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The mathematics of weight loss | Ruben Meerman | TEDxQUT (edited version)

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This is the edited version of The Mathematics of Weight Loss presented by Ruben Meerman. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Text Comments (5891)
Ervin S (1 hour ago)
adavis1129 (2 hours ago)
17:42 Physicists still make spelling errors.
Jeff Losey (7 hours ago)
Thank You
Andrea Shink (10 hours ago)
Keto is Moderate protein, not Low Protein as stated. :)
stwesh1 (14 hours ago)
Very good. I truly enjoyed that.
Elite Khajiit (16 hours ago)
Interesting lecture, but I'd just like to translate for my English-speaking friends; the word at 8:12 is aLmond.
Matthew (19 hours ago)
Does he mean low carb diets at the end?
If you blow the balloon isn't there actually lots of moisture from your breath? My guess the white powder in the baloon might be water ice mostly
Veniamin Timofey (1 day ago)
"Foreign man disrupting $10 billion industry with new weight loss concept" 😂
Taj Peterson (1 day ago)
So it took 20min to say Breathe more? Lol great vid by the way. Fascinated by this stuff. I do believe most fitness trainers teach this but just in a parallel way. The same is “calories in calories out. The difference is him breaking it down literally to the molecular structure of calories in and out in addition to being active. Great speaker. This definitely should be taught in schools. Especially a collaborative effort upon the PE and Chemistry classes.
Patrick Boyle (1 day ago)
Very cute presentation but wrong - dangerously wrong. His conclusion at the end that all you have to do to lose weight is to eat less, move more and keep breathing. He threats the human organism is if it were best understood with simple physics. In fact that fallacy is the reason weight loss is so hard, Everyone tries that prescription and everyone fails. All diets work - for a while and then all diets fail. He gives the impression that he has something important to say but he has nothing.
Eddie Erikson (1 day ago)
i am scared of every man keeping almonds in his pocket
tomr (2 days ago)
So, the mass in atoms can't be converted to energy? Don't tell Einstein.
Gaming with Adonis (2 days ago)
we know people have to eat less and move more, but nobody wants to do that. obesity at this point is an addiction to food and a mental health issue too. Sad
Nachiket Dani (2 days ago)
Brad Sims (2 days ago)
LOL @ "bingo wings." :D
Pratik Vadher (2 days ago)
The calculation he is doing is wrong..
Shaun Stephens (2 days ago)
If he'd asked people in a country other than Australia he likely would have got a few correct answers.
Rich Cook (3 days ago)
This is a simplistic talk. It's not necessarily true that if you start moving more you will lose weight, and there is a dynamic between diet and exercise that cannot be captured by colored test tube experiments. For me and probably most people, it requires a lot of willpower to work out and eat appropriately. I think most people have problems with the psychology of addiction, rather than understanding "move more eat less."
Jon Armani (3 days ago)
I watched this a couple years ago, and it stayed on my mind so long that I came back in 2019 to watch it again. Great talk.
BrianCoyneMusic&Art (3 days ago)
God, I hate the way he speaks. Worst accent ever!!!
James Hafford (3 days ago)
At 20:15 he mentions "low-protein diets" in reference to keto diets. Did he mean "low carb diets"?
Adam Pajcz (3 days ago)
He misspoke at the end by mentioning eating low protein instead of saying Ketosis is brought on by eating higher levels of protein.
Greece and Rome (3 days ago)
21:14 PUNCHLINE (the whole thing is fascinating but if you're like me you had this question throughout...)
Bogmire777 (3 days ago)
V e g e m i t e s a n d w h i c h
SoulScr3am (3 days ago)
Do i gain weight if i stop breathing all together?
sublime.abodes (3 days ago)
Summary: "Eat less, move more, keep breathing." I just saved you 21 minutes.
Paul Weber (3 days ago)
Mel Gibson has a pretty good british accent
Andrew Coleman (3 days ago)
The what-mond?
Bradley Woods (3 days ago)
What a fantastic biology lesson.
NoMoNeYiZaTioN (3 days ago)
Mouth Breather.
barmalinito barmalini (3 days ago)
Sorry to mention it here, but liquid oxygen has lower boiling temperature than the nitrogen.
Amandeep Kaur (3 days ago)
Just so people know in the end he meant low carbs not low protein,pls dont get confused.
