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Black Panther inspires fashion statement at the movies

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Fans showed off their African fashion during opening weekend of the 'Black Panther' movie Click here to read more: nydailynews.com Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nydailynews Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nydnvideo Friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenewyorkdailynews Follow us on Tumblr: http://nydailynews.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (218)
No sugar No cream (5 months ago)
That Manesha is beautiful
chimakalu41 (6 months ago)
4:21 exactly!!
AJC 3 (7 months ago)
here's the funny thing half of these people have no clue how african people dress in there day to day life for one movie a person would dress in a african outfit for a day and the next day come back to America
Winston Elliton2 (10 months ago)
It wasn't the movie itself it was seeing black people show so much dignity that had me swell with pride all over the world we showed pride in our historical home.
Gunnar Jones (1 year ago)
What a joke
Drew Norek (1 year ago)
Zaire and now its DRCONGO my land in central Africa
Anthony Espinoza (1 year ago)
Would it be inappropriate for a white man to show up in african garb?
John Doe (1 year ago)
save your receipt after the black panther craze dies down your gonna find yourself wanting to return all that stuff fake ass people
Just JuanGoodCitizen (1 year ago)
I'm a black man and I say this is the dumbest shit we ever did. Hollywood really has some black people under a trance you mufuckas think Wankanda is a real place. Grown ass men and women dressing up in customes to go see a damn movie smh. All this is another trick by the left democrat to condition our people to go to them polls and vote democrat again to fill those house seats to oppose everything President Trump is doing. I don't understand how you all say you represent black panthers when the same people who are persuading you mentally to pay your money to see this movie are in oppose to what Huey Newton and Bobby Seale stood for, rights to beat arms! All in the same month another school shooting took place now gun rights are an issue? Come now. Now you see why they want illegals in the country because your vote and there vote will help them win and they play the race card because white votes make up 70% of the vote. But those white votes are not racist votes. These Are Americans who Are Trying to Save America And i Happen to Be one of the many Blacks Who United My Vote For President Trump With theres To MAGA! You all Better Wake The Fuck And understand that Just because Obama had your Pigmentation Dont Mean He had your orientation.
Faruku Majera (1 year ago)
WOW bless ☺
Sarah&Faith F K (1 year ago)
Lots of love from a sister from Cote d ivoire! Akwaba to Mama Africa
Carl Collins (1 year ago)
The little girl at the end sums it all up. How wonderful are her words.
princess Of YASHARAL (1 year ago)
I am happy for our black people history all over the world. but be careful this is sister wood reminder Jesus Christ is coming soon and let's get ready this is more important!! And I love all sister Bella🤗
jhon doe (1 year ago)
Black panther inspires black people to waste their money and whites and Asians to gain black peoples money. all that so called "african fabric" MADE IN CHINA stupid!
Joyce Dauzart (1 year ago)
How wonderful to see black people embracing their blackness with such pride . I sadly remember, years ago, a black woman telling me that she didn't like the term "African-American", because, as she continued to state to me, she yelled.... " I didn't come from Africa !!!" Thank God for a new revelation !
Ktoma7 (1 year ago)
I'm blk American and I think if you're going to appreciate the culture then make it a way of life and not just appreciate it because of a movie.
AJENKINS1920 (1 year ago)
Debbie Reid (1 year ago)
Absolutely love this!!! Powerful.
Deseree Bryant (1 year ago)
I hope some day people will wear this beautiful attire more in their everyday life instead of because a Movie or Month!
Niya Baraka (1 year ago)
Wow!!! Awesome fashions!!!
hydelover75 (1 year ago)
I dressed up for the movie. It was so much fun, to see everyone dressed up
Sherron Mcfadden (1 year ago)
Yes. yes yes yes yes yes.... come on people. please lord, let us be WOKE!!!
