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Hannah Georgas - Robotic

808 ratings | 136943 views
From 'Hannah Georgas" (2012)
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Text Comments (32)
Cory Beale (3 months ago)
sickest tune
gigawatt666 (1 year ago)
it's deep. Do what you want wif' it.
Ronald Law (1 year ago)
You got good taste Gob
Detros (1 year ago)
gonna make a playlist out of all his songs. we seem to share a musical palate
Vanessa Donovan (2 years ago)
This song brought me here because of a video of Bucky Barnes.
natalia (2 years ago)
I came here from Saving Hope c: Where my Canadian's at?
smiley anna (2 years ago)
OMG! Me Too 😍😍 Love That Show ❤🔐
monotonous (3 years ago)
beautiful song like this got 70k views, shit songs like hello, or retarded song like what do you mean get millions of views. this world is seriously fucked
Michael Newton (1 year ago)
It's a strange world... One of my completely mediocre songs on another channel has 3x as many views, and I'm not even a musician. This is way better than anything I've made.
Kristen Van Houten (2 years ago)
Well it's called pop for a reason. Music isn't going to be the downfall of society chill out on that "the world is fucked because of this" crap. It's music.
HommeHaute (2 years ago)
The true gifts are for the few not the many...
ibrahim alan (3 years ago)
It s always same
nisus8 (3 years ago)
A couple weeks ago, was sitting in a movie theater in the Keystone at the Crossing Mall in Indianapolis (waiting for the movie "Birdman" to start), when this song came on right before the trailers began. Very cool.
George Rother (4 years ago)
Heard this for the first time today. Very cool! 
Yasmin B. (4 years ago)
Saving Hope! 
JSTpacek (4 years ago)
Saving Hope :)
amke B (4 years ago)
does anybody know where to find the version of this song that was played on Saving hope
Shamika Norford (2 years ago)
Yea does anyone know where that version is from saving hope I had no idea the show was this old
BackwradsUserName (5 years ago)
This is the first song I've heard by Hannah Georgas and damn she's good!
SovietRed (5 years ago)
Saw her today, wicked show!
ilylac (5 years ago)
fucken brutal
WILLIAMHBAIRD (5 years ago)
bookstore55 (5 years ago)
hokey smokes.
richX (5 years ago)
Uhhhh.... Totally thought this was Land of Talk when I first heard it.
SimplyDope (6 years ago)
Hannah is a lovely lady. She was a friend of a friend when I was at UBC. I really wish I had taken the time to get to know her better. SO underrated. She deserves way more recognition. I really hope she continues to grow. With the help of some other up and coming artists, she will lead popular music in the right direction.
CS Beale (10 days ago)
Is she canadian? Man if so just another notch on our belts someone say something
LeDuckDuckGoose (6 years ago)
great voice, solid lyrics, consistent instrumental. thanks hannah for this treat
Marshall Henson (6 years ago)
Saw her live, she opened for AND out preformed James Blunt. Enough Said.
CS Beale (10 days ago)
Nuff Said BADMON
nicky rin (6 years ago)
And im back listening to this song, such a good song
samanthadelaney (6 years ago)
could litsen to this song for days with no end!!!
Henley Parfect (6 years ago)
hannah georgas is SO underrated
Jesus Split (6 years ago)
Katie Jo Rabbit (6 years ago)
Absolutely Adored

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