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FASD: The Reality of Drinking During Pregnancy #tmvfeature

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Today on The Mom's View, we welcome special guest, Judy (https://goo.gl/o5Fx1A), to give us some insight on her life and her advocacy for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Judy's family (as described by Judy) is a loud, large family with a passion for adoption! She has 6 children through birth and adoption. Judy is an incredible human being on an incredible mission! Watch this video and make sure to tag along Judy's FASD and family journey by following her social channels! Subscribe to Judy's channel: https://goo.gl/o5Fx1A Follow Judy on IG: @kisses_for_noah Watch more episodes of The Mom's View: Most Googled HALLOWEEN COSTUMES of 2018 – https://youtu.be/Fi2Y_B2ZTNg Our Favorite Fall Hats – https://youtu.be/T0NL-0kMmHc Updates, Babies, & Favorite Products! – https://youtu.be/9cmSv9mTSho Baby Lenny Update from Carlie – https://youtu.be/mDOMwE5EYsI Moms Try MICROBLADING – https://youtu.be/FuAJOQZThvs 5 Ways to Turn Your Flannel Into a Fashion Statement! – https://youtu.be/1UyMabFNLYw Moms Try Flavor Tripping Miracle Berry Tablets! – https://youtu.be/cSYKKVU8xiM 5 Ways to STYLE Your Leather Jacket! – https://youtu.be/sDWp0M7R2oY Kylie Jenner, Shane Dawson, & Makeup! – https://youtu.be/AnbdKPcDzr0 Goodbye From Carlie! [Maternity Leave] – https://youtu.be/YIa57UgqTw8 Wanna chat with us? Visit here: http://bit.ly/TMVpinterest http://bit.ly/TMVfacebook http://bit.ly/TMVtwitter http://bit.ly/TMVChannel See your favorite ladies behind the scenes @TheMomsView! http://bit.ly/TMVinstagram SUBSCRIBE to KAYLI http://bit.ly/HeyKayli @hey_kayli SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE http://bit.ly/KatiletteChannel @katilette SUBSCRIBE to CARLIESTYLEZ http://bit.ly/CarlieStylezChannel @CarlieStylez
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Text Comments (35)
Stephanie Bogart (14 days ago)
God Bless this wonderful family! Praying for you Noah! Thank you for your message at the end! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️
Jackie N. (15 days ago)
What an AMAZING woman. All the very best for your future
Lisa Schuurman (16 days ago)
I am so happy that y'all decided to give FASD a platform! It is sooo frustrating to see mothers to be drink.. Even if it's one glass of alcohol.. They all say: 'one glass won't hurt', but it can, it does! Even here on YouTube I have seen it happen.. It hurts my heart that the mother would risk the health of her child for her 'one glass'.. And later on in life they wonder why their child has difficulties in life with something.. If you're pregnant.. STAY THE FUDGE AWAY FROM ALCOHOL.. It is your duty to protect your child, even in the womb! Besides all that.. IT'S ONLY FOR 9 MONTHS.. Damage to your child done by that 'one glass' is for life..
Jordan Patrick (16 days ago)
What a beautiful woman inside and out. This has been one of the beat Feature Fridays I've witnessed on TMV! I hope you reach high and achieve your dreams of helping these children. My heart aches for all the mothers and babies going through this.
poptartsag (16 days ago)
Awesome videos
T. Ruth T (16 days ago)
Often these babies are exposed to alcohol before moms even know they are pregnant( within the 1st 6 weeks)...
Jaimee Young (16 days ago)
Such an amazing video, my husband has FASD and so does my step son so i had to be extremely careful not drinking at all while i was pregnant with my son, thank you for the beautiful video as it touches my family so closely, my husband had to get growth injections from an early age as he was so small and he is on DSP because of it but he is the happiest human being ever so it doesnt affect him a whole lot now just with minor things
MrsMissLisa (16 days ago)
Thank you for sharing - I have heard of FASD, but do not know anyone who has it or whose children have it. This means I haven't ever researched/learned anymore about it. I'm heart broken to hear Noah explain how it makes his life so difficult. THIS should be a video every pregnant woman sees --- It may not keep them all from drinking but for those who do not -- Hallelujah!!
Marc (16 days ago)
Colette can look rlly nice with this hairstyle!
Angelica Starling (16 days ago)
Its incredible how many women think its okay to drink any amount of alcohol when pregnant. I'm a birthworker and i've met many people in the birth world who have recommended "a drink" to pregnant mothers to help with "nerves" or to calm contractions. Alcohol is a teratogen and should never be introduced in pregnancy or even during contraception to be the safest. You do not need alcohol to survive your pregnancy, or your motherhood, or your life. It's goal is to alter your brain, so imagine what it has the potential to do to a developing brain.
WhatsUpWoods (16 days ago)
I’m so proud of Judy! I know you’ve been so passionate about this for so long and I’m so proud of you for not giving up on your vision! You’re such a passionate woman and I’m so grateful we have crossed paths!!!!