LasT 5 (1 year ago)
Israelites triggered
Swat Kasham (1 year ago)
I cannot express the joy that this movie has brought to me, and I haven’t watched it yet! I have been so unhappy with the lack of togetherness within the black community. This movie has got us loving on one another regardless of where we call home. I wish it would continue and not end as the euphoria of the movie fades.
links felix (1 year ago)
African clothing has always been beautiful being black is beautiful always has been always will be would love to see more positive movies of are African culture
Lavette Miller (1 year ago)
Love it. Just love it. I hope this good energy continues to grow
Yndia Dallas (1 year ago)
support black business 365 not just one month or one movie
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
14 colonizers hated on this.
ChocolateSkinful (1 year ago)
It so beautiful seeing all the African Americans reconnecting with African culture. I hope to see many of them travelling to African countries and learning more about the people and their way of life to gain a deeper understanding of their heritage. xx
shyvixx100 (1 year ago)
Why is a Pakistan trying to capitalize off blacks!
shyvixx100 (1 year ago)
Why is a Pakistan trying to capitalize off blacks!
Pesi Belau (1 year ago)
So sweet but Zaire doesn't exist anymore it's DRCongo.....it had me feel all nostalgic
Will Star S (1 year ago)
One messin from what is happening these days: unity amount people bring a huge success for black people. African people please be united for your success
Pamela Taylor (1 year ago)
The entire global world.need to see all of its beauty everyone has seen the not so perfect part and it's sadness but no one in the entire Global World haven't seen it's wonder it's beauty it's and perfection show them Baby And show them well so the world can see
perri 6 (1 year ago)
*Ankara (prints) forever!*
DKA (1 year ago)
"She looks like you mommy". That seems like an afterthought but its so much more. For years we have our children looking up and inspiring to look like people who look nothing like us.
Faiza Fawz (1 year ago)
How about north Africa Fashion style still its africa
Michele Grigsby (1 year ago)
For weeks i have heard about the clothes and strong women in this movie. While I appreciate both, Its not about the clothes.... the movie is a beautiful conversation between African-Americans and Africans still on and from the continent. As African-Americans we feel that we have been cut off and separated from our history and who we are. And in some cases we feel abandoned by our ancestors. I have heard Africans say you African-Americans are playing at being African. You make this attempt to be like us but you know nothing. Stop playing dress up especially since you don't know anything about what you are wearing. I even saw one post tell African-Americans to do the research before just putting on anything. I challenge both sides to take this movement, yes I said movement, deeper than the clothes. Deeper than the strong women. Because while I see that and I too am proud of those messages I challenge you to have the conversations that will heal us and bring us back together. Africans we do this because we are starved for our culture in a country that tells us we are nothing. Reach out to your cousins and share the beauty and strength of Africa. African-Americans don't let this time in history just be about surface topics, reach out for your true history and value. I will be grrateful and mark this period in time if this brings about the healing for all people of African descent. Wakanda may not be a real place but it could be. Wakanda Forever!!!!
Lezbehonest88 Queen (1 year ago)
LWAMMM You are so foolish you dont realize that they are supporting African businesses.
LWAMMM (1 year ago)
they know shit about the culture and context behind what they are wearing, and WHAT COUNTRY IN AFRICA these articles of clothing are from. if they're opening up to learning about their past, sure i accept, but if they're all just doing it for the hype, they can just leave.  being african isnt just skin deep.
Kelli H (1 year ago)
We do this every week at the West Las Vegas Arts Center. Check out this video of our dancers blessing the Black Panther movie during premier week: https://youtu.be/5-l-vyWf944
Pamela Taylor (1 year ago)
Kids keep it up
312vandal (1 year ago)
Has any of these MORONS ever visited africa?......they do know wakanda and the black panther are fake right? God damn lol
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
312vandal begone colonist!
312vandal (1 year ago)
LMFAOOOOOOFF 😂😂😂😂😂 this trash is hilarious.
Eddard Liebber (1 year ago)
Black americans appropriation to look "African" and make a statement but they don't even care where it's from or if they're mixing 2 or 3 separate cultures
Lezbehonest88 Queen (1 year ago)
Eddard Liebber We are a mix of several different tribes in Africa so that makes sense.
