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China tests army of tiny drone ships that can ‘Shark Swarm’ enemies during sea battles

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China tests army of tiny drone ships that can ‘Shark Swarm’ enemies during sea battles China is developing an army of tiny drone ships, which experts say could be used as a “shark swarm” 4gainst enem1es during sea b4ttles. Tests involving 56 of the unmanned vessels were carried out off the Wanshan Archipelago in the South China Sea last week. DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer Copyright Under Article 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowances are made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comments, news reporting, teaching, scholarships, and research. Fair use is the use permitted by copyright laws that may be violated. Nonprofit, education, or personal use, balance tips for fair use. This video is for entertainment only. No copyright violations are intended. All rights to clips and music belong to their respective owners. To learn more about this, go to https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/
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Text Comments (874)
Josh Skipka (1 month ago)
Fake video
Jed Huang (1 month ago)
fake news.
Tru fact earth (2 months ago)
What if they modify to stealth plus small nuke
liteand fluffy (2 months ago)
Extremely concerning for U.S & other countries that China has developed so far, so quickly in the field of military drones! Where is the western equivalent!?
Michel Platteeuw (2 months ago)
There were at least 50 of them at Unmanned Warrior?
Rapitor F22 (3 months ago)
miss Ur videos come back soon
MILITARY NEWS 97 (3 months ago)
Thank you, may Allah repay you for kindness
Rapitor F22 (3 months ago)
MILITARY NEWS 97 ..Ur videos are always full of information .....and I hope u ll come back inshaallah soon..... Little sister
MILITARY NEWS 97 (3 months ago)
Thank you for your attention bro, as soon as possible I will always be updated
Arunava Manna (3 months ago)
Chinese Toy 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Z (4 months ago)
Chinese Communist Party propaganda. This whole channel is fake news about China.
Strong69 Saturnobserver (5 months ago)
Jaja 😆 china test new drone shark china test new warplanes china test new ships china test new tanks bla bla bla bla bla bla what else is fake
Johnny Jang (5 months ago)
Love the arrogant comments. The US have not won a war since WW2 and we are bankrupted by our military spending. We are the paper tiger. A bankrupted empire.
John Reilly (5 months ago)
Cool toy boats 🚣‍♀️
Thomas Hom (5 months ago)
A fortilla of Chinese drones! It is like a Mongol phalanx attacking it’s enemy. Don’t claim the Chinese stole this from the USA, which it doesn’t even have.
Mountain Biker 256 (5 months ago)
There just oversized sperm...
Moon (6 months ago)
Good news...
Stolen technologies. US have these year's ago. But 🇺🇸 has a different idea 💡. Chinknese Pirates ☠️ Navy you days are numbered 😂 🇺🇸 🇨🇺 😂 😂 😂
Mike 72 (6 months ago)
Mike 72 (6 months ago)
Fried Chicken Now (6 months ago)
Tiny ship like tiny Chinese, so cute.
poshboy1618able (6 months ago)
BRAVO CHINA !!!!? 中國萬歲 !!!!
chung teckchye (6 months ago)
China should consider air throw drone ships or submarines to strategically sea cordons their enemies.
Jj Chen (6 months ago)
This is pretty nice. And then you have the actual navy. Chinese tanks, aircrafts, warships, naval assets and nuclear weapons below. It would take forever for america to catch up. China navy stretchs into California and has bases there. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6i0kca https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WunbxfuIbQ8&feature=youtu.be https://vimeo.com/305366963 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pxb4dVH0eHo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep3IHxHCWyY
Longam Tomba (6 months ago)
It's funny when any new china technology was developed US 😯😥are like china stole from US 😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅..
DesertLegend FoX (8 months ago)
Drone technology is becoming more and more an opportunistic war craft materials and china developing such devices for military use is truly giving an advantage for other several assymetric tactics such as espionage.
Raymund Benedict Ponce (9 months ago)
Give me an EMP
Upas Peter (10 months ago)
Wasiting money loose money on the smallest drones
Sutello (11 months ago)
WoW my 🇨🇳 💪💪💪
Mao Lin (11 months ago)
Hello all China haters, so this time who is China copying from?
lue lunsford (11 months ago)
To bad they can't put this to good use and clean up the fucken oceans, stead they gotta make it worse.
Christopher Jacobs (11 months ago)
China loves the cock
FlipMode (11 months ago)
Yea say hello to the rail gun aimed at your entire nation from space.
Efrem Efrem (11 months ago)
Uh anyone heard of EMP?
Ron Koestlinger (11 months ago)
Military drones that are a threat to first world powers? China needs to first solve the air pollution problem in it's cities. city dwellers walking around with surgical masks to keep from choking to death is a far more pressing issue.