Kisses For Noah (16 days ago)
xoxo Same <3
sierra drew (16 days ago)
I personally believe that instead of saying that FASD is 100% preventable you should say “ no amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe “. FASD is something that isn’t talked about a lot because of the stigmas around it but it needs to start being recognized because it is so important to have information about FASD and how it can effect the person in many ways
Odette T (16 days ago)
Sending lots of love you way, I have a family member with FASD. You're an inspiring family.
kimytaf (16 days ago)
how much is too much? im not a massive drinker if at all (maybe some port while cooking christmas dinner or baileys in cheesecake). people in some parts of the world say its ok to drink one glass of wine with dinner on the occasion and that doesnt seem to have ill effect. im just wondering at what level would it actually do damage? are we talking benders every week or the occasional night out? and yes of course its better to not al all, but im just wondering.
remytherat333 (16 days ago)
+Odette T I agree! like I said in my comment, there is no scientific basis for what exact amount would be too much, which is why many doctors prefer to advise zero alcohol. But some say minimal amounts are ok, but how much is just a bet, even doctors don't know for sure.
Odette T (16 days ago)
As far as I've read (but, of course check with your own doctor) no alcohol is a safe amount during pregnancy, or if you're trying to conceive. I'm sure a small amount mixed into a dessert wouldn't do harm but it's an easy thing to avoid and 9 months really does fly by. But if you really "need" one there are alcohol-free beers, wines etc that you could have instead.
remytherat333 (16 days ago)
I think the issue is that there is no scientific evidence and no way of knowing which amount of alcohol is too much and that is why in many countries there are campaigns that are advising zero tolerance just to be safe. So it's up to the individual to decide how much they are willing to drink, everyone decides where they set the bar. I found that since I don't know what amount potentially hurts the baby, it was not a big deal to stay away from alcohol for 9 months. Now I enjoy my wine etc. even more than before:)
GG and BB (16 days ago)
Its unpridictable and its a case by case thing. What effects one woman might not affect another, whether it be a once off drink or many. Some have had big nights out with no effects whilst others can drink way less and their baby may have FAS. Its the unpredictability that makes it important to avoid alcohol completely. Better safe than sorry kind of thing x
Kyah Stewart (16 days ago)
God bless you lady for all you do for Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. I am so angry with women and girls who drink when carrying a baby inside them. The females that do this are ruining their lives but, more important the lives of unborn babies forever.
Amanda C. Plus Three (16 days ago)
And to sweet Noah - You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. ❤️
Brandy Barnett (16 days ago)
Thank you for covering this topic it as well as Neonatal Abstinence syndrome has touched my life in big ways.
Erky's World (16 days ago)
Good luck on your journey to opening your facility! So sad that this needs to be a topic of discussion :/
Justin F (16 days ago)
Hey Noah!! You are so inspiring! You keep your head up and don't ever forget that He has made you for a special reason. You are going to change the world, my friend. I can feel it... Prayers, love, and good juju are coming straight from my heart, right from my soul to yours. If ever you see the number 4, know at that exact moment love and joy and encouragement are coming your way. Long-distance highfive my friend✋🤘👊🤙 Kris🤗
Justin F (16 days ago)
absolutely! I'd be honored! There's just something about that kid. You can tell he's a special soul... good luck!
Kisses For Noah (16 days ago)
Thank you so much! I am in the process of writing another book for Noah with words of inspiration for him...would you mind if I included this? <3
PiggyAzalea (16 days ago)
Smdh. How disgusting and selfish to drink while pregnant. Makes me sick and so angry. What a kind lady though. A true saint.💖
Thenextsteplover123 (14 days ago)
There is no safe amount if you cannot make choices to keep children safe before they’re born I have to question whether you will be able to after. Judging? Maybe kids not yet born will be saved from this by us not enabling this . No amount is safe so don’t
PiggyAzalea (16 days ago)
+Kisses For Noah that's a good way of looking at it. You have a big heart. I can't imagine losing my kids.
PiggyAzalea (16 days ago)
+remytherat333 i think drs say a glass of wine is ok. I'm talking about these bitches who cause the babies harm.
Kisses For Noah (16 days ago)
It's so complicated because many of these mothers are battling addiction and have no support systems in place. It's a systemic problem really. I don't blame my children's birth mothers. I hurt for their losses and I hurt for my children's loss and now their permanent brain damage :(
remytherat333 (16 days ago)
I didn't drink anything during my pregnancies but don't judge women that have minimal amounts.
Amanda C. Plus Three (16 days ago)
What a heart of gold you have. ❤️ so sad this even needs to be discussed but unfortunately it does.
Indykitty1 (16 days ago)
no no drinking in pregnancy no drinking if you are trying to get pregnant!!!!!
Kacey Fishwick (16 days ago)

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