Jotaroni Pepperoni (1 year ago)
you know you're proving his point, right?
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
why don't you both butt fuck each other and die of AIDS?
ojideagu (1 year ago)
Eddard Liebber Exactly. How has coming to America and Shakazulu got anything to do with west African cultures? They are just as ignorant as white Americans.
Amma Trench (1 year ago)
Take it further, expand your knowledge, go to Africa. There are 54 choices!❤💛💚
ojideagu (1 year ago)
Most African Americans know absolutely nothing about Africa. Most couldn't find Nigeria on a map and probably think everyone lives in a mud hut with Elephants walking around and lions.
Truth the Kid (1 year ago)
Tanayjah White or you could go do the research yourself
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
so maybe help educate instead of troll or is that too much of the right thing to do?
ojideagu (1 year ago)
Difference is white's don't pretend they know anything about Africa. These dumb ass African Americans saying they want to look like Eddy Murphy in coming to America. That's literally nothing to do with African cultures.
shyvixx100 (1 year ago)
ojideagu whites I know think the same way though
I mean you can’t really blame us African Americans for being so distant from our African roots, but why do I feel like actual African natives are looking at us like we’re crazy? I cringed when the lady told us that one customer told her “I wanna look like Eddy Murphy.” and other shit.
no name (1 year ago)
black bosses in America need stop being negative to own PEOPLE. & stop treating u like shit because the white man did it. sad 😒 shame
Pamela Taylor (1 year ago)
the beaches are stunning in africa you need to visit them for yourselves some of them of the cape of verde and other areas as. well
Pamela Taylor (1 year ago)
Pamela Taylor (1 year ago)
+Ssofia wow that what i am talking about people really need to no this one
Ssofia (1 year ago)
Sao tome and Príncipe beaches are so beautiful ☺ y'all should visit
Pamela Taylor (1 year ago)
Pamela Taylor (1 year ago)
+Bossedup ooh wow weeeeeee wish i could be there
FEARLESS (1 year ago)
HAPPY BLACK HISTORY & PANTHER MONTH!!! #WeGotNext #BlackIsBeautiful #BlackPanther
Tiffany C (1 year ago)
Lord my people are way to extra, ughh
baj aj (1 year ago)
Tiffany C Yes and am African saying this....
Marie Heerenveen (1 year ago)
Tiffany C why are u even here
Ms Latoya (1 year ago)
This movie was amazing👏👏👏✊✌! But i didn't dress in my Kente attire because the cinema is dark and i usually leave the cinemas once the credits come on lol. I am my own proud representation of west Africa 😉.
Anthony Saman (1 month ago)
You missed out in a killer mid-credit scene!
daft2hans (1 year ago)
Dennis Willis (1 year ago)
Fuck What White People Think Do You
Assoluto Cosmico (1 year ago)
Black Americans are wearing African clothing and making it into Halloween costumes. No pride there. Stop using a movie to promote more racial divide
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
shyvixx100 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿😂😂😋😂😂😂
shyvixx100 (1 year ago)
Assoluto Cosmico stfu colonizer!
phantom page (1 year ago)
I don't African Americans selling African clothing. Only Africans from the continent should sell it for authenticity purposes
Malick Nicholas (1 year ago)
phantom page you don't know anything about the "originators" Or Africa or Africans and how their feel. So speak for yourself.
phantom page (1 year ago)
Malick N'diaye they're generalising. There are thousands of different tribes with unique culture's. There are also significant meanings in a lot of thier clothes. An AA who doesn't even what tribe they're from is quite insulting to the originators.
Malick Nicholas (1 year ago)
phantom page so if they have African ancestry whats wrong with them claiming their ancestral heritage ???
phantom page (1 year ago)
Malick N'diaye your American with African ancestry. It's not the same. Slavery ended 250 years ago. We are culturally different now.
