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Icaros magical songs during Ayahuasca Ceremony

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We are a clinic of traditional medicine offering an intense healing ayahuasca retreat in which our guests have the opportunity to voyage into self-discovery and spiritual awakening. We show people what the benefits of ayahuasca healing are and how we can show you how to share new experiences and have a fun visit to cusco peru
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veddie knows when (1 month ago)
This is quite cool to see this happening. What a blessing.
Suomi Prkl (1 month ago)
so beautiful song...i wish i one day will meet her
Tito Perez (1 month ago)
The white man and the catholic church tried to kill our culture and burn our books, erasing or knowledge. It makes me so happy realizing they couldn't fully make it.
Ruth Mccambridge (27 days ago)
IberianRainbow the Indians were dead before vaccinations were even invented.
Tito Perez (1 month ago)
​@IberianRainbow Its not me in the picture.. I'm hispanic part native / european and i'm not a racist. Yes i know tons died of different disease.. But sickness didn't burn books, melted down gold artifacts, enslaved or forced other religions and customs on people. The fact is there was really a mission by the catholic church to ruin all of their old religions and knowledge. And they succeeded to do a pretty effective job at it. It's so sad. I love history so its a shame so much was destroyed that we will never be able to regain.
IberianRainbow (1 month ago)
you are wither than me despite I am European and you seam to be born in South America. CAtholic church is a disgrace but most indians died by germs which in Europe people were inmunized (despite having died for thousands along the centuries) as they breed when human and animals share farming facilities.
mick3y mast9rs (3 months ago)
Am I tripping or did he just manifest out of nowhere right in the beginning of the video?
Jonathan Carpenter (25 days ago)
Yeah I seen that too......I don't think this is fake.....
Ashley N (2 months ago)
mick3y mast9rs hahaha !!!
MomentsGap (3 months ago)
What is the name of the first curandero that sings?
Boynayel Mota (3 months ago)
Un fuerte abrazo a nuestro hermano desde el Karibe Taíno de Kiskeya ! Jan Jan Katu .
Suemey Koc Barinotto (3 months ago)
Maestro Pablo Flores, mil gracias por la sanación, la ayahuasca fue la medicina Q entró a mi cuerpo a curar, me siento muy agradecida y feliz, como si me hubiera tenido Q sacar un peso de encima. Vuelva pronto!
Sounds Goodnight Buffett (4 months ago)
Most beautiful shaman ive ever seen
John Everest (4 months ago)
Is there a dubstep remix?
Basis of Reality (6 months ago)
Juan Pablo Gallardo Caro (6 months ago)
Lacy Gorman (9 months ago)
Anyone interested in training to work with a Mesa and Shamanic Tribal Healing, should do so. I trained with the Inca. As a Celtic Legacy HPS, the healing practices are the same, regardless of what Tradition you come from, but cross training is vital if you're working in the area of trauma recovery. All of the various Traditions are working together as ONE. The only way to Save the World is to engage and Heal everyone on it. The Elders are clearing the way for the Indigo Kids. It must be done, because the Crystal children are coming into the world. They have no defenses against the heavy dark, dirty Energy of the Definition of Insanity, which has pervaded the Earth for 2000 years. PURE SCIENCE, in the oldest forms on the planet. Cleaning up the Dead Pool wakes up the Zombies. Love, Lacy🌹💀💦
Lacy Gorman (9 months ago)
Hi there! Welcome to Magdalyne's Blyss Holistic Healing Center Global Network. We need all of the Shamanic Legacies that we can get. Thank you. My Mesa is wide awake and singing as well. SAVE THE WORLD BALLS OUT ALL OR NOTHING. 🌐🗺️🌍🌏🌎⛰️🗻🏔️🙋🌹. Love, Lacy ❄️☃️⛄️☄️⚡️🔥💧🌊PS: I am editing my thesis's into mundane language. "Breaking Something Beautiful". Open Source. Via Music. 336 mH HEALS Sorrow and Grief. My playlists have Elder Scrolls and training in them. Comments based on what people send me, are how I decided to make my edits. That way people who might not ordinarily have access to the Traditions have them. Opening the Sacred Libraries is the best solution to connecting each Legacy into one. Thank YOU!🌐🗺️🌍🌏🌎⛰️🗻🏔️🙋🌊
Robin Joyce (9 months ago)
I took part in a 2 week retreat with www.ayahuashcafoundation.org 6 ayahuasca ceremonies, total body detox with other plant medicines also. Was amazingly safe, healing and transformational. Our Maestro sang these songs of course. This video took me back, the only thing missing was the jungle sounds. So grateful to hear this. Thank you!
