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Dating | Rudy Mancuso & Lilly Singh

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Text Comments (8054)
Rudy Mancuso (2 years ago)
Noel Brockway (7 days ago)
I love you rudy
YY Saseta (1 month ago)
Rudy Mancuso When A Muslim and Catholic families meet😂
rocky singh (2 months ago)
Rudy we Indians especially punjabis we don’t eat beef 😅.... butter chicken is bestttt ❤️
The Gacha Sisters (2 months ago)
your a legend if you’re reading this
Una Bråten (3 months ago)
Jcob 12 (5 hours ago)
The Whole Problem Started With Rudy's Dad lmfao
Shoharta Reaz (10 hours ago)
Rudy, look man! I love you so much, but in that video, what you say about that womens style, is not really good.. :) I know you are a nice youtuber, and also a good man, but you gotta watch you say about anyone’s religious style.. I love you brother
Michael Jackson (16 hours ago)
Dont joke with moslems
aisha elsaka (19 hours ago)
Who else heard Rudy say let’s have feet at 2:12
ritwik singh (22 hours ago)
Chutiya bc
I am jesus (1 day ago)
i hate her soooo much.
Priscila Hernandez (2 days ago)
Rudy does look a lot like his mom there 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Female Natsu (4 days ago)
I love Rudy and as the mom! 😂
It me twin2 TWIN (4 days ago)
I'm Latino oh I love carne Asada
SliverOf Derp (4 days ago)
Is it weird that Lily looks good as a dude and Rudy looks good as a girl?
Scarlet Eye (4 days ago)
Simeon Bogue (4 days ago)
Simeon Bogue (4 days ago)
Shumi Barua (5 days ago)
I am Bangladeshi and my parents r exactly like lily s parents
JakulaithWolff (5 days ago)
If nan (no one) wants the food give them all to me :/
JakulaithWolff (5 days ago)
0:19 He's drinking wine and she's drinking that thing Adam poured in the I'm Broke video lol
dawood2019 219 (5 days ago)
The girl Is from India and I am from Pakistan great video love you
Roni Nouraldeen (5 days ago)
1:59 ask google google say this is the best
Beatrix Mamí (5 days ago)
I clicked the like button at 0:07 out of habit...
Michelle Murillo (5 days ago)
Omg I loove this video 🤣🤣
Is it just me or one of Rudy’s mom boobs is bigger than the other
IM ALWAYS HUNGRY (6 days ago)
No whenever I hear Nan I think I don't want Nan 😂😂
Nitn Kumar (6 days ago)
Im Form India
Noel Brockway (7 days ago)
Hi there I hope you had fun
Why u bully me (7 days ago)
you can see the balloon in rudy s chest hahahah on 00:2
Una Luke (7 days ago)
Guess how many people are acted in this video?
Alayna Nguyen (7 days ago)
Omg guys chicken curry is the best with bread TRYYYY ITTT
ester Flores (7 days ago)
He got me on “so you guys enjoy working at 7 eleven?” So true
Gregs has a Dyl (7 days ago)
Them talking at the same time:I hate carpets u have small carpet I have full beard let them wear carpets they are weird people
Ash_ 88 (7 days ago)
Bloody head ?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤯
Peaches ! (7 days ago)
Carne Acada is FUCKING AMAZING I love eating it with my family omggg
s Lau (7 days ago)
0:44 carpet right here on u😂
Kaitlyn Hann (7 days ago)
You know why they call it nun,bc I dont want none😅🤣😂😅🤣😂
iii PeachyBee (8 days ago)
Chelsea González (8 days ago)
No one cares about kriquet 😂😂😂
Kartik Sharma (8 days ago)
i am from India and i hate cricket i love soccer
Kath Dativo (8 days ago)
Why don't you clean my bloody house 😂
Big king31 (8 days ago)
First marriage than love than i f*cked your mom last night
BryanEliteBoy (9 days ago)
Chicken curry is amazing
Andrew Phil (10 days ago)
I like both of her haircuts
Ammie Rex (11 days ago)
Wtf is it catfood
Aaya Mustafa (14 days ago)
You know why they call it nun, bc I dont want nun🤣🤣🤣 I love both of you❤
Blue winter snow (17 days ago)
"You know why it's called naan?" "Cus I don't want naan" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *awkward silence* "So, do you enjoy working at 7 eleven" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OMG!!!😂😂😂😂 I'M DYING!! Good job Rudy!👍
Eli Galvan (17 days ago)
So you guys like working at 7 11😂😂😂
Tripledub Z (17 days ago)
Jamaica is cricket
Blue winter snow (17 days ago)
Yea, it is👍
Tripledub Z (17 days ago)
Curry chicken
IRON SHadowy (19 days ago)
I love nan
Maluma Baby (19 days ago)
BlueSharkboy 21 (22 days ago)
The only thing agree with Rudy’s parents is soccer I agree with Lilly’s parents bc we have same religion
Minecarftgeek12 (23 days ago)
I’m half Turkish half English. Such a good vid thou!
