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Handmade -- Combs for Professional Hairdressers | Made in Germany

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No top hairdresser would go without them -- combs made by Hercules Sägemann. The Hamburg company produces 3 million each year -- each one manufactured by hand. The fallout from the world financial crisis nearly caused production to grind to a halt, things are now looking up for Hercules Sägeman.Report by Dagmar Zindel.
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ana marsha (1 year ago)
C c (2 years ago)
I would like to know if your company can make a comb I design?  I'm looking for a company to make a comb for me.
Maelstril (2 years ago)
+Christina Crockett if you would like a wooden comb please feel free to contact me, or at my etsy site etsy.com/shop/sevlowwoodcraft I do custom work, wholesale, and manufacturing.
Hair and Whatever (2 years ago)
so cool! great video!
HealthyHairRiddles (5 years ago)
Yep, you are right @ the finger detangle & curl pattern. I wish I could give up the nails...LOL They are so sharp, I accidentally cut my face & scalp while massaging! LOL. It's because I have gel over my real nails & then I file them square so they have sharp points on the sides until they wear down & then I re-file them square LOL! So, I usually wear gloves over my hands to protect my curls. So, the combs are not as sharp as these nails of mine! Nice to know they work well for trimming! :-)
iwasborntobefly (5 years ago)
well, i don't have calluses on my hands and my nails are cut down. i used the combs a couple weeks ago for the first time in about a year - to do a trim. they were fine. i'd rather use these than other combs. finger detangling also has helped to keep the curl definition/integrity in tact too. you are straightening the strand when you comb it.
HealthyHairRiddles (5 years ago)
These combs are amazing! Especially if you are a natural girl! Seamed combs cut your cuticle & leave hair weak & prone to breakage. If you finger detangle your hair, sharp nails & calluses can scrape your cuticles & leave hair prone to breakage. I purchased the combs & did a real time side by side comparison w/ their combs vs regular combs & denman brush. I lost WAY LESS hair w/ their combs. The less hair you lose the longer & healthier your hair can grow! Plz watch my video. I'm VERY satisfied!
HealthyHairRiddles (5 years ago)
I cut back on combs too becuz hair loss. I had a routine of Pre-Poo with conditioner & castor oil. Finger Detangle lightly. Go under dryer 15 min. Then, gently detangled with comb. But, I learned sharp finger nails & calluses on hands can cut & scrape your cuticles. I just bought the combs. I did a side my side comparison on my channel & I lost way less hair. Plus, I know it is not cutting my cuticle leaving it weak & pone to break. I'm retaining way more length too. Plz check out my vid :-)
2idream (5 years ago)
Thanks for sharing, i'm natural too
iwasborntobefly (5 years ago)
well, i'm black and i wear my hair natural. i have found that combs can be rough on my hair. i finger detangle mostly. it has worked out for me because my hair looks and has retained length better since. so, just a few months after this comment, i changed my regimen. lol. the only thing about these combs is they don't give. some people prefer that the teeth move a little. i don't have a preference right now cuz i don't use combs. i still have them though. i would only use a seamless comb.
2idream (5 years ago)
Why do you not use their combs anymore if you don't mind me asking
iwasborntobefly (5 years ago)
their website. but i don't really use combs anymore. :)
2idream (5 years ago)
where do you purchase this comb
TheVonvon13 (5 years ago)
COOL! Thanks for sharing. I'm purchasing one if they have them at Sally's.
DrowSkinned (5 years ago)
Nah (5 years ago)
iwasborntobefly (6 years ago)
just ordered my second comb. they are very strong and sturdy.
JJJLongHair4u2c (7 years ago)
This is a great video! I just ordered a comb because I really want to own one of these quality combs. I ordered the 7.25" HS Styler from hotcombs.net

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