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The Democrats in the age of Trump | The Economist

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Since Donald Trump entered politics the Democrats have struggled to compete. The mid-term elections will see them employing a change in tactics that they hope will mobilise new voters and win over disillusioned moderates. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: https://econ.st/2xvTKdy It's being called the most important midterm election in American history. On November 6th Americans will vote for the first time since Donald Trump won the presidency. The Republicans control both houses of Congress - the midterms provide the Democrats with a chance of clawing back some political control. If the Democrats come up short they face another cycle shut out of power. The result of these midterms could shape America, and its political parties, for decades to come. Max Rose is running for Congress. Like Mr. Trump, Mr. Rose is an unusual figure. He's a military veteran who prides himself on not being a career politician. The success of Donald Trump has forced the Democrats to cast a wider net supporting first-time candidates with diverse backgrounds. Among them a record number of women and non-white candidates, but also many military veterans. The Republicans have long claimed that they are the party of the military. But now the Democrats are harnessing military patriotism too. This is a different breed of Democrat. In many cases they're running against career politicians. Mr. rose was inspired by the fresh approach of Mr. Trump's vision for the country but feels let down. Republicans already hold the house in the Senate. The Democrats stand little chance of winning the Senate, but with this new breed of candidate they could take control of the house. Failure would leave them unable to check president Trump's power. For more from Economist Films visit: http://films.economist.com/ Check out The Economist’s full video catalogue: http://econ.st/20IehQk Like The Economist on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEconomist/ Follow The Economist on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theeconomist Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theeconomist/ Follow us on Medium: https://medium.com/@the_economist
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Text Comments (282)
aregua1 (1 day ago)
This should be called "The non-racist in the age of Trump's racism".
El Tigrero (8 days ago)
imagine executing every democrat for treason a boy can dream
Matt Poland (8 days ago)
Why "Dixie"? It's weird
Lucas Johnson (10 days ago)
The elections are over: Dems won the House, Repubs won the Senate, and they split the Governorships. No big surprises for a midterm.
Cavin K (11 days ago)
I'm big subscriber of Economist, but this video is totally bullshit.
strange lee (11 days ago)
...And this is impartial journalism is it?
ZERO ONE TRAINING (11 days ago)
Another fake news
Lord Pops (11 days ago)
Lol why they playing the confederate song Dixie land in the beginning 😂, I guess it is a Democrat song 😄
Antonio Cruz (11 days ago)
Why the hell is the confederate national anthem playing in the background?
Philip B (9 days ago)
+Antonio Cruz The Confederate government was ungovernable. It did not get things done at even trivial levels of normal achievement. Embracing a novel concept of a "national anthem" was not a priority. A newborn nation also needs symbols. to rally and cohere the population.. Dixie had an interesting variety of inspiring song well received, anthems among them; they never came up with anything as compelling as the Battle Hymn of the Republic.
Antonio Cruz (9 days ago)
+Philip B Back then there wasn't much of a concept of a government deciding that a song was the official national anthem. But that didn't stop people from behaving as though it was. Dixie Land was and still is considered to be the national anthem of the confederacy, even though the confederate government didn't officially have a stance on it.
Philip B (8 days ago)
+Antonio Did the Confederacy have a national anthem? The US didn't yet have one at any time while Grant was alive. Meanwhile, I suspect that the editorial choice to use 'Dixie' for background music... might have been a nod to the GOP's "Southern Strategy". .You might google the term if you are not familiar with it.
Sage Bias (11 days ago)
This was a minor election. Don't kid yourself. The important thing is how the democrats respond. The can't keep doubling down on nonsense.
Carlo Sanz (11 days ago)
A message to the country, I know these are dark times, and we may face evil and all the dark secrets may be revealed, your hate and anger is understandable. But stop the mass shooting! Stop hurting innocent people! We will get through this together and we will find the enemies with in. Don’t give up! And don’t loose faith in the country and the people! We are fucking trying to fix the mess we inherited! Don’t you fucking dare give up now on the country and it’s people. Honor those who died and lost everything protecting this country! Carry on for them!
D WG (12 days ago)
We need a wall and a roof over the entire US to keep the Americans in. 😂😂😂
Mother Russia (12 days ago)
I very much agree with Rose. I can't blame him with running as a dem cus he could care less about the party he's on. Trump did a lone campaign and won, pretty much proving that you can do this without kissing up to fellow politicians in the party. Reps didn't even want to support him, they were going for Jeb Bush. But now that he's president, I gotta say that he's getting influenced a lot by his party and should've been running a very bipartisan govt just to give a big F U to both the dems and the GOP. Like honestly, the swamp is still very much there.
steve mazzuchin (12 days ago)
It really doesn't matter anymore the world knows when it comes to America blue or red the only thing inevitable is more brown people will be dead!
Sunny Choudhary (12 days ago)
Tools for neo-liberals.
DeadTroperSociety (12 days ago)
Holy shit! Well played Economist for playing Dixieland in the background. I love the song but come on now, it was made popular by the south during the CIVIL WAR. And what party fought for the Confederate during the Civil War? Well played, well played.
Eric Kennedy (12 days ago)
Left wing or right wing, it doesn’t matter. They’re both part of the same shitty bird.
dominoes37 (12 days ago)
War on Venezuela!
