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Voyage to the bottom of the sea:The Deadly Dolls

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Season 4, Episode 2. Nelson and Crane fight a master puppeteer (Vincent Price!) in one of the most bizarre episodes of the series.
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Nuclear Christian (8 days ago)
I wonder if Jim Henson ever saw this episode?  :-)
mark griffith (1 month ago)
I loved the show when I was a kid and I still enjoy it now, thanks!
Laurence Morgan (3 months ago)
Vincent "MF'n!" Price!!!!!
Marcus Justice (4 months ago)
41:54 to 44:32 The Flying Submarine FS1 Durability and Laser Gun Weapon impressed both Professor Multiple and the Admiral Nelson puppet.
TruAnRksT (5 months ago)
Don't let autoplay sidetrack you to that fucktard Walter Delacerda's bullshit uploads.
TruAnRksT (5 months ago)
12:06 US Army Transportation Wheel, what's it doing on a navy guy?
johnnynoirman (5 months ago)
Vincent Price & Daid Hedison back together. They were in THE FLY 1958.
WithMercyAforethought (5 months ago)
(sing) Oh Happy Day! (come on) Oh, Happy Daayah!
WithMercyAforethought (5 months ago)
10:28 ' just knew there was another set of keys somewhere'
WithMercyAforethought (5 months ago)
awww, they coulda got Professor Repeato Redundo and reaally take out a wall.. (coulda been so much more.....) (......rats......)
WithMercyAforethought (5 months ago)
Dr. V Price Professor of Oceanography with New Tubes, PhDDDDDD!!!
WithMercyAforethought (5 months ago)
and the d.o.l.l.s fix pract everything//
WithMercyAforethought (5 months ago)
no problem Dolls, they may have a seeming personality, however,;..... From... The Shop,,,,
NANCY DIONISI (6 months ago)
Wow!, I´m enjoying this episode like a child!, it´s fantastic!, thank you Mona0825 for sharing it!
70humdinger (6 months ago)
It was great that Basehart, Hedison and Dowdell also did voice overs for the puppets. Added a bit of eerienous to the show. Amazing how much they looked like their flesh and blood counterparts. Whatever happened to the puppets?
70humdinger (6 months ago)
Here in San Diego, the Seaview's diving bell (or a great facsimile) used to be on top of a building that was probably housing a diving shop. You could see it from the southbound I-5 before the exit to the Coronado Bay bridge. Correctly marked too - Nelson Institute for Marine Research. Unfortunately it's gone now - store probably too.
Andres Senler (7 months ago)
Capitulo muy bueno pero falta un sustitulo en español por favor
Louis Hamilton (7 months ago)
ROGER DE BRABANT (8 months ago)
OMG, how pathetic and cheesy, lol
Pamela Grier-Gaither (8 months ago)
I Loved This One!
Dennis K (8 months ago)
this is strange even if you do not use anti-brain substances space space space we are all puppets pulling our own strings fill in the blank with your pill ... of choice ♪
Shane Miller (9 months ago)
Much better then Star Trek!
ramairgto72 (9 months ago)
This is why I didn't join the NAVY..
NANCY DIONISI (10 months ago)
Wonderful episode!, I love it!, I continue enjoying this fabulous programme!, it´s one of my favorite, many tranks for sharing it!
Dee Bowmer (11 months ago)
Thank you, I love this show.
Chris Gould (11 months ago)
5:56 - is that a cameraman's shadow suddenly appearing on the door?
skygh (1 year ago)
This is unwatchable once you get past fourth grade.. I know. I tried. Cheers.
Mr Gobrien (1 year ago)
how come the crew don't realise something odd right at the start when Price is simultaneously operating THREE puppets but has no assistant? even Shari Lewis wasn't that good.
Jim Duccilli (1 year ago)
Remember critics; This was a sci-fi show for kids. As a kid at the time I loved it and although the plot could be a bit cheesy on some episodes, like this, we get to see Vincent Price. Who Cares?
