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The mathematics of weight loss | Ruben Meerman | TEDxQUT (edited version)

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This is the edited version of The Mathematics of Weight Loss presented by Ruben Meerman. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Text Comments (4658)
Amelia Nemo (4 hours ago)
Not- a-Troll Honest (6 hours ago)
So cow farts don't cause climate change either
Janice Dagasso (10 hours ago)
I've been eating a ketogenic diet for almost 2 years. I plan on doing it forever. Dr Eric Berg, Dr Jason Fung, dr Annette Bozworth are just a few of the Drs that are great educators on Keto. It works for many metabolic diseases and for healthy weight loss with lots of energy. Keto on!
Critical Thinker (12 hours ago)
Eat less, move more and breathe more. Sounds like eat less and exercise more is the formula to losing weight, 👍
AJ Xzfar (19 hours ago)
So basicly you're loosing weight every time you breathe, that actually explains a lot. I'm going to be motivated by being at a loss of breath everytime i go for a run now.
DeLana Brown (21 hours ago)
Coolgirl Jauregui (22 hours ago)
Very very interesting
talkwench (1 day ago)
magdelima (1 day ago)
I got lost but then 17:21 saved my life
Sinano (1 day ago)
Well... in Turkey we keep saying "Even his breath stinks due to hunger" yup... in ramadan you can notice it by those who practise-ramadan, basically "eating less" (nothing until sunset) but still move. So... nothing new to in the west :P
PiaNoONE (1 day ago)
19:08 NOW YOU CAN EAT SUNLIGHT! (if you understood the reference, you are awesome)
Paul Cattaneo (1 day ago)
WTF ? I just burned 10% of my battery to learn that eating less helps you lose weight. Isn’t science amazing😗
Juliet Lavid (2 days ago)
Well, some of us havent even got our A levels good sir. But it was a crack watching you and food for thought so thanks a bunch
Gregory Belden (2 days ago)
Excellent.A reason for TEDx events.
J B (3 days ago)
my issue sovled,Thank you sir.
Marilyn GarciaQ (3 days ago)
omg this was my fav so far
Tim Singleton (3 days ago)
Love the video. Good breakdown.
Tim Singleton (3 days ago)
Stop breathing! You're killing the planet!
Kim Roberts (4 days ago)
Surprisingly enough, I did know this!
Specwryter (4 days ago)
Doctor Ven (5 days ago)
Ketogenic diet - I think he meant "Low-Carbohydrate diet". Perfect presentation tho!
Kathryn Lanier (5 days ago)
In the unedited version, do we discover why the math changes in his presentation? At marker 13:58, he has the atomic mass unit of hydrogen multiplied by 104 to equal 104.83. At marker 16:13, he has changed the product to 95.996, which is instead the number for oxygen's atomic mass unit times 6. Is there an explanation or is this simply an error.
Ria Banerjee (5 days ago)
Kapalbhati - check it out - type of yoga. You sort of sit and hyperventilate and lose weight.
Richie Kausche (5 days ago)
"Wheres the AH-MAND, you would say the AH-MAND is in the pool noodle", that pronunciation had me dying
Richie Kausche (5 days ago)
Who else needed him to introduce himself at the beginning
Gabriel Zilnik (5 days ago)
"Eat less, move more and keep breathing", belongs on one of those "keep calm" t-shirts.
Lracnolip (6 days ago)
very interesting thank you
Mandeep Singh (6 days ago)
Well i m C55 H104 O6.
David Shaw (6 days ago)
Eat less, move more, keep breathing. Just saved you 21:25
Crepuscular Night (6 days ago)
Hey you commented on that other video. Can't remember it now, but I remember that profile face and your last name. And yes, that was a much easier explanation. I like the sci show video, its much shorter, but still effectively explains it.
IAM JOY (6 days ago)
YOU are a GENIUS... !!!!! You told me something I already knew....but you had me at HELLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the comments are enough for me not to believe this guy
4seasvn (7 days ago)
at 16.23 there is the number of O6 Instead of H104 or not ? he got 95.994 instead of 104.83
Epeen Gaming (7 days ago)
what about muscle loss? what is muscle made of? just wondering.
tiny99990 (7 days ago)
well damn... and here I was feeling embarrassed when I breathed heavy and trying to stop myself from breathing heavy when I get exercise... thats gonna start being moments of pride that I am 'burning" the weight and literally losing it... lol
David Massey (7 days ago)
We need to eliminate monetary incentivization for human health
Beau Xu (7 days ago)
Another propaganda video. This is great.