吉井雄太朗 (3 days ago)
Perhaps those people you talked to have kugelblitz mass-energy conversion device in their gut
Super Girl (3 days ago)
why don't we learn this in school smh
Bogmire777 (3 days ago)
Lunchlady industrial complex
Junior (4 days ago)
alright, Im going on deep breath for a month, let's se the results
Santino Adolph (4 days ago)
this isnt amazing knowledge though, everybody who came here probably thought he would do some crazy chemistry lol, fact is humans are lazy and we looking for other methods besides moving more and eating less. because in todays world everything is literally about moving less, and eating more, you literally have apps to deliver food to your house. lol humans are just lazy man
ka jong venus Park (4 days ago)
he used a tablespoon, not a teaspoon....huge difference there :D
Alf (4 days ago)
liposuction is best, lol!
Kasra Torabi (4 days ago)
Getting food into you is not “digestion,” it is “absorption” that follows digestion.
Charlotte Allen (4 days ago)
robbie j (4 days ago)
question.... If you do exercise in a cold place (sea or snow) do you lose more weight for the time spent doing the exercise as appose to doing it in a warmer climate?
Pabloottawa P (4 days ago)
OK, so eat less, move more and keep breathing. One of the issues I run into is energy depletion which occurs if i don’t EAT. So when I work out I feel weak, slow and I get that feeling that we all have when we say “dragged myself to the gym”. Sometimes it literally feels this way. So how do you maintain the energy levels to work out or move more, eat less? This is my dilemma and I’m wondering what people think. Case in point. If I eat 2 scrambled eggs with 2 strips of bacon and finish the meal 30 minutes before a run or a work out I feel better and stronger going in, my runs are more pleasant and I feel great during my work out of run. Is there a recommended eating schedule other than eat small portions and eat lean meals?
Flying Fynn (4 days ago)
Math makes me hungry.
Jerry Tan (4 days ago)
His accent is so annoying
AkmalAzry (4 days ago)
Me after this talk... breathing intensely
Fascinating stuff
afreen nisa (5 days ago)
Hiyshaam Official (5 days ago)
Video thumbnail looks like bongs. Lol
Christien Scheepers (5 days ago)
Johannes Herbst (5 days ago)
What he has not told: When you eat less, your metabolism slows down and burn less calories. You have to reduce food a lot. I lost 60 pounds in two months by eating nothing or just one meal a day.
SmokeSpark Dragonfly (5 days ago)
Is it weird that I already knew what this video tells you?
Eddie Avinashi (5 days ago)
HIIT cardio! Moving more, increasing heart rate, breathing more, keeping hard earned muscle!
Osvath97 (5 days ago)
I get that he is not an expert on ketosis but... Neither am I. What he said about ketosis was so wrong. 1. It is literally impossible for a normal human being to get ketoacidosis (not counting weird anomalies). You have to either have type 1 diabetes or a very severe case of type 2 diabetes. 2. Ketosis has been linked far more to COMBATTING depression rather than the opposite. 3. You get ketosis via a low carbohydrate diet, not a low protein diet (all though the dosage of proteins is important in a ketogenic diet in some way I do not know).
Phoenix (5 days ago)
Move more, eat less and keep moving... fails when you starve to death
Nic Andrews (5 days ago)
Why go to school when Tedx Talks teach you more in 21 minutes than 12 years will?
darlon ripley (5 days ago)
Except....he is dead wrong. Eat less? 1. Body senses less food inside; body conserves what's left, using less. 2. Body gets colder, tells head stop moving body so much. Mind gets sluggish. 3. Body increases craving, wanting, looking for food. Craving constant, never leaving. 4. Body fighting mind over food intake? Body wins in almost everybody. 5. Think drug addiction: Very few, once addicted, can be cured. 6. All are addicted to food. 7. Think of thin-as-rails girls wearing coats in summer. Successful losers, but thinking impaired-or just crazy. Also their bodies start breaking down. Not healthy. 8. Think of models eating then forcing themselves to throw up. 9. I can hardly wait for a Ted talk on committing suicide: Just stop breathing. 10. Goes thru the chemistry, bunch of glassware on table. Ignores the obvious.
John Zoccano (5 days ago)
You said no one got it right...the one bloke said you exhale it and he was right... ;)
Tony Mannucci (5 days ago)
Lots of details in the middle I didn't need, but yes, this is the message! Great message. The one thing missing is the psychological aspect. Weight loss is a psychological battle. Your body and mind resist it. So, you need tricks to help you get it done.
Nii P. (5 days ago)
It's easy to say: "Eat less", but more important is, how to not get hungry all the time, and especially, if you "move more"!
NPC NPC (5 days ago)
Why doesn’t it effect climate change, because climate change doesn’t exist
ccccooooollllllllll (5 days ago)
Oxygen plus carbon quick maths
Souvik Aswad (5 days ago)
Spades Lie (6 days ago)
This video and presentation is great.
