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F.T.W.W.W. - My Chemical Romance

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Song from the scrapped album recorded before Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance. Off the Mad Gear and Missile Kid EP. Please check out this YouTube channel, thank you: http://youtube.com/fonboozles
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Text Comments (27)
Kimberly Sanchez (3 years ago)
WoeWolfgirl (6 years ago)
this song is so perfect <3
hucrew123456 (6 years ago)
lol Dead Pegasus.
ThatMcrKid (6 years ago)
Gerard, we know you wanna fuck the whole wide Universe ;)
74pancake (6 years ago)
I wonder why they scrapped the album; these are lovely powerful songs.
Radio Raven (6 years ago)
just another song by MCR i immediatly love :D
Unlimited Apathy (7 years ago)
@Placophobia YES! XD Lol i kind of wish thats what it stood for.
Amber (7 years ago)
when i saw the title i thought fuck the whole wide world...i was so close! yeah...whenever i see ftw i think fuck the world, not for the win. that probably says something about me...
Ben Sebastian (7 years ago)
god... for some reason I really love the part at 1:40 ... I don't know, but i've been playing that over and over again ^^
Ashyy Chu (7 years ago)
i just now figured out what the title means...whoops
Moira Hall-Cottrell (7 years ago)
@Candychrissy23 Yeah,BL/ind killed them. :/
ToxicStarTheKilljoy (7 years ago)
sang this in school.... don't do it children, BL/ind's watching..
ColorsOfTheRainbow70 (7 years ago)
@conversechick84 Oh yeah XD
Mallory P (7 years ago)
Does anyone, besides me, realize how dirty the lyrics are? Haha! I love it!!!
Ella Miller (7 years ago)
ONE M0:00RE TIME!! your welcome ^-^
Charlotte Murphy (7 years ago)
@Enzzo17Productions actually i'm pretty sure that wasn't what it was. What about Kiss The Ring, The World is Ugly, Stay Awake, and The Drugs? Those were completely different songs. The Madgear and Mistle Kid EP is supposed to be the band that the Killjoys listen to in Nanana and Sing music videos. This wasn't the scrapped album. But I heard a rumor they might release The World Is Ugly XD
fonboozles (7 years ago)
@Placophobia Fuck the whole wide world! I thought the same though originally haha
Kim Wester (7 years ago)
Just me who thinks "For The Win Win Win" when I see the title? XD
Aline B (7 years ago)
I hope their next album will contain songs like this one :D
Enzzo17Productions (7 years ago)
The album was scrapped and they took some of the songs from it and put in on this, disguised as an "EP" for a nonexistent band
Amanda Mueller (7 years ago)
wtf. since when is this a song? lol
lostNfrekNorbt (7 years ago)
u know they should have released the scrapped album with the new one... or a t least a way to get the scrapped album
lostNfrekNorbt (7 years ago)
@MrJamesBejarano wats an ep?
James Bejarano (7 years ago)
it wasnt scrapped its an ep
Nicola Leason (7 years ago)
well, i'm glad they scrapped this album :)

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