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Pagan/Folk/Witch songs

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because I go wild when my witchcraft collection gets a worldwide ban. Playlist: 0:00 Karchata - Folknery 4:50 Tataryn - DakhaBrakha 7:35 Заїнька, Русалочки - DakhaBrakha 11:02 Vyplyvalo utenia - Folknery 15:37 Zozulytsya - Dakh Daughters Band
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Adriana Viso (3 hours ago)
Really DakhaBrakha and Dakh daughters there not even witches look at the music of them
Lien Hermans (1 day ago)
Can we just all appreciate this website? http://www.smithsdaily.com/great-moments-in-advertising-no-wearing-witch-outfits-this-halloween/
Rain nala (1 day ago)
I'm so glad in this moment to hear this music, read the comments and realize that I'm not alone..thanks
Joe Campbell (2 days ago)
For me being a Catholic I think the dark Wiccans pretty cool
itz lena (3 days ago)
I feel like I’ve known these songs already it’s strange
Joseph Alvarez (5 days ago)
The energy is amazing!!!
Joseph Alvarez (5 days ago)
I am attracted to the shadows within and without.
Joseph Alvarez (5 days ago)
I imagine these songs playing at a midnight witches gathering.
Dani Lynn (5 days ago)
I love listening to these... My grandparents r traditional Native Americans who had their home taken away from them because a lot of people thought they were “shamans,witches who were doing witchcraft” it broke my heart.. They were really connected to Mother Earth and the creator.
Lady snake84 (7 days ago)
Best music ever for misunderstood individuals like us Pagan brothers and sisters. 🌹💜
Phillip Stotler (8 days ago)
i may be a male witch but one thing growing up wiccan is that we will always endure and we will always be free
LongLivLithuania (8 days ago)
The real pagans are from baltic region, we do not do blood offerings and we do not harm anyone or anything at our rituals, its still same as after 10 thou-sens years... Earth is sacrate and also every living thing too!
losgryfog (9 days ago)
this comment section reeks of desperation
Dawid Scout (10 days ago)
I will take you on the moss and then burn you on the stake :)
satan (8 days ago)
Billy Southern (10 days ago)
The second song is definitely DakhaBrakha from Ukraine! I love those guys!!
Sandra Lopez (10 days ago)
I can feel the energy running through my veins. I feel complete
Lyran Princess 6913 (11 days ago)
I'm an eclectic positive witch... not quite Wiccan because I know there is good in the world and there is evil. Satan is real and so are his demons, you might not believe until you have experienced them. Christian Churches are evil and all about $$$$ or who is doing what with whom. Respect to Pagans even Satanist who do not harm animals or children... Peace N Love, 👽❤️🌙💫🌜🌛✨
Gage Lantz (11 days ago)
To reittarate this is a Slavic tale based on my father's home land in Poland
Koments Mans (11 days ago)
Greetings from Latvian pagan witches https://youtu.be/LsgO5OTUsRU
다다다 (14 days ago)
well, in christian view, every religion except christianism is fucking satanic. it is super duper obvious. No matter christianism is famous religion in this day and america stood with chirstianism, or no matter how important the freedom is, the Gospel of God, doesn't change. Bible doesn't care whether you guys think like true religious people care the other people's religion as their's. The Bible tell us the only god, and true god is God. sorry for my bad english.
satan (8 days ago)
You are most certainly retarded
Pavel Dolinskiy (14 days ago)
from 16:00 to about 20:40, if you are Russian, I mean if you were born there.... listen hard, really hard, this is your mother speaking... TselebabusSpereda, Spereda Listen to what your mother is saying. Respect your mother! Respect your ancestors... Listen with your heart to her to understand...
