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"Robotic" Live at The Juno Awards 2013

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Neil Parfitt (1 year ago)
dear sound guy: There's keyboards in this band. Not just guitar.
Jerry Edward (2 years ago)
great Canadian band, don't propelled great heights.
Aaron E (3 years ago)
HANNAH! thank you so much!!
Spaal (3 years ago)
you are much to soft! if u wanna win u gotta play!
Spaal (3 years ago)
she has such an awsome voice , so beatiful as well , she is hot! I want to be reset!!!!
Andy Jones (4 years ago)
I love this song, it is so perfect for a fashion show/fashion event. Also love the fact that she is a fellow Canadian artist #epic   #music  
ilylac (5 years ago)
continuing the tradition of canadian indie babes like feist, amy milan, and avril lavigne.
jonnymah (5 years ago)
I was in the audience for this. She was definitely a highlight of the show.
Darryl Kesslar (5 years ago)
OK. I now have bruises on my ass from kicking myself for not getting into the Juno show now... great performance Hannah!
D. MAH (5 years ago)
awesome, luv her !
letonelive (5 years ago)
Finally got out to buy your album after seeing this & I adore it. Keep pumping out the amazing art Hannah : D
peermusic (5 years ago)
Great performance, Hannah!
Randy Picnic (5 years ago)

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