Je Al (1 year ago)
Two of the greatest voices of all time, Vincent Price and Richard Baseheart!
David Garcia Ramirez (1 year ago)
plis in español latino
Guelli Macauley (1 year ago)
Old good times...
David Marks (1 year ago)
I have never seen this before. but I got to say good stuff
Cliff Yablonski (1 year ago)
VTTBOTS sucked, it was like Lost In Space..First season was OK when it was in B&W and played more or less as a serious show then it got all goofy and shit.
robert harding (1 year ago)
Loved this as a young boy in the mid 60's.still do !!
Kevin Doran (2 years ago)
Price was the best creepy guy ever on screen. Loved his work.
Phil Kocher (2 years ago)
How come if shooting them doesn't hurt them, hitting them with the gun does?
1958Shemp (1 year ago)
Good catch!
Blue Marshall (2 years ago)
The Admiral and the Captain Has Only Seven Rounds Each in Their .45Cal. What the......
mark griffith (1 month ago)
How many do you think a model 1911 .45 holds? It's a miracle to get 7 rounds in them, 6 in the clip and 1 in the chamber!
Blue Marshall (2 years ago)
The Admiral and the Captain Has Only Seven Rounds Each in Their .45Cal. What the......
Piggy-218 (2 years ago)
1:00 The entire crew is WHITE lol ???
Marcus Justice (11 months ago)
The SSRN Seaview did have one black crewman. Check out frames 26:43 Third row behind Crewman Patterson. 27:47 and 47:53. His First appearance was in the episode "Death from The Past" This actor also starred in The Star Trek TOS episode "Errand Of Mercy" as the Blue Shirt Lieutenant Navigator on The Starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701. He and Arch Whiting- Sparks, George Take-Sului and Jimmy Doohan-Scotty were a few of the actors who could be seen in episodes of both Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and Star Trek The Original Series.
Piggy-218 (1 year ago)
It's a JOKE ..its meant to be sarcasm .
mark murawski (1 year ago)
cut out the race shit it was a television program u seee me bitching that the harlem globetrottters are alll blackget alife and get over it
sarah sarah (2 years ago)
Piggy-Pike you knucklehead..jeez
Kevin Doran (2 years ago)
It was the 60's. Quit pulling the race card and get over it.
Mac Pakinga (2 years ago)
enjoyed watching this when I was a little kid afterschool :-):-):-)
Sleepy Cat Pictures (2 years ago)
I loved this as a kid . . . It never struck me as odd that you could use a flamethower, in an armoury, in a sealed tin can under the sea . . .
Moggridge (2 years ago)
It's true! :-)
reticulan5 (2 years ago)
Good to see a classic episode of a show without people putting a flashlight watermark in the middle of the screen to spoil it.
giorgi somxishvili (2 years ago)
giorgi somxishvili (2 years ago)
sani nippy (2 years ago)
wow! i spent 50 minutes watching puppets take over a submarine!! so much for my busy schedule
sani nippy (2 years ago)
wow! i spent 50 minutes watching puppets take over a submarine!! so much for my busy schedule
Gregory Caspers (1 year ago)
Hahahaha I wonder why the subtitles didn't include pong....pong....pong....
giorgi somxishvili (2 years ago)
Yourewastingyourtime (2 years ago)
Having sen this episode many years ago it's no wonder I find the current Travelodge TV advert rather creepy! In fact, I wonder if this is where they got the idea of the lookalike puppets from?
Sun Tzu II (2 years ago)
16:44 "After them!" HaHa! Hilarious. The blooper reel would have been hilarious! I can just see Vincent rolling his eyes and saying, "Oh never mind I'll do it myself."
robert harding (2 years ago)
So well made !! shows like this were the the template for the future.
Krose333 (2 years ago)
It seems like the writers wanted to use a Star Trek Original Series story line, then realized Vincent Price was available and made a mash up of typical Price roles and Star Trek aliens commandeering the Enterprise.
ewaf88 (2 years ago)
From the look of the views this episode is becoming somewhat of a cult. I think I'd of been pretty frightened if I'd seen it as a kid.