Malick Nicholas (1 year ago)
phantom page they are as African as i am, slavery separated us.
Christopher Barksdale (1 year ago)
White people do well to remember Birth of a nation a MOVIE inspired the birth of the Ku Klux Klan KKK there is nothing wrong with us being inspired by This Movie.
Galen Tong (1 year ago)
OMG that is seriously the most incisive comment I have yet read about this movie. So true. Haven't seen Black Panther yet but I would gather it is a little more positive and inclusive than Birth of A Nation and everyone can appreciate it.
Grace Grit and Glory (1 year ago)
Christopher Barksdale White people are flocking to see this movie too. Don't make it a big racial thing. Chill.
B Jones (1 year ago)
SJ (1 year ago)
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
Moonraker begone troll!
Ayu lideta (1 year ago)
African Americans connecting with African culture is heart warming! For long they been told lies about Africa
chimakalu41 (6 months ago)
antaje407 (1 year ago)
Os W it's there its just how it's portrayed.
Os W (1 year ago)
Ayu lideta . i would like to see black American change there way of thinking. but unfortunately I don't think it's going to chance going to take a long time. they're still lost out of control out of order no culture no roots
Edward Robinson (1 year ago)
HawkZulu (1 year ago)
Amen !!
19EHF (1 year ago)
okay black people while im proud yall have a sudden interest in African inspired fashion, lets see how many of yall continue to wear this after the hype has died down. I would love for my people to wear and support African inspired fashion owners but i doubt it
Pierre Armand (1 year ago)
Jonothan Doezer yes
Motherland Curvz (1 year ago)
ive been wearing african print clothes for years wouldve done it earlier if they actually sold them in places near me in the suburbs. A lot of people have wanted to wear them but dont know where to buy them locally. And I dont buy clothes online. I finally see them at festivals.
aybabs (1 year ago)
As a matter of fact children of african immigrants do wear their own attire. Visit London, you'll see young people wearing african prints especially in summer, simple styles to the office, more elaborate styles at the weekend for parties. the fashion is lit! It's all over instagram etc. Do check things out before generalising..
Lily marsie (1 year ago)
19EHF ha I didn't wear it from the beginning!! I would hate for a white person to ask me what part of Africa I came from. I think it is strange wearing something that raises a lot of questions you don't have the answers to.
Lezbehonest88 Queen (1 year ago)
transcendentmuzic Even most people in Africa do not wear their garbs its usually only worn on special occasions or kanga in,east Africa is worn by the village women or older women. They older people may where a complet. There is a lady on Youtube named SheLearnsLife that explains African clothing in one of her videos.
bigmoethedon (1 year ago)
Every martin luther king day there's violence somewhere in the country. But yet my people get together for a fictional character. A fictional character that has been around for decades. And created by jews smh
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
The Black Shadow fax on fax on fax
ozvictorian (1 year ago)
bigmoethedon Fantasy is the other half of reality
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
bigmoethedon why can't you be happy for everyone? the past and the future can't speak for itself, but the present can. It's about what we take from it and make the necessary changes for our future. We got way too many Caucasoid troglodyte cave people trolling up here for us to have an uncle Tom among us hating too.
bigmoethedon (1 year ago)
Blinded by fiction smh
Zawadi Shop (1 year ago)
The fact that you have something against Jews makes you a racist. I'm black and I don't like it when we point fingers. White,Jews,etc, are not our enemies. The sooner you understand that , the more powerful you will become. Never take yourself as a victim.
Flawless Stone (1 year ago)
I'm a 💯% African woman from west Africa Liberia 🇱🇷,& I'm just too damn happy to see my truthful African woman & Men together,This Friday is not going to past by me, I'm going watch me some Black panther
Scott Daniels (1 year ago)
I love all superheroes BUT I gotta say...MARVEL>D.C.. it's the investment in the characters and story telling.
johnathan clark (1 year ago)
ByrdieByrdieByrdie Failed these nuts
ByrdieByrdieByrdie (1 year ago)
Jonathan clark failed math, Scott 😝. I was a DC fan as a kid (Batman), still am but they need to revamp their writing, characters arcs and conflicts. They're trying so hard to out marvel Marvel instead of mining their own intellectual properties and refining them.