George Porteous (7 days ago)
Well actually could turn your mass into energy, but I feel like it would be the start of a really bad day.
Brennan Zavala (8 days ago)
21:05 for the solution, lol
StereoSoundAgent (8 days ago)
Force = mass (accel) .. which may = mass (gravity) .. which may = Normal force (or Boyant Force), oh and density and possible surface area & volume... I think that sums it up right? Why chemistry... why...
Jithin J (9 days ago)
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3rd Planet (9 days ago)
Ruben, meerly a man lol
Silas Dogwood (9 days ago)
This is just high school chemistry -- the part everyone knows, or should know. What he doesn't address is why some people are always hungry and some aren't. Until he can answer that, he's only explaining a problem, not helping to solve it.
Jascha Bull (9 days ago)
I was wondering this just yesterday. Thanks for explaining something which has puzzled me for a long time. Also, since when are animals unable to contribute to climate change directly? Cattle can do that, right? So why can't humans?
Gere George (9 days ago)
The title says, the mathematics of weight loss. Teacher/Speaker is a Physicist. Examples are shown using Chemistry and Biology. Great! My liberal arts degree could do well as toilet paper!
Keith Brand (10 days ago)
I'm an American. How do I find American lessons? I really don't care for the British lessons.
Fez (10 days ago)
Great talk!
Creatif Etudes (11 days ago)
Same old conclusion eat less ; and do exercice LOL
The Modern Hippie (11 days ago)
Its converted; used as energy; expelled
biff buffington (11 days ago)
"Eat less, Move more" is bad advice. It's wrong because it makes the assumption that all calories are equal.
Killer Germ (11 days ago)
Edward Ingram (12 days ago)
Math is good, but I'm not buying calories in - calories out. That theory has been proven wrong countless times.
Edward Ingram (12 days ago)
I mean not wrong, but not effective long term.
Mathieu Cote (12 days ago)
Easy what he means is keep breathing Eat low carbs style Keto and move a little meaning go out about your day simple science...
This guy has no idea how weight loss works. Eat less move more doesn’t cause weight loss long term. Your insulin will make sure you don’t keep that for long term due to caloric restriction and slow metabolism. So sad to see a TED that is misinforming people.
Jamie Potter (12 days ago)
At 13:33 “the weight of a single atom” of these elements is NOT their mass number. The mass number (I.e, carbon’s mass number being 12.0) is how much 6.02x10^23 atoms of that element weighs. Cool demo, but poor chemistry fundamentals 😬
HeatSeakingMouse (12 days ago)
There are far binders.. L carnitine and CLA which claim to in chain these
DirectingSven (13 days ago)
@8:22 "the almond's in the pool noodle"
Nozar (13 days ago)
even my grandma knows this. eat less to lose weight. no math needed.
bhavana samhita (13 days ago)
1:45 anybody who paid attention in biology class should know the answer to that question
dhwang101 (13 days ago)
OMG if everyone loose weight, will we be significantly contributing to global warming?
Aesthetic Soul (14 days ago)
After watching the first 5 mins , I started breathing fast And later I was like "OH......'
Sabrina Henning (14 days ago)
Couldn't they've given him a bigger table😂
Kane Campbell (14 days ago)
Happy with myself that I said exhaling C02 was how u lose weight to his question. Shows why running makes u lose kgs. Shame its rough on the old knees.
Marrycat7218 (14 days ago)
Ohh that's the periodic table I had to memorize in school even though it's never been explained to me what it all means. Still got an A though...
Kim Mobey (14 days ago)
A great talk and demo. Only one thing: animal farming does contribute to climate change. It's the second highest cause!
joseph wright (15 days ago)
sugar is the problem. starch is a long chain sugar. bread, potatoes, pasta, is out. so is sugary things, candy colas, etc. eat high protein. meat eggs, and the weight will come off fast. i lost fifty pounds in sixty days. if you stay on this diet, you will starve to death.
Dan Ryan (15 days ago)
cornonthecob (15 days ago)
I liked this then unliked it just to like it again! Yep, it deserves at least two likes! 😂👍🏼
Rachel Freeman (15 days ago)
Well, that was a waste of time.
Rich B (16 days ago)
So diet an exercise.... pffft
Albert James (16 days ago)
Ketosis is not caused by low protein diet
Will Nitschke (16 days ago)
Well this is completely useless information.