Steve Mack Productions (3 months ago)
This sounds more like an advertisement
:D (9 months ago)
you're forced to listen to some annoying fuck chanting some horrific alien noises while you're tripping fucking balls, not knowing what the noises are and how they are affecting your state of mind. It would make anyone go fucking mad. No wonder people have a horrific experience, you can't even think beyond all the fucking noise the shamans are making. How do you not realize how disruptive and horrific it would be influenced by these annoying ass fucking noises in a mental state where you don't even realize it is influencing you? The sounds they make are EVERYTHING in the ceremony. The sounds they make control how everyone feels, and everyone is tripping too fucking hard to realize it or even speak. I imagine everyone is truly thinking "shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!" but they don't even have the words, nor the consciousness to realize what is even happening and how these chants are sending them into the depths of fucking hell. You're at the complete mercy of the shamans to influence you with their creepy alien chants. Why not play some peaceful relaxing music, or just silence? Why would anyone want to trip fucking balls and listen to that shit nonstop? I can only imagine how horribly that demonic chanting influences the minds of the people in the ceremony. Enjoy desperately searching to find a place of peace amongst the repetitive unintelligible noises the shamans wont stop fucking making. My god, FUCK those "shamans." The only bright side is when the shamans eventually shut the fuck up and you're able to escape their control and be truly alone with your thoughts. It's designed to traumatize you at first, and then when the chanting FINALLY stops, you're able to find the light. The chants are like a curse they put on you when you're in that state and you don't even know you're imprisoned by it.. Truly horrific. DMT is cool, having your trip controlled by some lunatic who believes hes a shaman chanting some psychosis inducing chants while you're tripping out of your fucking mind isnt cool at all. Fuck that shit.
Suomi Prkl (10 days ago)
i hope ayahuasca finds u and u will regret u wrote that.... To:D
Steve Mack Productions (3 months ago)
You’ve literally never done Ayahuasca. You sound like a 13 year old. Literally, literally... just grow up.
Raphael Dinus (9 months ago)
wow it instantly sents me back to this unbeliveable healing experience *:*
Sean B (10 months ago)
Not as good as Tupac.
noot rac (10 months ago)
Forgive them, for they not know Forgive them, for they not know Forgive them, they see but can't not see. Forgive them, for they not know Forgive of what they speak Forgive of what they preach Forgive for they are bilnd but they can see Forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive
Amélie Poulet (5 months ago)
@Richard Contreras I hear you my dear friend
Richard Contreras (6 months ago)
stop. you are blind to how much your religion and ignorance has destroyed the world, ESPECIALLY indigenous culture. I think you need to pray for your own forgiveness
Julioshawtylean76 (6 months ago)
Thanks for the translation
ill RandY (6 months ago)
@Kitti Balog to me it sounds like he's praising the highest of creator and his creation
Kitti Balog (7 months ago)
Are you serious that this is what he sings about? Just a question, not an attack :) what language is be singing at?
Cr Br (1 year ago)
Grandioso. Gracias Gracias Gracias
Nora Halli (1 year ago)
I cant stop listening to this. It is if it is warming my soul like a fireplace on a cold winters night.. ❤
Casey Mortensen (1 year ago)
These words transform and transport you when in the Icaros, loved hearing and experiencing them. Thank you to Etnikas and the Maestros
Santos Mara (1 year ago)
love love
Larry Hawk (1 year ago)
jHonCiTO Guimaraes (1 year ago)
:) kikin kapo mil respetos
Peaceful Journey (1 year ago)
I just had two ceremonies here, it was an amazing experience. Would highly recommend if you are looking for an Ayahuasca retreat. I felt very safe and comfortable.
dubtechnic (1 year ago)
where can i get that clothing and tapestries??
