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Woman lives nine years in forgotten house for free

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A decade ago, Lisa Hardy was working for a real estate company that made her an offer she couldn't refuse. Dean Renyolds reports on how the real estate downturn became her good fortune.
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Text Comments (6864)
The cuzin Squad (7 hours ago)
Milk the cow
Tiffany Tabb (16 hours ago)
Bless her heart ❤️☺️
Ge mar (21 hours ago)
She should have saved $70 a month ( or less than $20 a week) from living rent free she would have had the $7500 to buy the home.
G Diddy (5 days ago)
Just Dumb...you let some one else by you out a place you could have owned for dirt cheap...now you have to pay rent....
Ultraviolet Morgan (6 days ago)
People are acting like she did something wrong and even somebody called her a "welfare freeloader." Please, rich people get free stuff all the time. She didn't do anything wrong. She was never evicted so she didn't leave. She tried to buy the house. She could have fought the sale with squatters rights. She didn't hurt anybody and she didn't do anything wrong. People just mad because they have to pay rent and she didn't. Life's rough like that. Doesn't make her in the wrong that she got something you don't.
cryptoskygreen7 (7 days ago)
The house should be hers if she has lived there that long.
america mcclary (7 days ago)
but she could have saved 7,500.00 in a year
mb r368570 (9 days ago)
Good case of being irresponsible. No different than stealing. Using something and not paying for it. Would you go into a store and if no one was paying attention walk out with a cart full of food. Same with this house no one paying any attention so stays for free, the normal American would never do this. What a terrible example for her children. I'm sure she thinks she did nothing wrong. MORALS she has none, bet she doesn't go to church either and if she does she's just a hypocrite
HomeBuyer (13 days ago)
Yahweh is in charge of His people, the Hebrews. He gives us favor.
JJ (18 days ago)
What happen when the real estate co. went under?. She had to find other work to keep lights/utilities/NEW washer & dryer so I'm guessing she was making money? maybe she wasn't making enough to save I kind of doubt it who knows, she was lucky & in our eyes she should have been saving the $$$$$ just in case someone came knocking & they did fate was on her side.
gary gerard (1 month ago)
happens every day, negros living rent free
Kevin Weaver (1 month ago)
she is a rotten thief
$7500 give me 2
Ms Iam Everythang (1 month ago)
I would be happy to just have 10 months of free rent let along 10 years
June Jones (1 month ago)
This new man isn't on the show anymore..with Gail etc.. sexual charges.
June Jones (1 month ago)
Borrow, beg, no shame keep your house. yes thank God she will be there...
Airik1111 (1 month ago)
Its gonna happen again but worse, why not ...They should move needy families into these homes as long as they can afford the utilities let them stay.
Blak Gal (1 month ago)
Talk about favor !! The Lord's favor!!
andrea simmons (1 month ago)
The video says she did attempt to buy it at $5000, but it kept being kicked off the table, then went up to 7,500, which she couldn't afford. So she did manage to save 5000 to try and buy it
alison webster (2 months ago)
weird and she seems a bit doolally.
Deborah chesser (2 months ago)
$60,000 saved then ?
bruce brickman (2 months ago)
Looks like a tranny
Linda Jackson (2 months ago)
Hi edagdwg God bless her God gave here that time too be there Linda j .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯
Eric Daniel (2 months ago)
Bless her heart😔
My time🤗🙋🙋🙋..but I will buy the house 7,8 9, or 10,000..I'm willing 🙋😊
Amy Humphreys (2 months ago)
doings a systemms checks annds a systemms checks classes thanks shorrties shortys gross signatures
Donald N Tricia (2 months ago)
7,500????? I am living in the wrong state
chess1458 (2 months ago)
Somehow I know this is gonna be whitey's fault
Brandon Viirre (2 months ago)
Figures it was a black welfare mooch.
Darlene Talley (2 months ago)
She didn’t even save anything? Dumb!
Pearl Daniel (2 months ago)
so great what the singapore people do, that was the action of compassionate people, thanks to them . cheers
Toni Owens (2 months ago)
Good! I don't think Blacks should be paying taxes period. Considering their ancestors history in America. I hope alot of Blacks get some free services in America.