Moggridge (2 years ago)
What a load of hokum we watched in the 60s! :-)
Vincent Baretti (2 years ago)
But we now look at it years later as great memories, right?
Perce Blue (2 years ago)
Great fun and entertaining but well far fetched.
Iain Botham (2 years ago)
I know it was meant to be a highly advanced submarine, but submarines will always have low ceilings, as space is valuable. They might have got that bit right
ramairgto72 (9 months ago)
But the puppets you have no issue with.
Bob Saturday (2 years ago)
Vincent Price !!!!!
Curtis Sylvester (2 years ago)
David Henderson and Vincent price played brothers in the original horror movie the fly
windstorm1000 (2 years ago)
the first season was harder science and one expected it to remain so given this was a experimental US naval submarine (ala H'wood) --but here's yet one of many where the series veared into camp/ultra strange--and everybody played it straight faced--but entertaining.  Allen could not resist the bizarre, it seems, in any of his series.
John Satterfield (2 years ago)
+windstorm1000 You're right. Irwin Allen couldn't seem to stay out of left field. I think another example is Lost in Space. His shows were fun and entertaining in their own way, but the campiness, and often bizarre and highly improbable plots kept these shows from being as good as they could have been.
DanM101 (2 years ago)
I kept thinking edward scissorhands was gonna pop in any second lol
johnbarry007 (2 years ago)
its pure fun
Andrew Kear (2 years ago)
This Irwin Allen pop surrealism at its best.
John Satterfield (2 years ago)
+Andrew Kear Or worst. Of course, when it comes to Irwin Allen, the worst is the best.
Darryl Ruiz (3 years ago)
this may be the most bizarre episode of the whole series ranking along side the episode when toy robots tried to take over the seaview and it has vincent price!!!
Mr Trivia (3 years ago)
This makes absolutely no sense, it's ridiculous, and I love it .
Charles Reis (3 years ago)
Vincent Price???? FANTASTIC!!!
robert szvetics (2 years ago)
+Charles Reis the price is right
William H. Baird (3 years ago)
Wow .... Vincent Price On Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea! never saw this one as a kid! True .... this "Dolls" story line was silly, but Irwin Allen was known for working on a shoestring budget and used the cheapest and silliest ideas often. I remember his LOST IN SPACE episode with talking Vegetables! LOL
Joseph Scott (3 years ago)
That poor wall of circuits at 21:38 takes a beating in every episode.
Howard Walker (3 years ago)
puppets??? more like Muppets!!!
AussieTV (2 years ago)
Jim Henson did them
davgalactica rozo (3 years ago)
I love the crazy weird sci-fi shows from this time period, true most of the time they didn't make any kind of scientific sense, but they also had an innocent sense of fun something that today is sadly lacking.
lesselp (3 years ago)
Fight scenes were even lamer than in Star Trek.
Jr. Elwood (3 years ago)
Jeez, what kind of crazy submarine is this? It's as big as a luxury case study house, they're equiped with flamethrowers and they don't care if the locker to the dynamite-supply is just wide open. And to top it all they invite a psycho puppet player to amuse the crew. This all sounds so wrong and really bizarre... or just like a standard sci-fi series from the 60s.
Jim Duccilli (1 year ago)
Jr Elwood - It is EXACTLY like standard sci-fi fare from the 60s. Remember Star Trek? Karate Chops and all.
windstorm1000 (2 years ago)
+Jr. Elwood don't try to understand it--lot has to do with Irwin Allen's view of submarine life....
Quasatoad (3 years ago)
I loved this show as a kid, but I must agree with many of the others that it hasn't aged well.  This particular episode is especially arch & stilted, with Vinnie leading the way with his ineptly hammy performance.  Some things are better preserved as memories.
Lester Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Great series. Don't mind the subtitles. Good learning tool for students who are learning English and its movie culture.