Cauper Sharaly (1 year ago)
En la selva peruana es mi familia se llaman PABLO FLORES DIAZ Y JAIME FLORES DIAZ
beMORE - travel (1 year ago)
During my life there were so many unique experiences that changed me, opened my eyes and broadened my mind. All of them were impactful and they shaped me into the person I am today. As great as each of them was, they could never be compared with my journey with the Sacred Plant Medicine. Each time I unfold a new layer. Every ceremony I connect to the REAL me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGExULauKaQ
A-O (1 year ago)
Paweł Maj (1 year ago)
best wishes for the maestro that was getting me through the ceremony, was a wonderful experience. Thank you Etnikas
jimmy abner (1 year ago)
Victor (1 year ago)
I watched this sober and it was the same as a ayhuasca trip but without any hallucinations only body feelings realising and intense unpleasant emotions coming up. And after I want to throw up. But maybe it's because I have done ayhuasca before at etnikas and memories getting triggered. ..
Robin Joyce (9 months ago)
I agree Victor. I did ayahuasca at a different Peru retreat, but my belly still responded to listening to this icaros. We recieved a personal disc drive of our ceremonies and those make me feel like this one.
Scott Jones (1 year ago)
What beautiful clothing and environment
Juan Echevarria (1 month ago)
They got it from old navy. Jk
Matt Matt (1 year ago)
Thank you
HardWankinMan (1 year ago)
and then the whole thing totaly fuked up with those plasstic PET bottles seriously? the vessel the central object of the whole thing... the humans are the to be vessels it shows the humans are plastic too... plus its terribly unhealthy to recycle PETs
Eugenia (1 year ago)
The point is, life in the Amazon is very frugal and resourceful. All products have use and re-use. I've been completely amazed at the resuse of some things. Take for example, the plastic sack to hold a handful of oranges at a grocery store, I saw one of them used as a pot scrubber; Much like a Brillo pad. It's amazing
P Bastien (1 year ago)
You drink a few centiliters once upon a time, don't worry, it's not gonna kill you... Plastics are bad for health either at very high acute doses or at low doses for a very long time.
Master... my firts experiencie with you. Thx
Guillermina Seyahian (2 years ago)
Pablo cuánto se llama ese shamán y dónde hace sus ceremonias?
Cauper Sharaly (1 year ago)
pueden contactar en su facebook como Pablo Flores Diaz y Jaime Flores Diaz
Cauper Sharaly (1 year ago)
Hola ! mi papa está ahora en la selva de Peru
Hola Guillermina, puedes conocer a los maestros que ahora hacen sus ceremonias independientemente en: www.ayahuascaretreatperu.org
mog7676 (2 years ago)
which language is this ?
Diane Bingham (2 years ago)
It looks somewhat staged..
allison albin (2 months ago)
Well.... duh, they were recording. These prayers are well practiced.
Simon Phillips (8 months ago)
Diane Bingham its your stage. Act
Bro Doodman (2 years ago)
Its an icaros...its part of an ayahuasca ceremony. This isn't random stuff happening. This isn't theater. So yeah its staged...just like your life is staged.
M. Morelia Sánchez (2 years ago)
Una gran persona, mi admiración y respeto
Henry Kirsch (5 months ago)
M. Morelia Sánchez mi tambien
CR1545 (2 years ago)
Ronny Larsen (2 years ago)
Someone ,who can translate, what he is singing <3
Jacquie Joseph (2 years ago)
beautiful.. its all I'm listening to lately.. thank you
Gonzalo Barco (2 years ago)
Ed Martin (2 years ago)
Thank you.
Rodrigo Arcanjo (2 years ago)
what name of icaro?
Lara Charlotte (2 years ago)
is this a daytime ceremony?
Nicholas Pearson (2 years ago)
Of course it is preferable to prepare for some days before ayahuasca with a diet of simple foods like yuca and eggs. Better too to drink ayahuasca at night and in the rainforest where the sounds of the forest help the visions.
Mark Carter (2 years ago)
I had a 1-day ayahuasca experience at Etnikas. We were picked up at the hotel in Cusco at 7:30 am and returned around 8:00 pm. The nurse met with us the day before for an interview and a colon cleanse. It was a very intense experience which I have recommended to a few friends. I will go again in a year to two.
vicente bobadilla (2 years ago)
The ceremony usually starts at 8 pm and ends up around 1:30 am. It's all worth it.