Melissa Coley (2 months ago)
I wish I could do that. I have had to work 2 jobs for 9 years and supported myself and others. It boggles my mind that she got away with it. I wish I could have that luxury
Vivian Hinton (2 months ago)
That's sad get it together america!!
MeMe Gray (2 months ago)
12 X just $500 a month = $6,000 ... umm times 9 years is $54,000. You couldn't come up with $7,500? Damn.
iesha Official (2 months ago)
Haters lol how is that a good ending?
R M (2 months ago)
Yeah, I would think she'd have a little something to buy the house with. No mortgage or rent payment for 9 years? You really start to save up when you are living rent or mortgage free.
rochelle123ist (2 months ago)
I wouldn’t agree to an interview and I would never tell anyone!
Bethlehem Eisenhour (2 months ago)
All the people upset by this, need a new heart,, you all jealous, so sad.. Find God. Wasn't your property, what you worried about???
john summers (2 months ago)
Rebekah Wolken (2 months ago)
Why are companies in Singapore buying houses in Random City, USA?
justsue (2 months ago)
SINGAPORE OF ALL [email protected]@ Dumb as comment. Smart Singaporean buying up land one by one. Stupid woman cannot save such a small amount to buy security for her future. Americans will be first to moan as your country will be own by Asian one block at a time.
Natasha Trendell (3 months ago)
Wait, why are foreign companies allowed to buy residential housing? No wonder our country is on a downward spiral, this causes the loss of a sense of community.
Nesanet Lehulum (3 months ago)
Folks, don't be opinionated, we do not know the whole story, as to why she was not able to pay the 7500.
dotunn (3 months ago)
Lol at the presenters, you can see Gayle about to rain curses on that woman for not saving all this while, but they just keep it in check and act like it’s all cool. 😆
Stanley Nolly (2 months ago)
Your Point Is???? I thought so.
Linda Lopez (3 months ago)
They should if sold the house to her along time ago when she was able to afford it but they cept pulling it until she couldn't the was there idea they could have helped her now after 9 years gona pay rent BS they just can't see good people owen anything.
lo d (3 months ago)
No rent for years u should have been able to pay 7500 for a house
Mr. Balloffur (3 months ago)
Uneducated is uneducated. I can see getting a free ride, that wasn't her fault, but to not better yourself is ridiculous.
Shadae Williams (3 months ago)
Lucky lady
Darin Roberts (3 months ago)
Im agree with nikkel s Its a lot empty houses.. I think.. Lover the housepayments.. People can afford to eat out.. Go dance.. Just live their life... World will be much hapier...
Helen Boula (3 months ago)
She's taking care of the place why make her and child leave.
Niamh (3 months ago)
So happy for her! everyone else should be too! she deserves it!
Anon73618 (3 months ago)
I would've done the same thing. But at the same time saved up some money, as you could be thrown out any minute. 7500 is dirt cheap. Children or not, that's nothing. She probably didn't care to work thinking she could live there forever or blew it all on useless stuff..
Jill HHB (3 months ago)
What?? oh media people how is this a good deal for her?? Depends on rent! Question if she CANNOT buy it at 7,500--how is she gonna pay rent?! goodness
Tierra Phillips (3 months ago)
why yall so mad lol
Makeda (3 months ago)
Don't hate, knowing good and well you would most likely do the something similar if given the circumstance, sheesh who TF really wants to pay rent man?! It's okay to be more for the people and less for society all the time, but hey that's my opinion. 🤔🙏🏾😊🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️
YAMIR BROOKS (3 months ago)
Smart investments from the Singapore company, what about if they don't find anybody to rent it later after kicking her out 🤔💁🏿‍♂️
jak (3 months ago)
Didn't have 7500. Wow
C G (3 months ago)
So, the good ending is *no more free rent* for the poor family? Seems like the good part is over.
Keeemone Knight (3 months ago)
So wat it was a company deal yall make i seem she just broke in and started living there
K (4 months ago)
Lady stop. You thought you were supposed to stay there for free?
