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Sniping The Enemies Mega Keg Whilst In The Kraken - Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves (recorded on PC) Whilst playing around with the new Shrouded Spoils update we came across a Brig full of stronghold loot captured by the Kraken! The skin I'm using is the ferrymen set which comes with the Sea of Thieves XBox controller You can view all my other Sea of Thieves videos in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDyEvHv-Xy_8MDeLygQPORWoO32oUMKmP Friends in this video :D GiantMassivePoo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrmvHkXkdKHdauF6_wDxBsw Sparten & Black Beard Music Used "Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Thanks for watching! LC
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Text Comments (60)
Xharleyxgg A (5 days ago)
Can I add u I have sea of thievies
Lord Crimble (5 days ago)
Xharleyxgg A you sure can! My GT is the same as my channel name!
SynysterAlice (6 days ago)
When you call it ghost ship and its a skeleton ship 😂😂😂 brilliant vid
Lord Crimble (6 days ago)
SynysterAlice it’s what everyone was calling them when the pics got leaked before cursed sails and then it sort of got stuck in my head ha!
SynysterAlice (6 days ago)
Tbh you're right, ghost ship does sound way cooler 👻👻👻
Lord Crimble (6 days ago)
SynysterAlice ghost ship sounds cooler and is easier to say 😂 plus I’ve said it too many times now ha
Big_Steve 380 (6 days ago)
The kraken is lookin at u guys 7min in like.... ummm. Ok.... 😂😂😂
bluemoonmist (6 days ago)
So messy 😂😂 I enjoyed the video!
Giant Massive pOo (6 days ago)
bluemoonmist I am a poo
bluemoonmist (6 days ago)
Giant Massive pOo clean up your 💩 💩 💩!!
Giant Massive pOo (6 days ago)
ewww messy!
H M (7 days ago)
Decent content but fuck your mechanics are so bad
Giant Massive pOo (6 days ago)
But no in all seriousness, I agree we should fire the Mechanics. They cant even remember to bring their spanners and wrenches most of the time...
Giant Massive pOo (6 days ago)
The smell of my finger is also quite bad...
Channel War (7 days ago)
dont ever stop my guy! keep doing what youre doing!
Synicall (7 days ago)
Synicall (7 days ago)
<3+Lord Crimble
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
Synicall thanks dude! Love you channel btw 🤗
Geyote Pilkington (8 days ago)
That was fantastic. Also, luv u spartan u madlad
Matt H. (8 days ago)
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
Matt H.OooOoooOooOooOooh!
Trey King (8 days ago)
Were did you get the blunderbust and sword
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
Ferrymen set from the SoT xBox controller
SirGmodAlot (7 days ago)
Borga Atalay (8 days ago)
The weapons shop
Tyler (8 days ago)
Really enjoy your content brother keep it up
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
Tyler thank you! Means a lot 🙊
I’m a salty pig (8 days ago)
Why doesn’t this stuff happen to me?
Giant Massive pOo (6 days ago)
+I’m a salty pig DAMN YOUR EYES SIR! DAMN YOUR EYES!!!!!
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
I’m a salty pig just recruit a couple of Northerners and they can do most of the work for you 😉
I’m a salty pig (7 days ago)
Giant Massive pOo and remember to sail around the horn
Giant Massive pOo (7 days ago)
Dude, join a solid crew and tell them you want to just generally annoy people and steal stuff. Once you have recruited a reckless bunch then find ships and see what unfolds. It usually ends in a total mess but its seen as good practise to do mental stuff when you don't have treasure unless you have a Spartan like character aboard then you can just take risks.
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
What AppleTherapy said, if you go looking for trouble you’ll find trouble!
Slayer 91 (8 days ago)
U miss me?
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
Your name rings a bell, have I hidden on your ship before?
Giant Massive pOo (7 days ago)
We have no idea who you are
NateDaZylbradFanBoy (8 days ago)
Mega *Oof*
BLACKBEARD 676 (8 days ago)
Smelly finger 💩💩💩💩💩💩
Giant Massive pOo (7 days ago)
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
ACarlo7 (8 days ago)
Well done. Quite a scene between both monsters. A "Like" to "sparten 217" for blowing up. Do u think u can handle them next time? It could be horrify but heroic.
ACarlo7 (7 days ago)
Sit back & watch. Well, that's heroic from u. (giggle)
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
ACarlo7 if we have Sparten we could take on anything. We will just sit back and watch him do it all ha
killzone 1401 (8 days ago)
This video was amazing, i have no other words for it!
Giant Massive pOo (7 days ago)
The video is smellllllllyyyy
Lord Crimble (7 days ago)
killzone 1401 thank you! Glad you enjoyed our shenanigans 🤗
mastgamer GAME OVER (8 days ago)
Happy pirate legend Day everyone!! Well it's not March 29th yet but i just wanted you to know there is a pirate legend Day.
mastgamer GAME OVER (6 days ago)
+killzone 1401 thx mate
killzone 1401 (6 days ago)
mastgamer GAME OVER attention*
mastgamer GAME OVER (7 days ago)
+Senor Edwardo you are a noob and you think that you are good cuz noobs get all the good luck. You only want attencion
mastgamer GAME OVER (7 days ago)
+Senor Edwardo you can't even speak english well
mastgamer GAME OVER (7 days ago)
+Senor Edwardo go away, your face is ugly

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