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Woman lives nine years in forgotten house for free

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A decade ago, Lisa Hardy was working for a real estate company that made her an offer she couldn't refuse. Dean Renyolds reports on how the real estate downturn became her good fortune.
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Tierra Phillips (3 days ago)
why yall so mad lol
Makeda (6 days ago)
Don't hate, knowing good and well you would most likely do the something similar if given the circumstance, sheesh who TF really wants to pay rent man?! It's okay to be more for the people and less for society all the time, but hey that's my opinion. 🤔🙏🏾😊🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️
YAMIR BROOKS (6 days ago)
Smart investments from the Singapore company, what about if they don't find anybody to rent it later after kicking her out 🤔💁🏿‍♂️
jak (7 days ago)
Didn't have 7500. Wow
C G (9 days ago)
So, the good ending is *no more free rent* for the poor family? Seems like the good part is over.
Keeemone Knight (11 days ago)
So wat it was a company deal yall make i seem she just broke in and started living there
K (16 days ago)
Lady stop. You thought you were supposed to stay there for free?
Emmet 2018 (18 days ago)
The stupidity is unreal🤦
PressCtrlA (20 days ago)
Each time she tried to buy the house at the auction block it was pulled off the block for "no apparent reason". I'd like to know why this was done.
Yvette K (21 days ago)
Some things just in your favor meant to be
Lambo Bloodett (21 days ago)
they should've just gave her the house
Jane Smith (22 days ago)
How sexy this story was
Godking Loks (23 days ago)
9 years rent free and she couldn't save 7500?
Kool Breeze (24 days ago)
So what! I'd rather see a citizen....or vet living there for free. Nothing for illegals!!
mixedandnot (24 days ago)
She did nothing wrong. It was the company's fault, but I would save as much as possible just for a safe nest.
shar perry (24 days ago)
this is craz7
shar perry (24 days ago)
ultimate hustler
monstaro19 (24 days ago)
Yeah that's silly 7500 i wouldve got that place
monstaro19 (24 days ago)
Shouldve just put an injunction or lien against the house
Tawhid Choudhury (24 days ago)
He is very gabol
Precious Tyme (25 days ago)
Awesome story. How you can't Save only 7,500. That gets me!
IT IS WHAT IT IS (26 days ago)
Elizabeth Williamson (26 days ago)
Let's do the math shall we. 9 years free, 12×9=54,000. Good deal! But, they needs to bill her for taxes not paid. Her kids went to school for free. How is that fair for her neighbors.
Marie with an E (27 days ago)
So, the title was misleading. Lol!
dboy seattle fox (1 month ago)
lucky free
sky 1877 (1 month ago)
she's just. Sorry her free train ride came to an end ..... Pay up or get out.... Free loaders
RadiøactiveRahSNG (1 month ago)
Shoot no rent for a house??? I would’ve had 7500 in bout 10 months to buy that joint with no rent LOL she not prioritizing her money right if she couldn’t buy a house that cheap
LaQuinta Scott-Favors (1 month ago)
Y’all are so JUDGEMENTAL!! Worry about y’all self!
cooda b (1 month ago)
That ran down house. It Shouldve been free to whoever wants to live there.
Paul Denet (1 month ago)
I'm glad she was able to raise her family and stay there. I wish her and hers the best!
Jason Heilinger (1 month ago)
Nice mustache
tammy g. (1 month ago)
$7,500. Was to much? Seventy five hundred dollars? And she didnt jump on that? Geesh
tammy g. (1 month ago)
Awe working for a realtor so she knew the ins and outs
Lmao it's always black ppl
Leanne McGill (1 month ago)
ThaTs BLACK PEOPLE ...ClOsE eNoUgH fOr yA ...FREE RiDe
Cooya Beniyah (1 month ago)
Pale skinned people do it too...
Bestofthelot (1 month ago)
Let me get this straight. She had all of those years to at least pay something into a savings account as if it where a rent payment so that she could have had enough money to buy the house when it did come up for sale, but she did not do that? That makes me feel a tad bit angry. Foolish decision. Very foolish!
