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Girl Model Official Trailer

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Coming Soon! Check out http://www.girlmodelthemovie.com for more information. GIRL MODEL, a documentary by Ashley Sabin and David Redmon, is told through the eyes of a 13-year-old Siberian girl and the American scout who discovered her. It follows a complex global supply chain of young girls sent abroad to seek their fortunes in the unregulated and often murky world of the modeling industry.
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Kaykay (2 years ago)
I did not like that scout. She is delusional and insensitive. She is so poor me poor me throughout the whole film and she was to traumatized and the victim. If that's the case than why are you subjecting naive barely teenage girls to the same thing? She seemed almost amused by it.
J Rae (3 years ago)
Just watched it on Netflix - it's a disturbing and fairly depressing film - you can always tell the depressing ones, because Rotten Tomatoes gives them 93% ratings. In summary, the film follows a naive and fragile 13 year-old girl, plucked from the Siberian countryside and sent to Japan to model, without a word of English, or a dime to her name. The corruption is profound - there's no one to meet her, and the former-model-turned-scout, Ashley Arbaugh, who "discovered" Nadya, and who claims to "care for these girls," seems not to care one whit that these girls "probably end-up other places, too." Anyone with a shred of conscience watching this film would feel compelled to send poor Nadya a plane ticket home (she's ultimately sent home in-debt to the modeling agency) - while Ashley daydreams in her glass house in Connecticut, reminiscing about her own modeling days, fancying herself an artist with her own photographs of odd, dissociated body parts. She has surgery to remove uterine fibroids and imagines having a baby will fulfill the deep sense of loneliness she exudes in every scene. As much as this is Nadya's story, so too is it Ashley's, documenting the empty life of an ex-model who insists she's happy, and simply thankful she isn't stuck in some dreadful "9-to-5." But it doesn't ring true. What we're left with is a cautionary tale to those aspiring models like Nadya - not only of the industry's empty promises, but of the empty life that awaits them 20 years down the road, should they be "lucky" enough to "make it."
Rayanna Andrade (5 years ago)
"Messiah is 40 and the models are 13 and 14"....(long sigh) "...and....well....Messiah loves models".... Absolutely DISPICABLE woman what she does
Rayanna Andrade (5 years ago)
@ rob robinson My thoughts exactly!!! How could the stupid bitch ramble on about how miserable the modeling business made her and then drag naive girls out of their Russian villages, drop them in a place where they don't even know how tp use the phone and then totally flake on their promises after they're emotionally spent and broke. Many end up escorting and doing porn.She makes a ton of money doing it. She is just disgusting.
J Rae (3 years ago)
+Rayanna Andrade Yes, it's hard to argue with what you say. She's a hard one to follow - on the one hand, saying how miserable modelling made her (yet she stuck with it, of course), and then actively perpetuating the cycle. I was super-disgusted seeing these kids - I mean, they're kids! and vulnerable young girls, at that - sent to a major city, unescorted, with no English or money of their own, and like you say, not even able to use the phone. If she sleeps soundly at night doing that, well, that says pretty-worrisome things about her, in my opinion.
Afro Babe (6 years ago)
Even the name sucks!
Tenebras (6 years ago)
your fucking kidding me? xD
DivineNucleus (7 years ago)
--Girl Models always bless the food they eat & are careful not to eat bad foods--The sort of "Kate Moss" Angel armor/wings, when underwear is enough to protect them, so, a good parenting system guiding those Girl Models then--

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