGP
TheMahk84 (1 month ago)
Don't know if you're aware but It's beneficial to watch what the Transmitter signal effect is for each planet system. Systems that have the mega laser for example is very good to keep, the effect lasts for as long as the signal transmitter is alive on each planet. That's why you suddenly got faster with the Magnet ship since that system probably had a thrust speed penalty for ships larger than X amounts of parts. The signal transmitter effect can be seen in editor, or the transmiter signal above each planet system.
Andrew Glawson' (1 month ago)
Just spent over 5 hours starting a new save, just got the multi beam upgrade, and had just finished a whole new drone. My laptop got unplugged (it has little to no battery, dies when unplugged) The save was corrupted All my saves were corrupted I’m fiiiiiiiiiiine
Tyra Larsen (1 month ago)
igp i have made a done for you IGPallinondrone is its name
Chris Altman (1 month ago)
Dont use the guns for the barrel collecting missions. All the laser beams are much more accurate and wont destroy the barrels as easily since you have more control. Have an area with a magnet and sheilds to make a barrel containment area so they will stay safe. You had the right idea for sure though
DarkCritianEmperor (1 month ago)
Igp, i also have a missile drone like that. I could upload it if you want me to. Is has controllable missiles, a harvester and i think imma make it a bit overkill with some more gadgets
skipydog (1 month ago)
hey, the first drone shown is close to the one i made.
Martin Dinner (1 month ago)
He still hasn't learned to turn the shields on. *facepalm* I stand corrected, he is learning.
The Human Box (1 month ago)
You should call your ship, IGPROTOTYPE
TheDeadCobra (1 month ago)
You need a smaller ship if you collect one barrel at once then just have one magnet
Laura_milne (1 month ago)
xD so funny to hear IGP so MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD UUNGH! xD keep it up Igp love watching your stuff
Blue Hoodie8 (1 month ago)
Please devour a whole planet
D2005 Cre 27 (1 month ago)
What if someone built the Ishimura planet cracker from dead space, that outta do the trick.
Pyro_Man1ac 117 (1 month ago)
You're TOO aggresive, run quickly with fastasfuck, but go kinda slow when you see those explodey things, focus on aiming
Dank Memes (1 month ago)
FURRY HUNTER 76 (1 month ago)
Damn this game is cool as
Bodó Levente (1 month ago)
why didn't you use shields?!?!
AngryTree Gaming (1 month ago)
Where is my little blacksmith shoppe??
Kiancoug Gaming (1 month ago)
I think they meant ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) A.K.A. A nuke
Logan Walker (1 month ago)
WHOO HOO!!!!!!
Harley Ding (1 month ago)
use factory block!!!!!!!! factory block is over power
HYBRIS95 (1 month ago)
I love the games you play, but I can hardly watch more than 5 minutes of gameplay sorry you are really too bad and rageing :(
The Gaming Zombo (1 month ago)
are you going to play the isle again? i miss it :C
Smerlin (1 month ago)
I don't think it's the designs failing you
Isacc Sasser (1 month ago)
Hope you enjoy I happen to be the creator
bigdandthe boys (1 month ago)
I liked his bla bla bla bye at the end
ot0m0t0 (1 month ago)
I bought this game because of you :)
richard zhang (1 month ago)
IGP, you should make every single ship you make with a factory part, so if it ever gets destroyed you can just use the next one., Also, I used the rockets and carpet bombed the planet on the snake one, works especially well if you have the more projectiles upgrade.
FlameDragons (1 month ago)
play more on this game pls
Wolf653 (1 month ago)
Igp let me give you a tip “theres a reason why shields exist”
Pimpin R3ap3r (1 month ago)
Lmao that berral said screw you when u tried picking it up.