MrSweetfeet99 (1 month ago)
She seems like she’s autistic or something 😂😂😂
Edyta Pawlicki (1 month ago)
What a stupid woman,$7500 Is pennies!!! Not to have that to pay for a house Is despicable
RACHEL (1 month ago)
Asiya Iammuah (1 month ago)
i honestly feel home girl was just coasting, she checked out for a bit. she enjoyed her time there and im happy this didn't end badly for her. i hope she's more responsible next time
Niki HerrerA (1 month ago)
That house was sold with out her knowing it. , really
Ola Lalala (1 month ago)
Wow houses are so cheap in the US. In the Uk, house that size would sell for at least 300,000
minor25 (1 month ago)
dump people never save money when they have the change.
This time around.. she’ll be out of there soon enough.
Everyone should live rent free!!
PUGGDAD (1 month ago)
9 years of free rent and no money saved to buy the home for only $7,500
Sherry Bolden (1 month ago)
She saved up all that money and couldn't fixed the house up better then that? Nor purchased it? What did she spend her money on? This house looks condemned. It's just don't add up? SMH
klaromio (1 month ago)
Man she is a single mother with kids..7500 is alot of money
Alex papanik (1 month ago)
I mean having bought my hause I dont pay rent either not such big of a deal
Genesis X (1 month ago)
How could you not have $7500 saved after living rent free 9yrs?
Ummi Ramli (1 month ago)
Wait . . . I'm a Singaporean living in Singapore. Who or which company in Singapore bought this area ? What year was this video ?
Trisina Taua (1 month ago)
kick her out lol. so whos paying for power and water
Safia Ali (1 month ago)
Now she has to pay back
ZarHakkar (1 month ago)
How much should it cost to live?
Willem654 (1 month ago)
I wish we had such cheap houses over here instead of the 200k ones.
AquaHolicsUK (1 month ago)
Corrupt system out to control humanity. It's about time the public get together and unite in ridding the elite. Jesus and other prophets were right, the money lenders will ruin the world. Bankers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance and government all need hanging. Its about time we took back our world
Juan G (1 month ago)
This is good because this family needed a place to stay. I hope all homeless people starts doing this.
Typical black
Cooya Beniyah (1 month ago)
Pale skinned people have and still does this too. (Not all of them) I'm not that shallow.
Marci Clark (1 month ago)
Maybe, I don't know, isn't this a case of "just because you can doesn't mean you should". What is good about teaching kids to take advantage of a free ride? And no tax payer dollars involved?
Mark Cleveland (1 month ago)
No offence she didn't stack while living there rent free just putting away 300 a month she could have bought it cash then took a loan on the equity and did the repairs and paid that man I'm not the smartest cookie in the jar but when I get a lick I take advantage of it but I rarely do but when I do I come up.
Marco Burdi (1 month ago)
Awesome for her. I was homeless 3 times. She's did awesome and survived
a.c. truth (1 month ago)
Looks like she kept it up and if company say stay there, I say why not!!! She tried to buy it and all..
Sandy Kelsey (1 month ago)
give this woman the damn house. if she wasn't there, the city would come in and mow the house down. this way the woman has a place to live with her daughter. looks like she took very good care of it. of course she couldnt get the roof fixed..if someone helped her, then I feel she could do alittle drywall her herself, like some patch work. If I had money I would by the darn house and give it to her. Im sure their will be lots who dont like my comments of helping this lady.. But ya know what? this just shows the greed that rules this country. my husband always says. Greed if the root of all evil.. people wants money, yet they wouldn't help a person out if they needed money. Look how many greedy people in the city, state, gov. they cake our money but they wont do a thing to help. God Bless...
KI D (1 month ago)
would of been AMAZING to live rent free for 9 yrs. I would of gotten out of debt, saved some money, and worked out my life FOR REAL. could of still did that AND go back to school part time all those yes and paid for it myself! She should of taken an opportunity to upgrade her life.
Kathy DeAtley (1 month ago)
Thats her house. She has been there so long
Janey Monster (1 month ago)
What about squatters rights?
Lisa Clark (1 month ago)
Only in America lol
Dawn Singh (1 month ago)
This is not a good ending... If she bought the house the ending would have been a good one.
Lane Buckler (1 month ago)
Sound Therapy (1 month ago)
good for her. i bought by first property during that time for 26K cash. and im still rent and mortgage free. Glory to God. im waiting for the next bust :)
Wendy A. (1 month ago)
All these homes with all kinds of homeless. Just one more of these gifts the media gives to stick another knife in ya and twist. Great job media now that it's not free and all those homes rotted for 9 yrs, except one of course. And as for her $7,500. And her daughters play room is sad considering rent free living. This must be ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE FAKE STORIES TO TICK OFF THE MASSES. DO THESE INTERNATIONAL BANKER OWNERS AND THEIR MEDIA WANT PEOPLE TO BEAT THEM UP?