R.D. S. (2 years ago)
Thoughts on ayahuasca and cancer?
Attack Helicopter Cat (2 years ago)
ask ayahuasca what they think about your cancer and how you can heal yourself.
maalvap (2 years ago)
Princess Pixie face healing af. There might be much vomit but it's all part of the cleaning process, highly recommend.
Maria Sams (2 years ago)
each tone changed colors and shapes in my journey,what beauty and love....
TheElevatr (2 years ago)
You ever see the back of a twenty dollar bill... on weed? Oh, there's some crazy shit, man. There's a dude in the bushes. Has he got a gun? I dunno! RED TEAM GO, RED TEAM GO.
Attack Helicopter Cat (2 years ago)
have you tried meditating while sober and listening to this while telepathicly calling to Ayahuasca?
Attack Helicopter Cat (2 years ago)
yes, his voice is very intense. good medicine : )
Tlakatzin Aguilar (2 years ago)
ketzal kuikameh iaxka in tlaka pahteka inika in ihyoliztli in tlakameh ipan tlalli , tlazohkamati ue miak ika compartir
Nicholas Pearson (2 years ago)
Please translate the Nahuatl for us.
Sun Cat (2 years ago)
what are the lyrics? and do they have an LP out on vinyl cause this shit is fire
mike (5 months ago)
Wait til you drink Ayahuasca with these shamans. The lyrics will pierce through your soul and awaken all the sins and fears in your body. Then your soul will feel the fire of the cosmic family.
Elijah Gray (11 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHA! Sun Cat you just layed me out with that one. Dude.
rob slover (1 year ago)
dum bot.....
paris walker (1 year ago)
no lp...you must drink
Andres Blea (2 years ago)
very simple platas medicinas - plant medicines the rest you can figure out <3
vicente bobadilla (2 years ago)
Master Pablo is one of the best shamans I have ever encountered in my life. My ayahuasca experience with him at Etnikas has really opened up doors to other dimensions that anyone can possibly get into if one's willing to explore this magical source of healing and learning tool.
Greeting's, How can I get in touch with them?
-TEYSONTI- (3 years ago)
Когда Пика выдумал заглавие фамы
JÄNI (2 years ago)
-TEYSONTI- fuck you
Maria Sams (3 years ago)
this experience changed my life,I will visit Etnikas again .
Prana Sars (4 months ago)
Where did you intake it ? Europe or outside ? And how strong was it ? Did you have a dream or half-dream ?
Kim Runic (3 years ago)
Can't see it bothering the charts
Rochelle Morales (3 years ago)
beautiful though ..thank you
Rochelle Morales (3 years ago)
I'm so curious to know if this man has an ego about his beautiful singing . like if his mates decided to sto helping ..if he would care?... we're all one ,we're all connected? right ? ..my questions suppress me at times . don't wanna blame society. I have full control of my actions through true connection with this soul of mine...
RelampagoDorado (1 year ago)
Rochelle Morales he has an ego if you have ego.. Welcome to the net of indra
Attack Helicopter Cat (2 years ago)
i read much humility in him.
Max Corrington (3 years ago)
Excellent for healing. Thank you. Gracias.
The lenguage is shipibo-conibo, the masters of ayahuasca.
kazuchandayo (1 year ago)
What does nuska nuska mean?
steven harrison (3 years ago)
thank you for your reply boris but could you clarify what you mean by your reply??? I am confused by it.
Nokon BEWA ICARA , means shipibo : my song is the icaro ...
steven harrison (3 years ago)
+Boris Orlando Gálvez LLanten there is no such language as shipibo-conibo though these people use this language which is quechua
Keith Barry (3 years ago)
What language is spoken in this?
Cauper Sharaly (1 year ago)
la cancion es en shipibo conibo mi papa Pablo flores Diaz y mi tio Jaime Flores Diaz estan cantando ikaros de curacion
The Casual APE 66 (1 year ago)
The language is quechua. The native language of the inca.
Attack Helicopter Cat (2 years ago)
you do know. delightful : )
Lara Charlotte (2 years ago)
Eugenia (2 years ago)
the lyrics are taught to masters by plant spirits but I am hearing spoken Spanish

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