Matthew Hendry (14 days ago)
I am a Wiccan and I plan on making a channel for it some time in the future, so subscribe to keep notified. Also follow me on instagram @wiccan_journey1111
Mary Golden (15 days ago)
Listening to this while being forced to go to church.…. Man I just want to practice my craft in peace.
satan (8 days ago)
Man that sucks
Something Strange (15 days ago)
Why in first part plays ukrainian song Фолькнери - Карчата
daddy des (16 days ago)
Love this music! Is there a specific dance I could do to this? It makes me wanna dance so bad lol
Carrie Myers (17 days ago)
donde puedo encontrar las traducciones al español???? son preciosas
Kinnaday (17 days ago)
I love the shit outta this playlist. Vol 2 pleaaaasse!!!!❤❤❤❤
victor lescano (20 days ago)
Que linda música!!, alguien más escuchando en junio de 2019????
Rikki [Yung6od] (21 days ago)
Naomi Mullins (23 days ago)
Blessed be my brothers and sister! ❤️
Jason Tempel (24 days ago)
We are still here! )0(
Herbert Penny (24 days ago)
What language is this please?!
Jason Tempel (24 days ago)
Arúviel Evenstar (25 days ago)
Larisa Baines (25 days ago)
I'm a suffering that's what this whole thing is about
Ale Melo (26 days ago)
Esses envios de sertanejo nada a vê 🤬😓
Haley Bubela (26 days ago)
I wonder what it would be like if all of the people in the comment section were crammed into a closet drunk of our asses while listening to the 3rd song?
smiling girl (27 days ago)
Last time i came from here to a song with foreign lyrics meaning "why is there so much evil in the world" and with a video involving a rabbit. Does any one know what that is named?
Himmentrodorn (27 days ago)
Violet Dusk (28 days ago)
Blessed Be to all
satan (8 days ago)
Blessed be. Sister or brother
The Lone Wolf1 (29 days ago)
great sound. love it
LpsPumpkin Spice (29 days ago)
Is it weird that I'm still a "child" and i just feel so connected to witchy music and like i dont belong with the rest of society or something. Like it's as if I have a past life and I cant help but get into this headspace. Just running into the woods and connecting with nature is so free-ing and calming. I cant ever find witches around me. They are all Christians or something else. No magic believers. I just feel some sort of energy flowing through my soul when I listen to this. It helps me to feel freedom. I wish I could find more like me. Maybe we are all just hiding in the shadows.
EyesToSee (1 month ago)
Remembering who we are. 🌟🌙💚
Madeline Castillo (1 month ago)
Blessed be sisters
Cody Cooper (1 month ago)
Brian your going to hell
Cody Cooper (1 month ago)
Brian like my comments plead
E (1 month ago)
I enjoy this music, but I would sure love to understand what they are saying. Does anyone know?
Random Stuff (1 month ago)
Can someone please translate what is the meaning of these songs.... And I guess the language is Gaelic???
Asli Ari (1 month ago)
❤❤Love Love 👃👃👃❤❤👄
Nick Blow (1 month ago)
This music is phenomenal. Thank you :)
Gabby Diomand (1 month ago)
IDK if Im Christian or Pagan- I feel more myself and relate to Pagan, but have grown up a Christian and that I should respect everyone
Reincarnated Sin (21 days ago)
Grow up as something is not the same as what you feel...Like you, I grew up as a Christian but , without even realizing, I ended up on being agnostic cause it felt like it was the right path for me. Do some researches, speak with pagans and see if you feel relate still..if so, you found your path
Haily Heckendorn (1 month ago)
my spirit craves a coven
Jessie Saul (1 month ago)
Mine too 😍
Thomas Frank (1 month ago)
Christianity is the most hypocritical religion of them all !! just a early form of police force.the only means at the time to "CONTROL" the people !!
satan (8 days ago)
@Reincarnated Sin so true
Reincarnated Sin (21 days ago)
Christianity holidays are all from paganism...they barely even know it
Alessandra Cantu (1 month ago)
Are these actually witch songs i know nothing i like the music because it shows a witch idk anymore
Oleksiy Fedorchak (1 month ago)
This is not Celtic music! No satanic! This is an ancient Ukrainian folk. The language is also Ukrainian :D
Alaina Tolliver (1 month ago)
Come with me, my Brothers and Sisters, together we shall dance in the forest and celebrate Mother Earth.
satan (8 days ago)
emily shadow (1 month ago)
16:50 is my favourite one to trance out to when repeating long chants
12 masters (1 month ago)
Most New Age wannabes confuse paganism with witchcraft. They are not the same. I can appreciate honest paganism, but an actual witch is something entirely different. Those who dabble are among the most stupid people of this earth. An actual witch is exactly what a skinwalker is. Something to kill before it claims you.