P. Brown (1 month ago)
Beautiful story, but the woman does not seem very grateful. Weird.
Piao A (1 month ago)
Wow!!! I Can't believe this woman didn't pay that $7,500 to own a home that has been comforrably living in for years. So now your gonna pay rent??!!! Smdh!!
Michelle W (1 month ago)
$7500 thought she had that😂 That her fault, she should've been banking all the time.
Naomi Motlhasedi (1 month ago)
God is good. Thank you Jesus.
Ms. Dani (1 month ago)
In nine years of paying $0 in rent, you couldn't save $7500 to buy the house?! Tragedy...
free wisdom child (1 month ago)
I wish the forget about my rent just for one year, I’ll have 15,000
cherie hunt (1 month ago)
She's not that bright.
Antwanette Ancrum (1 month ago)
It was the Lord..give honor where it's due...
DRGH DRGH (1 month ago)
We have more houses than homeless people. There is a stat saying there are 5 homes to 1 homeless person. We could put a group of them in a home and keep them off the streets. You know how much we pay the police to deal with homelessness? hospitals for weather related issues. We could make so much money with redoing this old, forgotten homes
Gina Mascetti (1 month ago)
Did she have a job to pay for utilities? Doesn't have $7500.00 after 9 years? Mmmmm.....I smell illegal poopy.
joe smith (1 month ago)
I don’t like how a city has control over homes. Also don’t like we are selling America to the Chinese. But cmon folks what would you do never pay rent. But with 9 years of saving she should have had that money
the right neck neck (1 month ago)
That is what u call finesse gang
Larrt Rawls (1 month ago)
Smart lady ! You go girl ! Wash D C
DuxFeminaFacti (1 month ago)
At least she gets to stay.
Amelia (1 month ago)
The only thing I can say is that was good for the kid that the kid didn't have to live in care or be homeless because the mum didn't save up €70 per month from what would have been €1000 average price rental. But then again, we don't know that mother might be having issues with addiction (and that's where the moneys going). But in any case what kind of example can you set to a kid in this environment? It's not realistic, cause you can't ride through life getting things for free. The house looks like it needs alot of repairs.
Donna Lopez (1 month ago)
All she would have had to save was like 70 dollars a month for the last 9 yrs than she would have had more than enough to pay 7500. Nutts
justin turner (1 month ago)
Now don't go getting white folks in your business now cuz once they in your business they will never leave
Kate42 (1 month ago)
I think this is quite humorous! She is one smart cookie. She just waited and nothing happened so she just rode it out. Why not? They said she could live there lol. She's quite smart.
Fred Tucker (1 month ago)
black women should come together and help the sista out
I don't know (1 month ago)
All these rich blacks in America and not one stepped up. $7500.00 is pocket change to millionaires.
Carolyn Yopp (1 month ago)
crochet pattern
Galileo Feliciano (1 month ago)
That interviewer is the opposite of miracles I feel like. He almost tried to make her feel bad about getting a free gift. Anyways I am happy she created a moment like this and she could teach others how to attract good things like this.
Süpreme Novah (1 month ago)
That moment when you realize your house was built decades ago on land that was stolen from indigenous people. 😞 Pay WHO for WHAT every thirty days? gtfoh
Süpreme Novah (1 month ago)
Nobody CAN own land.
I don't know (1 month ago)
Nothing was stolen from nobody. They did not OWN the land.
preetykeeya88 (1 month ago)
Should have save rent for each month for 10 years could of brought the house smh
Süpreme Novah (1 month ago)
Her boss went to jail for mortgage fraud. Even before they announced that, you could tell by her face: she knows good and dam well she's not the only one living for free.
judy ayson (1 month ago)
She lived in it all those years for free and when it was for sale for only $7,500 why didn't she buy it? She it was too expensive.really? Guess she thought she would get it for free.She should've been putting money back to buy a house because she should've known it wouldn't last forever.She was being greedy.Hope they want high rent and when she dont pay it they evict her
LittleArmyNut (1 month ago)
it's free real estate
v rice (1 month ago)
Working a minimum wage job for 9 years could have paid $7500 for a house! Did she work after boss went to prison? Mcdonalds is ALWAYS hiring.
Raymond Stemmer (1 month ago)
She a crook, no taxes ! No mortgage.

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