Steve Viscuso (16 days ago)
This is honestly one of the best vids on YouTube.
flydye45 (16 days ago)
This guy has the arrogance that if you do not understand exactly how photosynthesis works, one can't teach a person how to be a farmer. Um...And his advice is no different than that of a diet expert who doesn't know this stuff. Shrug.
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
Did I say, "if you do not understand exactly how photosynthesis works, one can't teach a person how to be a farmer"?
AmethystMagenta (16 days ago)
You meant high protein diets not low :) however this is entirely mindblowing.
Candi Rose Media (17 days ago)
when you ask... "when am I ever going to use this?" lol... You did!
Whatever I want (18 days ago)
Awesome stuff, thanks!
Rich Keith (19 days ago)
There is a considerable amount of water that is expelled in our breath as well.
Ruben Meerman (13 days ago)
Haha, yes, fair point. I guess we're both experts at stating the obvious.
Rich Keith (14 days ago)
Wow. Trolled by the presenter. Arrogant much?
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
Thank you Einstein
Charles Sandomenico (19 days ago)
Eat less and exercise more. lol . What a concept 👍
Peteru Avertis (7 days ago)
Not so smart huh?
Paul Strait (19 days ago)
When you lose weight, you breathe it out as carbon dioxide. Everyone doesn't learn this in high school?
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
correct. everyone doesn't
Ljubisa Bubnjevic (20 days ago)
How the body generate the temperature?
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
conservation of energy
Arturo Fernandez (20 days ago)
One of the best, if not the best, TED talks I ever heard
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
Thank you!!!
William Cunningham (20 days ago)
eat less, move more and blowup a lot of balloon, sounds like a lot of fun to me.
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
Me too. We need to get out more.
David Parker. (20 days ago)
Ashok karad (21 days ago)
Actually the title of the video should be "Chemistry of weight loss".
Chuck Beickel (21 days ago)
@t healthy
MrNedsaabdickerson (21 days ago)
Acidosis is not good. Andromeda Strain.
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
Wise words
MrNedsaabdickerson (21 days ago)
Makes sense why you loose weight when you run and breath!!!!
Ni6HTH4wK (21 days ago)
Ketosis causes depression!?!?!
gracien2008 (21 days ago)
Still laughing... thanks for that Biochemists crack joke :)
Wouter Dewet (22 days ago)
Yes the science...........but this guy didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know about weight loss.
Wouter Dewet (14 days ago)
+Ruben Meerman I was talking about move more eat less.......the science part though mildly interesting does not really have any impact on how we will live and think after watching your bit. But well done, it was great, I hope you succeed greatly in everything you do.
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
You knew the 84/16 ratio Wouter?
ray ali (22 days ago)
Skip to 21:15 for the answer..... no $hit Sherlock!
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
Spoiler alert, Watson!
Ron M (22 days ago)
Im trying to teach my children that they live in a very special time in human evolution when they have access to the collective of human knowledge via the internet. There is no longer any excuse for ignorance if you have access to the internet. Life is about choices and they can choose to watch nonsense or get smarter. Knowledge is power but more importantly, they can find where their passion lies.
claudia chancellor (22 days ago)
Fantastic talk! This information debunks all the weight loss information I have been exposed to all my life.Quite an eye opener!
claudia chancellor he has no idea about weight loss. Please read about insulin and weight loss so you get a clear understanding of why eat less move more doesn’t work
MrLavender Valentino (23 days ago)
What's with the spot of light center stage?
MrLavender Valentino (23 days ago)
MrLavender Valentino (13 days ago)
+Ruben Meerman It's just trolling bruh. Great video!
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
Yes, we pronounce the letter H differently here MrLavender Valentino... believe it or not... the world is a sphere and there are people who speak differently to how you speak. Hehe. (pronounced Heheh)
j a (23 days ago)
so what about weight GAIN and musclebuilding. is it inversed, you have to breathe less and eat more?
j a (14 days ago)
i thought long and hard about it, and i think to gain weight i gotta Eat more than i Breathe out.
Ruben Meerman (14 days ago)
Whoa! You're onto something big here J A... keep reading
ChampionOfMars (23 days ago)
He pointed to his left instead of his right when he mentioned the liver doing ketosis! :P He's not trying to sell me anything, so I can trust him!
agaragar21 (23 days ago)
Excellent !
Emiliana Chateau (23 days ago)
Does this mean that cows don't provoque climate change??
f4ll0wf1r3 (23 days ago)
The surfing scientist!

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