Reincarnated Sin (21 days ago)
You are just a dumb one
Elisha Hicks (1 month ago)
I'm Catholic and my mom won't let me be A Wiccan but I really want to!
Liana Bell (1 hour ago)
Catholics are the most pagan Christians. :) my best friend is Catholic but learning the craft from me. He's able to hide it easily.
satan (8 days ago)
My mom and me are pagans, people try to pressure me to be Christian
Elisha Hicks (1 month ago)
@Iva Vukssnovic I'm not the only one!!!😭
Iva Vukssnovic (1 month ago)
Me too
Eddie Elite (1 month ago)
Wiccans powers come from Satan, everyone knows that. Sign your name in the dark book and be done with it.
Eddie Elite (8 days ago)
I am the son of beast, the false god of the sheep, the entirety of the desolate pig.
satan (8 days ago)
@Eddie Elite really?and you think that is because of paganism? Did you ever consider there might be other creatures in this world, and not that if is " satan's minion"?
Eddie Elite (8 days ago)
Tell that to my lost friend who was drug 100 feet into a cave by a creature of the night, when we came running in with lit torches the creature vanished into thin air.
satan (8 days ago)
Powers come from your mind, either you have a mind full of love, or hatred, some imaginary entity is not what gives you power, our power is our own
Reincarnated Sin (21 days ago)
You are just an unfiltered being, your Satan doesn't belong to anyone but Judaism separated religions
faguette (1 month ago)
Pagans weren't peaceful at all and were pretty evil lol. They burnt literally every church or library of another faith they encountered. Christians and Muslims burned shit occasionally but Pagans killed an unbelievable amount of Christians. They attacked monastaries regularly. They were actually evil lol
Reincarnated Sin (21 days ago)
Christians and Muslims massacred who ever didn't believe what they do...and still do
INTUIT (1 month ago)
We of the Earth have no need for the inventions of other cults...imaginary beings created to frighten the weak-minded into submission have no place in the True World...We shall never be dominated, We shall ever be FREE.
Zoe Bueche (1 month ago)
I have no clue what are saying so am innocent if is crazy stuff, sounds pretty though 😇🙌✨✨✨
Vincent Chapala (1 month ago)
katkanel (1 month ago)
Девушки! Какво чудо! Какие калдунь- какая чорть. Способо, солнешко, метода дорогоя. Бдите над мне, прошу Вас, Я утомилась, супруг у меня изменник.
panda hat (1 month ago)
The Catholic in religious churches have more blood on their hands than all pagan in witchcraft recorded history so who's the evil one
Guinness (1 day ago)
Joe Campbell the priest is the very fat man that waters the worker’s wine
Guinness (1 day ago)
panda hat a helluva lot more paedophilia too
Joe Campbell (2 days ago)
@ValentineRiot all you really need to know the it's symbolism and Jesus is God and instead of apologizing to God you do it to a priest. and our favorite number is 3 cause of the whole trinity thing and the whole turning water into wine saying it's the blood of Christ it's really red wine that had been watered down
Joe Campbell (2 days ago)
I admit that we are a bunch of hippocrits
ValentineRiot (5 days ago)
Could you explain that to me? I don't understand the whole Catholic thing
Luis Reyes (1 month ago)
I used to be a Christian and then I learned the truth about christianity. Christianity is true evil. So I returned were belong. Back to the Gods and the old path of my ancestors. Now I am truly free. Blessed be!
Anushka Dey (1 month ago)
Wow! Tears Came Down Running to My Cheeks ..I literally feltbA Sense of Belonging which I was Missing For So Long...Thank You Mother....
João Souza (1 month ago)
Who's the woman in the picture ?
George Thomas (1 month ago)
There are male witches too ... who was Jesus until they killed him & sold a rewritten story .. he was one of many.