BingCherry11 (3 years ago)
On an active real US military vessel I would sincerely doubt that any visitor would be allowed to "Show themselves out". They would escorted out ... now matter what.
Mr Gobrien (1 year ago)
I don't think it was an actual US Navy sub, it had a weird status, a scientific explorer craft manned by a US Navy crew which could be called upon in the event of war, and they weren't at war (with a country) in this one. The end titles aren't there but I don't remember the US Navy being acknowledged as assisting in production - they don't assist with shows or movies which detract from US Navy ideals, and after seeing this daft script I doubt they would have agreed to assist with it! Lyndon Johnson was president at the time? He was a navy man I think - JFK certainly was - Nixon was in the military too but I can't remember which branch (I think all the presidents from Eisenhower to Bush Snr were in WW2 except Reagan? So there is a multi part drama series yet to be made - Presidents At War - and apologies if Reagan was in WW2 too). Then again that freedom from US Navy interference gave the scripters licence I suppose - hence like you say people just wandering the sub unescorted (as a plot device).
rolustrious (3 years ago)
classic Vincent Price...
Vince Klortho (3 years ago)
Critics be damned! It's so obvious from listening to the news for the past few decades that we're all SO much better off for being world-weary and "sophisticated"!!! Thank God we've finally "progressed" past a healthy and positive world-view. With our new-found modern insight, I'm sure we've got the world's problems on the run now!
William Signs (3 years ago)
+Vince Klortho Sarcasm from a mindless Nazi who wants everyone drinking the one percent's Kool-Aid. Go piss up a rope.
Gee The 'Bee' (3 years ago)
Good series. I do always laugh at the large spaces and areas and square doors, however. That is part of the charm.
Mike Brown (3 years ago)
Loved this show
hebneh (3 years ago)
I'm not surprised that this episode features the regular characters being "taken over" by some kind of duplicates or aliens or bad guys, through mind control. That was a regular occurrence on the "Sea View".
hebneh (3 years ago)
"Damage Control, report!" as was yelled into the intercom by Captain Crane after each episode's required "throw-around" scene, as we called it in my family. Particularly brutal ones always ended with multiple sparks flying out of various panels with blinking lights, often from where "Sparks" sat.
thegriffin88 (3 years ago)
This was one of my favorite shows growing up. Nickelodeon used to own the rights to some TvLand shows and would show them during Nick at Night in the 90's, along with The Brady Bunch, the Partridge Family, I Love Lucy and I Dream of Genie (that I remember at least). This was my favorite out of all of them. 
Koop Dahvill (3 years ago)
What's with that 1955 Imperial limousine @ the beginning? Should have been a newer car. Guess the puppets ate up most of the budget on this one! Where did it come from? Where is it now? Curious minds want to know.
Mr Gobrien (1 year ago)
well spotted - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_(automobile)#1955
Anthony Dennis (3 years ago)
More episodes please!
Illuminati Puppet Masters . . .
Dan Johnston (3 years ago)
Vincent Price On Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea ! Vincent Price On Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea ! So The Show Was Childish Crap, Who Cares ! It Is Vincent Price On Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea !!!!!
SoCal Dazed (3 years ago)
do not take acid and watch this 
jlovebirch (3 years ago)
The picture quality is excellent, but why the pointless and annoying English subtitles?
jlovebirch (3 years ago)
+AKJC48 The settings option doesn't work -- the "off" position does nothing.
Wayne Abraham (3 years ago)
Love this as a kid. It sci-fi suspended disbelief. While I might laugh at some of the effects and fight scene it's still entertaining. .
Ricon1968 (3 years ago)
Thanks for this classic.  not everyone will understand and appreciate it.  Thanks for share.  Go away.
Love VttBotS sooo much. Stay up every Saturday to watch it!
Nameless (4 years ago)
Brilliant performance by the great Vincent Price, btw what happened to his eyes in here, is it just me or do they look bigger than usual?
