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Imagine Dragons - Making Of "Thunder" In Dubai

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Get Imagine Dragons’ new album Evolve, ft. ‘Believer,’ ‘Thunder,’ ‘Whatever It Takes’ and ‘Walking The Wire,’ out now: http://smarturl.it/EvolveID Shop Imagine Dragons: http://smarturl.it/ImagineDragonsShop Follow Imagine Dragons: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ImagineDragons/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Imaginedragons Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imaginedragons Thank you to the city of Dubai. Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Making Of "Thunder" In Dubai. (C) 2017 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/nTKxge #ImagineDragons #Thunder #Vevo #Indie #OfficialMakingOf
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Text Comments (1182)
wow i love imagine dragons
Gacha foxa (7 days ago)
I have a question I DONT BELIEVE THIS!!! but people are Saying your satanic is this true?
TheRafabh (16 days ago)
Why masks of the aliens are colourful if the video is black and white?
Nemrac XD (16 days ago)
Dan! i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, ...I LOFIUU boy!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
matveud (17 days ago)
Клип крут молодцы!!!
Saasumes Nightcore (24 days ago)
i really hate those fucking gymnastic aliens i got bad dreams about them for 2 days
Beyza Arı (25 days ago)
İmagine dragons ❤❤❤🔥🇹🇷
Dan's look at the end of the video!!!
Nivedha Vinodhkumar (1 month ago)
The most awesome place in the world .it's so beautiful
Nivedha Vinodhkumar (1 month ago)
So they actually went to dubai
Ahmet Hakan Mazman (1 month ago)
0:52 Guys this dude has troubles with mosquitoes.
NiG3L M0Dz (1 month ago)
Was that a Ferari Italia 458?
humaira bie (2 months ago)
what name dance
TonyPlayzGames (2 months ago)
holy cow that most of been reeeeeeaaaaalllyy expesnive to buy all those ferraris
Giancarlos Rojas Stark (2 months ago)
Like si buscaste esto por q te dio miedo la musica , pensando que era del demonio
Dark soul :v (2 months ago)
la ptm que miedo :v
Nailea Gradis (2 months ago)
This song is so good sub to him
af g (3 months ago)
where's 1:00 at?
Super mario me2 (3 months ago)
imagine dragons is boss
Aparna Thunder (3 months ago)
I actually live in UAE Dubai
Roblox- Minecraft (3 months ago)
Daniel Zamorano (3 months ago)
Illuminati's song
JJ Paris (4 months ago)
Dancers are awesome
SAD (4 months ago)
Bsmalaa Bsmalaa (4 months ago)
I live in dubai thanks for your commplement
got7 ahgaseee (4 months ago)
LeGastoun (4 months ago)
0:52 oh no...the meme is back
Саня Г (5 months ago)
I want to see the color version of this music video
Dawn Peters (5 months ago)
You guys are so amazing😄☺🙂😊😀
aliaa abdo (5 months ago)
Egypt is amazing too when will you come? 😁
Juzka (5 months ago)
I like the girl actor x)
Itx Niken (5 months ago)
Thats it im going there WAIT FOR MEHHHH!!!!!!
Nirvana # (5 months ago)
WOW WOW WOW!!!)))★★★☆☆☆★★★
Pixelated Sausage (5 months ago)
Why were those "creature" type humans needed to be created???
Top Arabs (6 months ago)
welcome in the Arab
Magno PlaysPw&Gt (6 months ago)
I live in Dubai but I'm Not Muslim I'm another nationality
Vexy Craft (6 months ago)
Who’s here before 1,000,000?
explodingshe p (6 months ago)
Pretty cool
Today4noobish Cheese (6 months ago)
I’m in Abu Dhabi
Today4noobish Cheese (6 months ago)
zIsaPvPッ (6 months ago)
Dubai e outro mundo
Hans Rony (6 months ago)
Uppili OMS (6 months ago)
I love 'Thunder' song. I have heard all songs of the album 'Evolve'. 'Thunder' is really magnificent and great !! I've already heard it more than two hundred times !! I am a big fan of Imagine Dragons.
Jahnell Ramos (6 months ago)
Brisa Polinesia XD (6 months ago)
These songs inspire me I adore you
0:52 Memeeessss😂😂
Mslaye GaMer (6 months ago)
My dream is go to dubai im close for it im in iraq but i cant go because my parents dont want and no enough money thats so sad :(
Pa Po (6 months ago)
great balance of colors!! The architecture and the costumes plays nice together. Such a shame you removed color from the video.
