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Christy Turlington – from American Girl to Global Supermodel | PORTER Magazine

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Watch PORTER cover star Christy Turlington in some of her earliest film footage as she talks about her break in the industry and how she deals with success. #PORTERMagazine #IncredibleWoman
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Text Comments (52)
tarny11 (1 month ago)
She has class
Kavya Reddy (1 month ago)
Most beautiful model, even Naomi said it herself.
Steve Hugel (1 month ago)
Christy and all the supers were smart, smart women. That isn't said enough - you don't get to the top and stay there without brains.
Maciek Jutrzenka (8 days ago)
it was so many factors tht clicked in. Right photoshot. etc now there is just no way.. there will be big 5 again or even a supermodel.
Becky Sharper (4 months ago)
Good role model.
Anthony West (5 months ago)
Starboy[Da] (5 months ago)
Anybody knows background soundtrack please ?
Indo .Squad (6 months ago)
People back then so elegance. she's indeed beautiful..
Katerina Luna diCamella (6 months ago)
She was my favorite model when I was little. I thought her face was... still is so unique and so attractive even to us woman!!
TheSonicSkier (6 months ago)
What’s the background music?
Goldie Kamau (4 months ago)
Goldie Kamau (5 months ago)
TheSonicSkier the song is Position by Darragh-Superstring Album
Bianca Hotca (7 months ago)
so full of herself
Fuck up bish
Don A (7 months ago)
1:20 looks like cate blanchett on cinderella
Lasha Aten (7 months ago)
Love her!
freemindsloveforever (7 months ago)
Beauty is so subjective....to some the most beautiful woman is Aishwarya Rai others say x y or z. Breathtaking is so multifaceted
PRINSPRAY (4 days ago)
So agree
tvee (8 months ago)
She is THE most beautiful supermodel. Even today, she looks gorgeous. She's 100% natural.
254915796 (8 months ago)
синди кроуфорд смотрится будто дешевка провокатор рядышком с этими 3-мя
OlympicDream19 (8 months ago)
1:19 WOW : O
f u (8 months ago)
Never heard of her
Sean Nessman (8 months ago)
reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore
Tika Nguyen (8 months ago)
Timeless beauty. That FACE. My absolute favorite model of all time.
Jody Jelinski (8 months ago)
luv her
Nikola Mitrovic (11 months ago)
She is beautiful, she is still beautiful, but she has that Audrey Hepburn sensibilty in her physical beauty that is not popular today.
Sonya Anew (5 months ago)
Actually, the Audrey Hepburn look is still popular today. It is just a rare look that very few people have. How many people have swanlike necks and long, gracile limbs like that? Not very many.
Pierre Bouillon (1 year ago)
Christie Turlington: timeless elegance and supreme beauty.
Arabella Ashton (1 year ago)
Who would've known she was Hispanic 😱
Arabella Ashton (5 months ago)
yes, exactly
Tania Mejia (7 months ago)
ForCommentingMusic&Etc. :D♥ there's plenty of white Latino's
Tania Mejia (7 months ago)
ForCommentingMusic&Etc. :D♥ Hispanic or Latino isn't a race. So you can be White, Black, Brown etc and still be Latino.
aye (7 months ago)
She’s white by race but yes
Tania Mejia (8 months ago)
Arabella Ashton half Salvadorean
Tim Goldich (1 year ago)
Christy: All other models combined couldn't equal her!
mylifeisa mess (7 months ago)
You're reaching so hard all the supermodels were amazing and different each one of them has something special like if you're talking about modelling than Gisele alone has the greatest career.. it doesn't work this way. My fave is Linda she was the best in the editorials and had the most artistic print work so?
mylifeisa mess (7 months ago)
Tim Goldich lol!!
Isa Fuck (2 years ago)
Christy,Kate e Gisele... as melhores!! ❤❤
MoonlightBae (3 years ago)
She seems so assertive and strong. So different from Kate Moss, Noami, and most models, even today. They all have attitudes and seems abit bitchy and arrogant. Love Christy. She is THE supermodel. They need to do one on Yaseem.
killinitquinn (2 years ago)
Kat is a goddess
Kittzay (3 years ago)
You can't really compare them, they have such dif. Personalities. Yasmeen definitely deserves one.
RAMIR RAMIR (3 years ago)
omg she's so sexy and so beautiful
Sbutterfly (3 years ago)
Christy,Linda,Cindy,Claudia,Naomi,the prefect supermodels :D wow
aye (7 months ago)
Tyra and Yasmeen as well. No one else imo.
frog (7 months ago)
kate too
Daud Jhon (8 months ago)
Sbutterfly and TYRA
Jeffrey Revell (3 years ago)
My first love..... What a model.... Stunning 💝
Kevin Barton (3 years ago)
Christy Turlington has those beautiful good looking legs. I love that woman so much.
Trent Gillespie (3 years ago)
Mom is from El salvador
Jen H (3 years ago)
Omg at  0:36..I can't even imagine having such a perfect face.
ILIUS (3 years ago)
Great model, can you do a Yasmeen Ghauri video?

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