Don Ismyname (11 months ago)
Get yours from Bangood before they are all sold out.Never get crowded out of a mooring again.
Sebastian Douse (11 months ago)
US tested something similar in 2017 https://youtu.be/ndFKUKHfuM0 though with air drones. Kind of scary with the noise that make as well since there is so many of them.
slam clown (11 months ago)
turkey shoot
Xolani Mabeshwana (11 months ago)
We need to train electric eels to shock and jam these sperms !
Xolani Mabeshwana (11 months ago)
They look like sperms and the water looks like semen.They should be called "Spermodrones".
90X Vision (11 months ago)
Not that impressive
D Jones (11 months ago)
And this has only the United States navy trembling .
Unhappy Customer (11 months ago)
Bunch of CGI. They don't exist.
Bruce Baxter (11 months ago)
Quantity has a quality all of its own. Remember the end product will be more like a jet Ski with a torpedo warhead. Assume an air drop and high impact speed on the water and late opening chute. Assume very long standby time and a couple of hundred clicks range. They would act more like an active minefield than a torpedo.
Excellent content! Thanks for sharing... Just subscribed!
J J (11 months ago)
First, it's only an idea, because China doesn't know how to make anything (they steal it and rarely able to deploy such ideas as originally intended), and second, take out mother ship, else disrupt it's communications... third, it's just a bad concept... Swarms of small torpedoes are too slow and be out ran, and any swarm of attack boats can be taken out with simple counter measures from deploying fake ships with the SRBOC systems to TORCH infrared decoys, from Anti-submarine mortars / grenades (extremely effective) to Phalanx, and many many other types of systems readily available that would make swarms worthless.
John Fry (11 months ago)
will be useless in rough seas, kinda doubting this is real anyway
Sammy Spaniel (11 months ago)
I have a funny feeling the U.S has a few drone secrets themselves.
Diddy Doodat (11 months ago)
More like killer whale swarm. Sharks don't work together
Marky Mark (11 months ago)
America developed drones to eat these boat drones
J S (11 months ago)
gee, I imagine a simple radio jamming freq. would disable these toys.
DLWELD (11 months ago)
Yeah get 500 or so with the added capability to quickly submerge - not sure how you would stop them
Dire Wolf (11 months ago)
I wonder where they got the money ? Enslaving most of the population ?
MoZz (11 months ago)
ahhh fuck off with the text to speech bullshit
Poes Law (11 months ago)
I'd be scared but it's 'made in china' I'm more scared of how toxic it will be than it actually working.
Juice World (11 months ago)
Ok nice job ...but US has micro sky drones that will tear a human to shreads lmao good luck matching those things to those micro razors lmao
Mitch (11 months ago)
Not even scary. Wait till they hit a 4 foot wave. Or a airburst MOAB. LOL They'd be hell in my bathtub tho.
FullFledged2010 (11 months ago)
Just jam the shit out of them.. Problem solved..
Nomasratas (11 months ago)
Don't worry are made in china..
Boris Kljaic (11 months ago)
i can already imagine a mini sub carrier of these small buggers getting close unnoticed and then releasing a bunch on a ship
scubaspears (11 months ago)
this is a really dum phuk idea lol. did a child come up with this?
Gear5 ZYF (11 months ago)
what if china launch 10000 drones flying around US carrier? how can u shoot them all?
Devastate (11 months ago)
Looks fake
will Grello (11 months ago)
The USA has lazers.....
S. Carter (11 months ago)
this shit is fake thumbs down
David Wilson (11 months ago)
you put tomahawk missiles on those drones. And the u. s. is in some trouble. the u. s. is worried about North Korea having tomahawk missiles on their submarines. I'm more worried about somebody creating a drones that fly in the air that could devastate America and multiple ways.
phillip kalaveras (11 months ago)
I've said it before... I hope our fleet has some sort of a directed EMP weapon because swarming is exactly how our enemies will be coming at us and there is just no way to fight that in a conventional manner.
Vance Mac donald (11 months ago)
Wouldn't an emp zap render these useless
Dennis Del Rosario (11 months ago)
William Soots (11 months ago)
Vincentus Kivits (11 months ago)
China, dream all you like! I admire your inventiveness but you have no chance against real seafare warfare experience! You are possessed with warefare to justify the intimidation of your South China Sea Neighbours! Why can't you simply get along? Yeah, Greed; and for whom? The minority leading Communist Party? To feed the egoes of the prevalent small ruling few??? You're making humanity even sicker!!!
Vincentus Kivits (11 months ago)
They'd just bounce off the twin hulls of an aircraft carrier! Also, the wake that the big ship would leave, would be too much for these pesky little unmanned sea drones!!!