NauticalGaming 22 (1 month ago)
IGP you should make a grenade launcher drone that has tons of grenade launchers, similar to the bullet hailstorm but replacing all the blasters with grenade launchers
Slow Sloth (1 month ago)
Didn't realize this but the snake is slightly 3D
Hellreaper (1 month ago)
Hi IGP *cough* and Icy *cough* just wanted to say that I really enjoined your podcast together and you two banter with each-other it always makes me laugh. When igp said for icy to jump off of the cliff in desolate and he actually did it I lost me shit. I was laughing so hard my mother thought I was having trouble breathing. Anyway I wanted to ask Igp and Icy a question. more Icy than Igp because of where he lives. Have either of you heard of the yogscat and if so what do you think of them and there yearly "Jingle Jam?" Also one of the yogscast "Angory_Tom" was looking to do collaboration with other youtubers and I think him and his banter with Simon (yogscast Simon/Honeydew) reminds me so much of you and Icy. Also Tom enjoys horror games and he enjoyed playing the forest so I think collaboration between Igp, Icy Tom and Simon would be great maybe a day on the jingle jam. Give it some thought maybe. I don't actual work for the yogs so I can't promise you anything but Angory_tom did say on his "Superchill - Island life - Tracks" video at time stamp: 58:12ish that he wanted to do colabs with other people.
minh duc nguyen (1 month ago)
Wonder how many people in the comment would scream: "God dammit use the shield", "Jesus christ do this, do that". Dude, give IGP a break man. Hes just played the game recently. Eventually he ll figure it out.
GamerPlaysToday (1 month ago)
Cool video to calm myself down from watching your newest episode of visage
Axelord1942 (1 month ago)
Love your stuff but please make sure to give me more IGPodcast, please and thank you
Noah Ackerman (1 month ago)
IGP your magnets were to strong. That's why thr barrels were blowing up so much.
Elite 22x (1 month ago)
You should have your favorite ship make your favorite ship.
Nicholas Proulx (1 month ago)
Hey @IGP, glad you liked my little drone! 😄 (the first one with remote controlled ICBM) Sorry about the instructions being a bit incomplete ^^ it works better when you park the mothership wayyyy up when fighting a snake, they can detect it even if you're controlling the smaller drone :/ I'll tag you in a couple more builds I made since then, feel free to check them out too if that makes you happy ;) !
Grillmastah (1 month ago)
It makes me happy to see I'm not the only one with issues getting barrels XD
JaredDaAmazing (1 month ago)
You should try making smaller more maneuverable ships for the barrel collection
Pixel Blast (1 month ago)
Upgrade weaponss
Pixel Blast (1 month ago)
USE S h E i L D s
Pixel Blast (1 month ago)
Also, make an energy satallite if needed
Pixel Blast (1 month ago)
And make and upgrade weapons
Max Salmon (1 month ago)
You are hardmoding this game. :)
C O N F U S I O N (1 month ago)
play more visage!!!!!!
Maester Dante Amadeus (1 month ago)
Your suffering sustains us. :3
Elias Persson (1 month ago)
Love your content. You are awesome man❤
B.L.T.G559 (1 month ago)
The Alolan Vulpix (1 month ago)
Is there any other news from Subnautica
Kyle ze Gamer (1 month ago)
Try to destroy an entire planet
Beasty 90 (1 month ago)
About that ship that was made for you, can't you just edit it to have a constant shield from enemies while your in control of the detachable drone? Cause that's an awesome little ship idea! , Sure it's a little slow, but we saw it work 😊 fun vid x thanks for sharing
flying munk89 (1 month ago)
That drone that guy made for you is probly Ment to be left way up high by your mother ship so the snake and enemy's can not get you and you send your small drone from there
Andrew Glawson' (1 month ago)
It was even in its description
Slow Sloth (1 month ago)
It was, he forgot.
Logan Boettcher (1 month ago)
yaboizak (1 month ago)
do radiation island
Boateng Agyekum (1 month ago)
Why don't you just build a huge energy panel and detach it into space
TheRoadLessTravelled (1 month ago)
im gunna put one last comment just so you may possibly see any of these.. Shields.. my.. DOOOOOOOOOD.