Scott Daniels (1 year ago)
johnathan clark. look at my original comment
johnathan clark (1 year ago)
Scott Daniels Only you like DC Nobody else They made it just for you
Scott Daniels (1 year ago)
johnathan clark just me what?
Marsha Creary (1 year ago)
4:48 Tartan Print
CarlRenard 77 (1 year ago)
Maria Hunt (1 year ago)
one of the most beautiful parts is when that little girl said "that looks like you mommy!" with such excited. It was great that she was seeing a positive and beautiful and strong reflection of her family on film. Imagery is everything...to see a positive image of people that look like you is so powerful and can be life changing! Such a great film for all people!!! The production was awesome! God Bless!!!
Cocoa Beanz (1 year ago)
Eddard Liebber I'm reporting him. Don't worry about it. Sick of hating ass white people killing our joy!!
Eddard Liebber (1 year ago)
Jerm Roberts There's no cure for retardation like yours. Sad!
Eddard Liebber (1 year ago)
obvious the producers of the video set her up to do that
nothingxbutxpoison (1 year ago)
This is why i have no respect for black people because they made this into a trend it's your culture not Halloween. like they aren't even proud of were they come from and the only reason they are even looking into their own culture is because of a fucking stupid movie. That's pathetic.
shyvixx100 (1 year ago)
nothingxbutxpoison dummy what vulture? We were taken? What tribe do we belong too?
Lakeesha Davis (1 year ago)
nothingxbutxpoison are you really so dumb as to think African Americans just now became proud of where our ancestors came from and who we are because of a movie? We wouldn't have made it this far, with white people trying to destroy us with their disgusting behavior, if that were the case. What you people really fear is karma.... not black people.
Jonothan Doezer (1 year ago)
You're confusing.
Yona Avraham (1 year ago)
nothingxbutxpoison That is not true for all of us!I've worn African clothes for 30 years and will continue to do so.That is my culture and I love it.It's no fad for me!
Piece0fShit (1 year ago)
Marie Heerenveen (1 year ago)
Jerm Roberts you White people ain't have no life
Lakeesha Davis (1 year ago)
Jerm Roberts you are the worst troll I have ever come across!!!😂😂😂
Lakeesha Davis (1 year ago)
Jerm Roberts I live in Peoria Illinois. That's how bothered I am by your fake threat 😂😂😂
Lakeesha Davis (1 year ago)
Jerm Roberts nobody care about you irrelevant neanderthals anymore 😂😂😂 you thought you could make me mad by calling me names from the 1500s? Boy bye 😂😂😂
Lakeesha Davis (1 year ago)
Jerm Roberts our unity has you scared to death!!! 😂😂😂
Pamela Taylor (1 year ago)
Grace Mercy (1 year ago)
It will great if people remember African every day. All African are crying for is justice and fairness.
Selassie999 (1 year ago)
Brownsugar M (1 year ago)
Why are racist trolls even commenting? Haters are rampant. So this movie rocks! BLACK POWER! If you ain't got haters, you ain't doing it right.
Jenjen 100000 (27 days ago)
Derrick Barnett (1 year ago)
Brownsugar M I've noticed that too. How sad.
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
they have nothing else better to do with their time. They spend their entire lives jealous of us and trying to keep us down, yet masturbating to national geographic images and rewriting history in an attempt to erase us or deem us the aliens from somewhere else....it's like using a broom to sweep sand in the desert. It's funny when we on the six o'clock news killing one another, but when we unite, these flies come in drones....drop everything in they lives just to hate. Why not just go to ad "black" neighborhood and pick a physical fight with the locals so we can go ahead and eliminate you so there's one less hater so we can all get back to working on love, truth, peace, freedom, and Justice?