Shahzeboy 1 (11 months ago)
Think about it tho, if they are fitted with a bomb in the middle and 60 of them rush towards a ship, how many can that ship destroy before at least one of them hits the hull of the ship??
mahnamahnadodoobedodo (11 months ago)
Made in China. Probably not work and sink.
Barney Rubble (11 months ago)
Unless these are hidden from radar they are useless goalkeepers and missiles will wipe em out
Johnathan Pike (11 months ago)
They should fight pollution
Ghost Blade (11 months ago)
Most these idiots know nothing about weapons technologies. This is actually a really smart idea and can easily overswarm any enemy ship the bigger the better. All those boats being picked up by the the radars at first they won't know what the hell is going on they could also sneak in some Torpedos or other destroyers and they won't see it in the radar as theres so many othet dots making extreme maneuvers around the aircraft carrier.
Master Life and Love (11 months ago)
What if sharks eat them all? Make killer whale robots? Make a movie of it
thefirefox819222 (11 months ago)
Go China Go.
Mussolini's Head (11 months ago)
Looks like cgi to me.
Hank Hill (11 months ago)
Ok ok I c u china
Engineer Cat (11 months ago)
That's fake. complete propaganda video.
107 107 (11 months ago)
107 107 (11 months ago)
Haha i already have the solution to those drones
Alabaster (11 months ago)
All America need is to grab an old Depth charge.
DataStorm (11 months ago)
On the mothership, there is an old 50 slot USB panel, formerly used for bitcoin mining, but now used to recharge the drones with the included USB plug, like on my RC fishing boat, which kicks ass. Im going to put rebel flag stickers on it and jump ramps in the south china sea, like dukes of hazard.   Im sure I can find a Chinese to play boss hogg and Cletus and enos, and chase me around.
Alexander Teodoro Martins (11 months ago)
Stop using that stupid voice. Instant thumbs down.
Lunamaria (11 months ago)
Ok that aircraft carrier formation was a direct shot at America.... It wasn't even implied lol.. It could not have been more direct
Individual One (11 months ago)
This is a problem!😨
tr4nc3f0rm3r (11 months ago)
Spend great money on drone ships. Save money on the camera to film them.
Clinton Inc (11 months ago)
An EMP bomb will prove useful to this shit
PAOLO RICCI (11 months ago)
gatling gun GAU8 based PHALANX 20mm or Goalkeeper 30mm and related are. 3000 to 5000 rpm... about 2000 in turret magazine and total capacity 12,000 rounds on ship....it takes just a couple of bursts to run out of ammo if you have to handle a couple of dozens of targets approaching at 60knts.... for threats like those you just cannot use a weapon where maybe 1 in 5 rounds will hit the target....what you need is a kill ratio of 90% and THAT you can only get with missiles or large caliber cannons....
Gcal1956 (11 months ago)
They are made in China? I’m sure they will break the first mile out.
DEEDAY0699 (11 months ago)
Whoopi doo.. Cast a net out like a large casting net and their you go.. Captured them all...there's always a defense for everything..
Fearless 777 (11 months ago)
U.S.A has way more experience than china, when is the last time china has been in a war? what makes anyone think china could use what it has effectively? The US has gone to war with what was the most powerful nation in the world (nazi germany) at the time and we defeated them, russia and all of europa was about to be wiped out and turned nazi german if it wasnt for the US that came over there and kicked ass, war with china would be mainly a naval war and air force, something no one alse can match the US with. Ps. We might of looked weak and stupid with worthless obama and all of you might have taken advantage of us being too nice, but now are not taking sh*t from anyone, dont mess with our allies in Asia, we are not playing around.
Johnny Luken (11 months ago)
Future wars will be fought with lots of tiny robots. The lack of immediate threat to human life will ensure insidious descent into war between bigger countries and nuclear deterrent will be bypassed. The country with all its bots destroyed would likely be rendered defenseless and forced to unconditionally surrender.
Alex Watts (11 months ago)
Nothing a Vulcan cannon or a us navy laser weapon cant fix
Chad Thunderfist (11 months ago)
Some of the tech our traitorous arms dealers sold to chinese spies im sure
Mario Mansilla (11 months ago)
No worries... Made in China.
98 SHS (11 months ago)
Looks like some CGI bullshit.
manny j (11 months ago)
Genarel Betrayus (11 months ago)
so what your saying is china has a cgi boat fleet. oh no computer animation so scary.. get the fuck out of here with this shit
shagadelic3000 (11 months ago)
China is the only country trying to help Africa develop it's economy. All the comments here are against China and It's claim over the SCS but in the eyes of Africans, the Chinese are heaven-sent.
MediumRare (11 months ago)
WW3 will be fought like Starcraft vs League of Legends. Whoever automates first wins.

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