George Thomas (1 month ago)
Would he approve of the church ... did he not tear them down ? All we needed was a whisper. The most quiet whisper of truth has more value than the loudest roar of agenda.
Neil St (1 month ago)
If you are not Jewish and you follow any abrahamic religions, you have lost your peoples culture and ways.
Lunnari Soledad (1 month ago)
I love being a Witch <3 There is so much old ways and new things to learn <3
Sudeep Saru (1 month ago)
Celtic Wiccans are more necessary for mother Earth than Christianity !
Why is this title used for Slavic ethnic music?
Special Tea (1 month ago)
4:50 ❤
sefa boyar (1 month ago)
this picture is too bad
Yamina Bouhas (1 month ago)
Absolutely beautiful ❤️❣️
glory train (1 month ago)
I used to be a wiccan and can say that magick is absolutely real but in saying that im not really convinced its a good thing because of the many bad supernatural encounters i had, so now i stay away from witchcraft and just embrace the nature spirituality of both wicca and druidry.
Jean-luc Vautour (1 month ago)
Douglas Fraser (1 month ago)
I love my Scottish Ancestry, including Nordic influence xo
Long live the witches, for they are ones of the earth. I love you!
My brothers and sisters! Let us dance in the mother’s warm embrace! Blessed be to you and let your day be full of peace!
Katie Erbskorn (2 months ago)
Hearing that first song made me feel all energies rising all around me. It makes me wanna dance like crazy and call to the god and goddess
John Parven (2 months ago)
1:34 now I'm craving guava juice haha.
Jedi Souls (2 months ago)
I was thinking about becoming a pagan, but part of me is afraid to believe in religion, religion screwed up my life and my family...i dont want the past to repeat itself.
Rado (1 month ago)
Being a pagan is more about being spiritual than submissive to some religious doctrine, paganism in not the same as monotheistic religions
freedom lover (2 months ago)
Fine untill the vocals came in
Rob Guynn (2 months ago)
Simply Beautiful
Kurumi Natsume (2 months ago)
I have the utmost respect for pagan and animist traditions around the world, they are so fascinating to learn. My interest grew when I was immersed in Arthurian legends and read books such as The Mists of Avalon etc. I do not understand the hate Christians have towards Pagans, most "Christian holidays" such as Christmas, Easter etc. are pagan holidays anyway. After interacting with real life Christians I have nothing good to say about this religion.
Stef White (2 months ago)
Beautiful love to all my sister and brother witches X
Desmond Low (2 months ago)
Blessed be
gagaga Spamz (2 months ago)
God believe witj me 666
Tiomba Goddess (2 months ago)
AyçaYaBoi (2 months ago)
You guys, if you liked this you should check out this Polish group called Warsaw Village Band, they're hella witchy as well (Song: Woman in Hell --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1oPNvC4SBw&list=PLNR03dBK1-wPNIwZQGX-DQWqY1JNEj6Ds&index=3) If anyone is interested I have a witchcraft playlist for modern witches on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7wLOt2fkwaGu6P0JUcNYcg
S. Thurton (2 months ago)
Thank u for the this playlist I like it it's fun and helps me focus 😘
Rosolino Lo Sciuto (2 months ago)
La stregoneria occulta la storia l'idolatria e' vanagloria
CookieeCup (2 months ago)
whatever u do do not listen it is bad if u finished all then u be enchanted and may do bad stuff it will wear off but 2 hours and its permenant
Reincarnated Sin (21 days ago)
Are you speaking about listening stuff in the Church?
Divorceja (2 months ago)
What about the balance?
ash k (2 months ago)
Does anyone have a track list? I want to want to play it through my google home and the only pagan music i’ve found on SoundCloud is lowfi / juvenile and not beautiful / transformative like this
PeterSiNeh (2 months ago)
Makes me feeling @ home :)
Reincarnated Sin (21 days ago)
And it has nothing to do with the stuff here
Ellie Drew (2 months ago)
Had to vacuum the couch today and listening to this was so motivating! It helped me work through the pain

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