ReVeLaTiOn Øg (23 days ago)
0:13 killed me with u as a mom
Nasiim Mohomed (24 days ago)
Bread and Cat food!😂😂😂😂 2019? anyone😂😂😂💗
Mariam Khan (25 days ago)
“You know why they call it Naan, Cuz I don’t want naan”
Jac Philo (26 days ago)
"we had Shakira" 😂🤣
Hannah Smith (27 days ago)
I love how in 1:54 Rudy and lily are both sipping their wine cos they’re trying not to laugh 😂
Ihana Kaunotar (28 days ago)
This is hilarious
Oh Yeah Yeah (28 days ago)
2:52 the one thing I agreed with from the caucasian mom and dad 😂🤘⚽️
OLD Gamer (28 days ago)
Nice are they from pakistan
BiLawaL GuLfaam (29 days ago)
I'm PakistaNi. I CaN ReLate This
Slimegirl 123 Slime (29 days ago)
You know why they a nan because I don’t want nan 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹
Itz Lucy Gaming (1 month ago)
Can they start to eat.....? The food looks delicious 😋😂😂😂
Allen Lee (1 month ago)
Parents only agree on love XD
Diego (1 month ago)
1:47 Mr.Singh: Its a naan Mr.Mancuso: do you know why they call it naan ? Because I dont want naan 😂😂😂
Rulena Carter (1 month ago)
I love you is that your girlfriend yes or no
Zombie_Allies 845 (1 month ago)
Pasteles de platanos jos de puta 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
Lilly Dovan (1 month ago)
My name is Lilly
my editzz (1 month ago)
Sucker ?😂😂🤣😂😂🤣
Con Heated (1 month ago)
Non because they don't want non
Edlina Joses (1 month ago)
Wait this is not about this video it's about your puppet that you said it could talk could it actually talk Rudy🤔
Aishwariyah Arun (1 month ago)
We should break up
Rosa Cardenas (1 month ago)
I love your video's Rudy 🙂😍
Arnon Pangan (1 month ago)
God...... Rudy makes racism fun
Zachary Teh Rui Ming (1 month ago)
Great. Now we got bread and cat food.🤣🤣🤣
Klara Stopar (1 month ago)
*im not going to DiScRiMInAtE*
LincolnVlogs (1 month ago)
“How bout chu clean my bloody house”😂😂
Jesko Parra (1 month ago)
🎅🔺.🌬📇. 📲🏎.
Broken End3r (1 month ago)
"So you guys enjoy working at 7/11?" Weak lmao 😂
Ostoja Stojanovic (1 month ago)
Cuz they don't want nan omfg
Samiee (1 month ago)
Far out so even in america these curry fucks work at 711 and service stations i thought it was just australia 😂😂😂 fuck sake these cunt are taking over the world
Stephan Mbala (1 month ago)
David Warmbrunn (1 month ago)
Don't you dare insult cricket!!!!!
Aliyah Baby Alive (1 month ago)
Chris Calkins (1 month ago)
I actually love cadneassatha hahaha I don't know how to spell it😋😝
Salty (1 month ago)
Rudy’s dad: Carpet blanket looks like my dining room
RandomTwiggster (1 month ago)
*"you guys enjoy working at 711?"* *"why don't you clean my bloody house?"* lmao 😂😂😂😂
Glitch Ryzi (1 month ago)
1:08 Listen to Rudy
Asma Erar (1 month ago)
Omg that’s Lilly singh
Tony Benny (1 month ago)
1:51 lilly laughed omg !!
Quiana Williams (1 month ago)
I don’t like that he’s every character but it funny at the same time
gAy fuck (1 month ago)
this is lowkey racist
Fe4r Beast (1 month ago)
Nikola Nikolesic (1 month ago)
Racism: Ah shit, here we go again
Clash TV (1 month ago)
Rica la carne asada
Apple Technics (1 month ago)
We want one more collab❤️
Nouman Ahmad (1 month ago)
I wish there was a laugh button instead of like button in youtube...man it was hilarious...😂😂😂😂
Ruby’s mom 😂
CLASH MASTER (1 month ago)
I am half Indian and half Indian WTF!!!!!!
Mondler forever (1 month ago)
We DoNt BeEf. We GoOd PeOpLe. We Go To HeAvEn. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
archer studios (1 month ago)
Hahahaha I don’t want nan
Ru Tha (1 month ago)

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