Emmet 2018 (4 months ago)
The stupidity is unreal🤦
PressCtrlA (4 months ago)
Each time she tried to buy the house at the auction block it was pulled off the block for "no apparent reason". I'd like to know why this was done.
Yvette K (4 months ago)
Some things just in your favor meant to be
Lambo Bloodett (4 months ago)
they should've just gave her the house
Jane Smith (4 months ago)
How sexy this story was
Your Typical Bama Fan (4 months ago)
9 years rent free and she couldn't save 7500?
Kool Breeze (4 months ago)
So what! I'd rather see a citizen....or vet living there for free. Nothing for illegals!!
mixedandnot (4 months ago)
She did nothing wrong. It was the company's fault, but I would save as much as possible just for a safe nest.
shar perry (4 months ago)
this is craz7
shar perry (4 months ago)
ultimate hustler
monstaro19 (4 months ago)
Yeah that's silly 7500 i wouldve got that place
monstaro19 (4 months ago)
Shouldve just put an injunction or lien against the house
Tawhid Choudhury (4 months ago)
He is very gabol
GREAT expectations (4 months ago)
Awesome story. How you can't Save only 7,500. That gets me!
IT IS WHAT IT IS (4 months ago)
Elizabeth Williamson (4 months ago)
Let's do the math shall we. 9 years free, 12×9=54,000. Good deal! But, they needs to bill her for taxes not paid. Her kids went to school for free. How is that fair for her neighbors.
Marie Just Marie (4 months ago)
So, the title was misleading. Lol!
dboy seattle fox (4 months ago)
lucky free
sky 1877 (4 months ago)
she's just. Sorry her free train ride came to an end ..... Pay up or get out.... Free loaders
RadiøactiveRahSNG (4 months ago)
Shoot no rent for a house??? I would’ve had 7500 in bout 10 months to buy that joint with no rent LOL she not prioritizing her money right if she couldn’t buy a house that cheap
LaQuinta Scott-Favors (4 months ago)
Y’all are so JUDGEMENTAL!! Worry about y’all self!
angelica b (4 months ago)
That ran down house. It Shouldve been free to whoever wants to live there.
Paul Denet (4 months ago)
I'm glad she was able to raise her family and stay there. I wish her and hers the best!
Jason Heilinger (4 months ago)
Nice mustache
tt (4 months ago)
$7,500. Was to much? Seventy five hundred dollars? And she didnt jump on that? Geesh
tt (4 months ago)
Awe working for a realtor so she knew the ins and outs
Lmao it's always black ppl
Leanne McGill (4 months ago)
ThaTs BLACK PEOPLE ...ClOsE eNoUgH fOr yA ...FREE RiDe
Cooya Beniyah (4 months ago)
Pale skinned people do it too...
LymonSkye (4 months ago)
Let me get this straight. She had all of those years to at least pay something into a savings account as if it where a rent payment so that she could have had enough money to buy the house when it did come up for sale, but she did not do that? That makes me feel a tad bit angry. Foolish decision. Very foolish!
MrSweetfeet99 (4 months ago)
She seems like she’s autistic or something 😂😂😂
Edyta Pawlicki (4 months ago)
What a stupid woman,$7500 Is pennies!!! Not to have that to pay for a house Is despicable
RACHEL (4 months ago)
Asiya Iammuah (4 months ago)
i honestly feel home girl was just coasting, she checked out for a bit. she enjoyed her time there and im happy this didn't end badly for her. i hope she's more responsible next time
Niki HerrerA (4 months ago)
That house was sold with out her knowing it. , really
Ola Lalala (4 months ago)
Wow houses are so cheap in the US. In the Uk, house that size would sell for at least 300,000
minor25 (4 months ago)
dump people never save money when they have the change.
Roy Alvarez (4 months ago)
This time around.. she’ll be out of there soon enough.
Roy Alvarez (4 months ago)
Everyone should live rent free!!
PUGGDAD (4 months ago)
9 years of free rent and no money saved to buy the home for only $7,500

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