Jim Schmitt (4 years ago)
Don't pay attention to the negative comments here.  This show, in its day, had what were considered very advanced special effects. including good underwater filming.  Irwin Allen was his own kind of genius, just like Ray Harryhausen (Clash of the Titans, the Sinbad movies, etc.) was years earlier.  These episodes only seemed kind of cheesy if you watched the other shows such as Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, or Land of the Giants, and saw the same monsters or sets used over again.  When I watched this show, I was a young boy.  And everything was real-looking and scary.  Now I enjoy watching them again, for nostalgia.  Thanks for posting this!
Andrew Williams (5 months ago)
I agree that Irwin Allen was a genius & his sci fi series were great.
Keith Brown (6 months ago)
There were several whale episodes which were good...HOWEVER Irwin Allen used, reused, re-reused, re-re-reused stockmileage from his version of THE LOST WORLD ...Once the series switched to color ...Allen was a master at cutting corners probably much more so than Roger Corman...
windstorm1000 (3 years ago)
exactly!!  I go back in time (no pun on 'time tunnel)
ruben lima (3 years ago)
Congratulations for your comment.
Jennifer Gilchrist (4 years ago)
Vincent WONDERFUL Price
theedge (4 years ago)
thanks for uploading! great stuff
Cool2BCeltic (4 years ago)
The classic TV show I call Sea Trek.
justin fleming (4 years ago)
i saw reruns of this show on sci fi when i was a kid in the 90s 
Pablo Foche (4 years ago)
What is the constant beeping noise in the background ?
Mr Gobrien (1 year ago)
hear all the sounds here but it doesn't say what each one is, one is certainly the sonar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rMAY_q96gg
admins rose robertson (4 years ago)
wonderful show i love all the series of Voyage to the bottom of the sea:hugs admins rose from the tv show fan page group 
DataWaveTaGo (4 years ago)
The guys who produced this schlock were driving Stingrays up and down the cannons at high speed while being blown and thinking "My fucking god, they're watching this shit and I'm on top of the world! Sweet Jesus!"
QuantumRift (4 years ago)
This episode is just WAY BEYOND stupid. I remember watching it as a kid, thought it was cool, but now, this is just too silly. The stunts sucked, the sub was WAAAY to big on the inside to be believable. Look at it now, every 'compartment' is as big as a reception hall. Yea I was about 10 or 11 and was allowed to stay up to watch it in prime time....but regardless, this episode just plain sucks. It could have been edited down to about 18 minutes...
QuantumRift (3 years ago)
+tryptychUK +10
tryptychUK (4 years ago)
I think the Lost in Space "Attack of the giant carrots" was what did it in the end.
John Mason (4 years ago)
+QuantumRift This show was never silly.  This show was Irwin Allen trying to get away from Lost In Space that became silly.  I was a teenager at the time and I knew that Lost In Space had become silly but we watched it because of Dr. Smith.  This particular episode is a little far fetched but don't condemn the entire series.   t
tryptychUK (4 years ago)
It was a different era, people simply didn't like the "MTV school of editing" with fast cuts. Try watching 50's shows like 'Outer Limits', they would run what was a 20 minute short to an hour. That's what TV was about back then.
QuantumRift (4 years ago)
+Thomas M. Robinson I have a grip on it. To ENJOY a TV show or movie, you have to be into 'suspension of disbelief'....but for THIS ignorant episode of VTTBOTS, it's a REAL REAL stretch to suspend disbelief. That's why this show met its demise...it got TOO stupid for the viewers. Yes. too stupid. Too stupid. 
QuantumRift (4 years ago)
Forerunner of the muppets.
James Bryan (4 years ago)
This show had really great looking sets. Shows did not have big budgets or the tech available to manipulate what is seen as today.
Celso Principal (4 years ago)
yes , i  like
Jeff Hall (4 years ago)
Vincent Price!
hambone31000 (4 years ago)
Could have shortened title to "Sea Trek"

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