Persija Jakarta (6 months ago)
Kartik Soni (6 months ago)
Awesome song!!
Airsoft Master (6 months ago)
Love it 😊
Chester Parmrar (6 months ago)
Awesome Music Awesome Lyrics Great Video Great New Ideas Big Fan Of Imagine Dragons 🐉 Great Director Joseph Khen 👍👌💪😎😍😍😍 Epic Job Done Team
Kresh200 (6 months ago)
Spiner 0:52
Sharminaz Fazul (7 months ago)
Owen yadika (7 months ago)
Lomilyn Arche (7 months ago)
Dubai is cool
John Simon Wijaya (7 months ago)
before I thought they made it in green screen Hollywood.
bluba louca (7 months ago)
I Love
Kirsten Paez (7 months ago)
Woah, the architecture of the buildings are so fascinating! 😱
Pinja Haka (7 months ago)
Jeah I'm waiting for this video
The Lion Gamer (7 months ago)
luv u imagin dragons you are the best singer
PixelThings (7 months ago)
I thought it was in LA xd
FreshAppleJuice (7 months ago)
I'm sad avicii died
levi ackerman (7 months ago)
My name is thunder 😨
Den To (7 months ago)
Te amoooo😍
Roman Broyles (7 months ago)
A lot of Ferraris
Screaming Boy (7 months ago)
I was in Dubai :) its amazing 🤩😎👍🏻🌃🏙🌌
Nhuan Huynh (7 months ago)
i like the car r they rich it was like 40 car but y dont u do lambo it look more cool the farari not really cool at all
Queen Noon (7 months ago)
هل من شخص عربي يحب imagine dragos ؟🤗 😍😘 I LOVE THEM!!!
racha cha (7 months ago)
Oh my god this is soo satanic. God guide us to the straight path and do not let us be deceived by the devil
Rhi no (7 months ago)
Wow did is good
Anonym 1010 (7 months ago)
RIP Avicii
BeatFlow A (7 months ago)
Lets fill this video's comments about man in 0:51 too
Vivi Andreani (7 months ago)
Owh in dubai..hello dubai
R Man (7 months ago)
How do you make that 1:00 meme in Dubai?
ANTHONY THEODAR (7 months ago)
Ive been to dubai and abu dhabi i lived there
Arash Wafa (7 months ago)
Why musikvideo has not color
DatElectricXD (7 months ago)
0:52 welp, he does it again.
LPS.UniCloud (8 months ago)
1:23 the guy behind Dan 😂 lol
Trevor Chivers (8 months ago)
I don't think it gets much more epic than this video. From costumes to choreography it's perfect!
Guys I live in dubai
Star Cream (8 months ago)
what the name of the car???
SimplyHaniya (8 months ago)
i love imagine dragons mostly because all their song are so different and weird! they always have a different way of thinking, i love them!
Miyuky (8 months ago)
0:52 Wen my- wait wrong video
Asif Tarafdar (8 months ago)
Anyone else thinks the video would have been much better in color?
Marcelo Souza (8 months ago)
Just did my research on Alien Dancers credits : Fancy Feet Alien - Haroon Al Abdali Shoulder Popping Alien - Mamadou Bathily Lizard Girl Alien - Gianna Gi Leaving it here. Useful info. :)
Explosive Universe (8 months ago)
Dubai is super fancy
Mowsumi Kabir (8 months ago)
am I the only one who is here for the lambos
Wait they made thunder in Dubai didn't realize
BERRY ANAMIGA (8 months ago)
BERRY ANAMIGA (8 months ago)
Spike 1984 (8 months ago)
I love the music video to Thunder
Ray.Ping. Kidz (8 months ago)
I want to go back to dubai not in this hot rainy weather😥
[RW]Robi (8 months ago)
aniway what is the point of the deomons in this video
Flow (8 months ago)
LIGHTNING BEFORE THE THUNDER I am a BBIIGG fan of this song. And some other songs :D
Firepeepz The Fire (8 months ago)
I love thunder it my favret song you did!!!
Rule Breack (8 months ago)
I want a spinner man \;^;/
Rupali Garg (8 months ago)

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