TheRoadLessTravelled (1 month ago)
also... learn to use the shields my dude! dont gotta have them on all the time. But when your near enemies toggle them on, or when you kill something an it blows up. Shields will keep you alive lol
TheRoadLessTravelled (1 month ago)
You gotta focus on getting resources and shit first. Power up all your stuff, and THEN you will be able to do things a lot easier. Also.. you need to beef up your defenses. Lots O' guns is good but without a solid defense your screwed lol and you also need to make sure you drone isnt too heavy and has enough fuel.
Paulus Kivelä (1 month ago)
Tips: use icy missiles against the exploders, place spring plating in front of the magnets, destroy the transmitter first
Legion495 (1 month ago)
How does the remote drone catch the cam? With the camera block? Let me know if anyone had to fight my "Remote Sumo V0.x" which shoots 3 automatic drones.
Oliver Scholl (1 month ago)
hey IGP, use cryo weapons to freeze those damn bugs!
Silverslicer (1 month ago)
I am still hoping you will give Touhou Project a go, (more accurately, hearing you panic as you try to dodge a wall of death).
Juan Matias Velez (1 month ago)
When igp loses it
Lathan Church (1 month ago)
make one that shreds through planets and is falic shaped called the penetrator
Heavenly Potato (1 month ago)
Every second is a brain cell lost... Good content tho keep it up :D
Dr. Dumbass (1 month ago)
Hate too see you struggle bro 😂😂
Kerwop YT (1 month ago)
Play more worlds adrift please!! (Great vid too.) Good luck !
Slippery (1 month ago)
Could u make an igpuppy drone?
Frank SoCr (1 month ago)
You could make a ship that only has weapons on the right side, and you only have to drive around the planet destroying it till the center
Bestar (1 month ago)
Poor IGP
Aiden McFarland (1 month ago)
Only a short time until some horrible liar claims that they made the ship...
Aiden McFarland (30 days ago)
I'm honestly surprised nobody did that I've seen
CptSruggs (1 month ago)
That’d be me, I made that ship Kappa
Suilan Rong (1 month ago)
I thought that someone would actually do that but no
Shannon Tynes (1 month ago)
Nim bat iss. It's not that hard to say. Not him bot is
Slow Sloth (1 month ago)
+IGP Are you good at petting?
IGP (1 month ago)
You're so good at life. I'm envious.
Tohka Nation (1 month ago)
Oh, HellO ThERe Great Video as always IGP
Joe Raath (1 month ago)
Nobody Owns Ice Cube Eels
Mike Russo (1 month ago)
Slow Sloth Nazi Ontario Underwear
Slow Sloth (1 month ago)
+Mike Russo Great Optimism Around Worlds Are Yams
Mike Russo (1 month ago)
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Slow Sloth (1 month ago)
+István Lippai . We Hate Your Narcissistic Owned Terrapin
István Lippai (1 month ago)
We'll Help You To Help Others
BabunKing (1 month ago)
So cool! İ wish someone made me cool stuff like this for me!
Chandler Britt (1 month ago)
Love this video series!!! Please keep doing them!!
Samolot120 (1 month ago)
Am I early?
Christan Endam (1 month ago)
Im early
Das Jäger- schnitzel (1 month ago)
Juhu nimbatus
Thedasvee bamunusinghe (1 month ago)
Your videos make me feel good inside
imagine wagons (1 month ago)
Follow IGPodcast!! 💪
RagingJoJo [RKNL] (1 month ago)
Love u dude even watching you for a long time
Unknown (1 month ago)
Thunder Guardian (1 month ago)
Yes i love this complex game.
ADDO HUNNEGO (1 month ago)
Aye igp youre such a good gamer
1NotNormal (1 month ago)
Make the submarine from We Need to go Deeper!!🐳
DarthNerdius (1 month ago)
Hey igp play more worlds adrift!

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