Farmboy1544 (6 days ago)
I get the gist if it, and I think it means I can eat more bacon as long as I exhale more. Mmmmmm bacon.
Jacob Shevyakov (6 days ago)
12:36 Nuclear chemistry anyone?
C S (6 days ago)
i got sucked into another TedTalk. ugh! while the speaker was pleasant don't waste your time, watch the last minute, his message is revealed. nothing we don't already know.
Guenter Lang (6 days ago)
extraordinary talk!! realizing what we've learnt at high school. thank you
Mebrice Depace (6 days ago)
This works when you are young but not when you're in late middle age and older.
David Osborne (7 days ago)
Best Weight loss science i have seen.
Rodney Mcdonald (7 days ago)
Bernardino Franque (7 days ago)
Amazing, why am i only seeing this in 2019?
Bogmire777 (3 days ago)
They tried to hide this from us brother, but we found it, 2019 is going to be the year we pull the cloak off the cosmos itself and stare into the heart of existence.
Cédric S (7 days ago)
So he had to teach people that you need to eat less and move more to lose weight? That's common knowledge..
Kilimand zara (7 days ago)
Half of this is wrong.
jean claude (7 days ago)
One of the worst bits of advice I've ever heard on the subject. Eat whatever you want and there will be no consequences? I'm sorry, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that doesn't work. The only way I've been able to control my weight is by carefully calculating calories, macro's, and cooking for myself. Not only have I made amazing progress, but I feel good too that's a key benefit. So join my program... Jkjk. All I'm saying is be careful who you take advice from there are a lot of people that benefit from you being in the dark. And that bit about low protein diets leading to depression.... Deplorable. The only way I could afford to eat healthy is by lowering my protein intake and cutting out supplements entirely and I feel fine. That is all.
Angela Kearsley (7 days ago)
Brilliant. Great teacher
I think he meant to say 'low carbohydrate diet' instead of 'low protein diet' toward the end
Sumit Patil (7 days ago)
Dr. Vivek Ankolekar (7 days ago)
Excellent Application of Chemistry in Biology. Great Presentation.
Foxy Lady (8 days ago)
'Where does the weight go?' is totally elementary
idkyoo (8 days ago)
If I had you as a teacher back when I was in high school, I would've gone to school 65% of the time and 100% of that would be in your classroom.
Ron P (8 days ago)
Eat less, move more and keep breathing. 🤞.
Piyush A.Supe (8 days ago)
About to change the video, then he said linear regression...
Larry Ousman (8 days ago)
Moving more or eating less. Duh. You mean there are still people out there who do not know this?
Andrew James (8 days ago)
**breathes aggressively**
acrobatman (8 days ago)
What if you eat coal and drink oil... That causes climate change! Even though it is Vegan and therefore absolutely amazing for you!!
Katarina Bonic (8 days ago)
Im so happy you made this video, it shoes us how important science is in our everyday life. If we understood how things work we could lead a better life. Scientia est potentia.
valfodr (8 days ago)
Why don't fossil fuels cause climate change then? I thought that was like one of the main causes...
Stefan G. (8 days ago)
Wolverine taught me to breathe and move more frequently
Steven Thacker (8 days ago)
It leaves the body via carbon atoms that attach to O2, and water. I already know and cannot watch this 20 minute video to explain such a simple thing.
DJ Kurupt (8 days ago)
Bit over the top on them tea spoons sir
Onigorom (9 days ago)
"eat less, move more, keep breathing"
Frank Rizzo (9 days ago)
If Dave Hughes did physics
Jon Lenin (9 days ago)
and this is how you lose WHITE
Renegade Nielsen (9 days ago)
Video of the year award for YouTube
you2tooyou2too (9 days ago)
This is all true, but it is looking at the issue with only one eye (on the 'physics' of carbohydrates). He only mentioned that it was a complicated metabolic process, and the other eye must look at the almost inconceivably complicated (and only partly understood) processes of diet and physiology that requires your diet to include the constituents of all of the tens or hundreds of thousands of chemicals needed for those complicated physiological processes, or the 'simple' physics won't work properly. That is why you need a 'complete' diet even while you are trying to restrict your caloric intake and increase your caloric output. It is good, but not easy, to keep both eyes open.
patrick n/a (9 days ago)
Sounds like this guy weighs his turds.
John Gehlert (9 days ago)
the point of the talk is at 20:58
Saul G (9 days ago)
he misspelled breathe
Chanelle Siggens (9 days ago)
You can only go in Ketoacidosis if you're diabetic. A person that produces insulin normally will have their body create the proper amount of ketone bodies so that doesn't happen.

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