Lakeesha Davis (1 year ago)
ConfrontationalRealist we aren't stalking you people! Black people can't sneeze without a white person jumping out the bushes! You people stay stalking black people. Go anywhere on social media where more than 2 black people are discussing something and tell me how many white people you see begging for their attention! Then go look for black people on alt right channels and sites, oh wait.... THERE AREN'T ANY BLACK PEOPLE STALKING YOU RACIST ASS WHITE PEOPLE 😒
Lezbehonest88 Queen (1 year ago)
Brownsugar M yes they hate to see black people coming together.
Joe Grizzly (1 year ago)
We are a broken, defeated people......if you cannot see the hidden agenda.
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
Bill Archer well said
HawkZulu (1 year ago)
Disney got my 15 bucks..true.. but i have talked to people from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, Sudan, Trinidad, Bangladesh, Korea, Nigeria, South Africa, Trinidad, Congo, Ghana, Vietnam, Malaysia, India.. sometimes all you need is an ice breaker.. a conversation starter.. BELIEVE me.. This movie has prompted a global family reunion ..how do you put a price tag on that?
Calvin X of Judah (1 year ago)
Joe Grizzly thank you sir
Ry Ry (1 year ago)
Joe Grizzly- But isn't there always a hidden agenda? Why not just take what positivity you can out of the movie and out of the situation as a whole. A lot of us are using our brains more when it comes to hidden meanings and agendas. I think it'll be ok to enjoy this for a minute.
Lezbehonest88 Queen (1 year ago)
Rehema Mokua It didnt take a movie what are you talking about black people have been doing all kind of Fulani styles, wearing dashikis and ankara print. You act like you have been around the last 4 years.
jimmy Marksin (1 year ago)
the fashion statement was black people's halloween.
onlythewise1 (1 year ago)
more shit from evil blacks
gorillas213 (1 year ago)
Blacks finally have a real leader who can bring about real change.......LMFAO 😂😂😂
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
bigmoethedon didn't Rocky save yours?
Tanayjah White (1 year ago)
Y'all so mad that you actually had to go to a channel thats not even in your notifications and has nothing to do with your daily life just to troll? You colonizers, viruses, and otherwise known as INVASIVE SPECIES #1 are disturbed. But your hate is our motivation.
Lakeesha Davis (1 year ago)
bigmoethedon the only point you are making is that you are trying really hard, yet failing so miserably...
Lakeesha Davis (1 year ago)
bigmoethedon lol? Are you commenting off of a flip phone? You don't have emojis or something?😂😂🤣😂
bigmoethedon (1 year ago)
Again just made my point over again lol... How do you say it girl byee lol
Laieboy86 (1 year ago)
I hope this movie is more of a Pro Black movie than an anti-American, or anti-Christ, or a Pro-Socialist, or anti-White, or Pro Communist propaganda movie. Because it looks like its going to be good. I just hate Hollywood's brainwashing immoral messages they always push on the world.
MrMJmusicLover (1 year ago)
This same thing happened during Spike Lee's get on the bus craze back in the 90s.
MrMJmusicLover (1 year ago)
bigmoethedon This is truly sad.
bigmoethedon (1 year ago)
MrMJmusicLover My point is we wont stand behind something real. It's sad something fictional has to bring us together
MrMJmusicLover (1 year ago)
bigmoethedon Well, it doesn't matter what others think. What matters is what You think. You like it and that's your business, not theirs. Just ignore people like that.
bigmoethedon (1 year ago)
MrMJmusicLover yep my mom brought me that shit to.... What's funny is I tried to wear it with pride. And guess what??? I got laughed at.
MrMJmusicLover (1 year ago)
Blaxsaidwhat? It did. That's what the 90s was all about was African heritage and the clothing that was worn back then . I was a teenager and my mother bought me some shirts with African patterns. It was all the rage back in the 90s.

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