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Hannah Georgas - Enemies (Official Video)

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"Enemies" by Hannah Georgas from her self titled album, available now. Get it on iTunes! http://smarturl.it/HannahG Website: http://hannahgeorgas.com/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheMusicOfHannahGeorgas Twitter: https://twitter.com/hannahmusic Instagram: https://instagram.com/hannahgeorgas Lyrics We're in a sea full of sharks just swimming around and around. If we get cut, they're gonna taste our blood. You leave a trail and the word will get out. That we're all lost and ready to kill. You only act that way when you're feeling vulnerable and I don't wanna to play. I don't have the nerve like you. You're spreading the seed and all I wanna do is bury you deep, deep down beneath. Bury you deep, deep down beneath. Are you going to make an enemy of me? Are you my enemy? It's too deep of a cut to mend and there is no way we can go back, go back again. This is what we've got, this is what we've got to live with. This is what we've got, this is what we've got to live with.
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Text Comments (28)
Jordana (1 day ago)
chills everytime i listen to this song. came back to visit the music video and i get even more chills...especially at the last chorus <333
Brad Hayhoe (3 months ago)
I just started listening to her music. Sounds more real then anything else. I'm going to try and see her live
Maks Gorbach (7 months ago)
Check out my remix! Great sounds for ur heart https://soundcloud.com/somessyyy/hannah-georgas-enemies-somessyyy-remix
Jerry Fargeant (1 year ago)
2:53 La escuchaba muy relax y todo y esta parte me asustó alv
FitzChivalryFarseer2 (1 year ago)
I dont understand the video? What is the relation to the song?
MissFitz (1 year ago)
One of my favourite tunes, if I ever get another dog it will be a greyhound rescue, and... We love you Hannah!
23v0lv32 (1 year ago)
Simply stunning. Absolutely stunning
Jeremy Toms (1 year ago)
Amazing song.  It is so crazy that she does not get more attention.
Jeremy the Beer (2 years ago)
Why does this song not have more views? So good. I'm going to the store to buy a Greyhound right now!
El video no tiene nada que ver con la letra.___.
Part 9 (2 years ago)
Just heard this on Indie88.  Killer tune!
Shannon Simpson (3 years ago)
Nice, I like it. & gotta say...I work at that track!
jmjnjames (3 years ago)
great song
Synzey (3 years ago)
Love this, but can someone explain what the videos about HAHAHAHAHA
T G (6 months ago)
They actually won because the dog was in the lead, plus you can hear the announcement at 3:47 "and the winner is number 2" (his dog) and at around 3:52 you can see him saying "yes" nonetheless it's a beautiful music video and it made me cry
SPACE ZOMBIE (1 year ago)
pretty sure the point was that they lost and **it was still okay**. actually I really think this song and video are something exceptional and beautiful, almost made me cry. great direction and editing, truly a work of art.
Rhodry (3 years ago)
A man trained his own dog and they both went in and gambled a lot of money and won :)
Gustan Love (4 years ago)
didn't expect this video from such heartfelt powerful lyrics...  but, it was awesome.  really great job.
Tristan Berry (4 years ago)
I love my dog and this vid made me cry, in a good way. Really love the song too.
dscanuck (3 years ago)
+Tristan Berry Same here.
Jassi Lavkainen (4 years ago)
Heard this song on the radio.. Oh man I thought this was from Daughters lol..
Richard Merk (4 years ago)
Is that John Ennis?
Boyborg690_ (2 years ago)
I think so.
Jeffrey Goldberg (4 years ago)
Just saw Hannah at MSG. Amazing Performance!
Thad11 (4 years ago)
Great acting by John Ennis!  Very nice cinematography and editing as well.
Keegan G.A. (4 years ago)
this woman doesnt get nearly enough attention and exposure
peermusic (4 years ago)
Watch the new +Hannah Georgas video "Enemies" and catch her on tour now!!
chackboo (4 years ago)
Great Video, great song.

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