Ray (12 days ago)
There'll be more wars on earth is what I can see through this video.
David vs Goliath (12 days ago)
Age of DONKEY Republic ...booo...booo..
john doe (12 days ago)
Its the best time ever to be a Democrat. They just turned Florida PERMANENTLY BLUE With the passage of amendment 4 last night which allows 1.6 million convicted felons in florida to now vote. And literally 80% of felons are democratic voters because they are either minorities or whites who want lenient law enforcement (which democrats are for). So its basically 1.6 million new democrat votes in florida, Trump only won it by about 100,000 votes. ITS OVER! The dems have secured their super majority.
CRISTIAN ION (22 hours ago)
D. Feliciano (9 days ago)
Hey when you have a political party that would take you to jail or has you in jail because you want to smoke a little marijuana you are automatically converted to democrat! Stop doing stupid laws and you wont have stupid results! Republicans freaking blame everyone but theirself.
Philip B (9 days ago)
+john doe Amendment 4 succeeded with approx 60% of the vote. Let's give that time to sink into his thought processes, if possible, and resume discussions/analysis later.. SIXTY PERCENT - IN FLORIDA!.
Marin Stinic (12 days ago)
+PoliticalMonkey your generation isn't conservative, there is just bunch of you who watch "crazy SJW cringe compilations" videos, just because you are anti PC doesnt make you conservative. How many of you are against marihuana legalisation, gay marriage etc.?
D. Feliciano (12 days ago)
Thats so delusional, most cuban are republicans! A lot of puertoricans are conservatives! So you are just spreading paranoia, the one that benefits Trump, the they are going to replace you bullshit!
John Claiborne II (12 days ago)
yawn... every 4 years is the most important
Lucille Hino (12 days ago)
Philip B (9 days ago)
The Dems have recently had no grip on any significant lever of power. Immigration reform is a complex matter. What the Repugnants had labeled "chain migration" is, in the mind of compassionate human beings, "family reunion". We can start immigration reform by banning all arrivals from the countries your forebears had left. Would that be an acceptable start?
PoliticalMonkey (12 days ago)
They don’t actually Care. It’s about the free vote importation
Amenhotep The Third (12 days ago)
The presidency is a total shit-shower to everyone who lives in a country with a genuine democracy. It's shameful. I get that people might agree with his policies (well, I don't get it actually) but the conduct, lack of respect, lies, refilling the swamp, racism, benefiting from the office, hiding his tax returns etc, etc. Though America was better than that. If it were the Philippines, id say fair enough, it's the Philippines.
Ford Fairlane (12 days ago)
Just be safe guys we still have these maga terrorist to worry about
Vetle Tollaksen (12 days ago)
First there was fake news, and now there are fake, cringey cia-designed(?) Politicians
Cristian Licea (12 days ago)
PoliticalMonkey (12 days ago)
Sorry no commies here.
537monster (12 days ago)
I’ll vote for democracy, since under that government system we can have any effective economic system.
Din Sel (12 days ago)
Well, if you are a genuine patriot your loyalty is to the Country... not the party.. and definately not to Mr Treacherous Bonespurs... Im glad patriots are leaving the Republican personality cult... Republicans
Tommy Dixon (12 days ago)
Funny how they're playing Dixie in the beginning of the video.
Tommy Dixon (12 days ago)
+537monster Very fair point.
537monster (12 days ago)
I mean it is an American song. It was made before the civil war I believe (correct me if I’m wrong), and the creator didn’t even believe in southern secession.
Jason Rosenberg (12 days ago)
End the Federal Reserve - it has financed the destruction of Earth.
themutantlizard (12 days ago)
Im canadian and im just going to sit back and whatever happens happens
drmnys (13 days ago)
Lol... Democrats are desperate now. Bitching and whining for the cause feminists, homos and trannies not enough... Now they need to cast a wider net and use token ex military people. At the end of the day it's all about power. Disgusting, unscrupulous people.
537monster (12 days ago)
drmnys well it’s hard to put everything on the Democrats right now since they are out of power (mostly still, even though they took the house) Republicans deserve extra scrutiny now since they have most of the power, and recently they’ve done things that warrant them getting the same treatment that Democrats received in 2016. No party should keep control of the government if they commit corrupt acts while in power. If they continue, then they are replaced. If those people are corrupt, replace them. So on and so on.
drmnys (12 days ago)
+537monster hey I'm not saying Republicans are innocent. They have their own issues. I don't support them on many issues. There are some things I agree with on both sides. But by and large I am just disgusted by leftists and their dishonesty and corrupt ideology.
537monster (12 days ago)
Actually it was about the ability of my aunt to pay for healthcare, since she has cancer (hi, democrat here). See Trump and his buddies are out trying to eliminate protections for people with preexisting conditions. Meaning that health insurance companies can increase the cost of insurance or refuse insurance to people with preexisting conditions (like cancer, diabetes, or even a genetic history of either. My father has diabetes, and my grandmother had cancer, so I have a genetic history of both, lucky for me I am covered under Tricare, but I can’t say the same for my sister) So no, it had nothing to do with transgender rights or the rights of homosexuals (which are important, but not my main issue) but the survival of people who need help, mainly Americans. Also I’m pro-union, I believe in climate change, and I want the government to invest more in public schooling, especially in low income areas. Is any of that really that bad? Why do you hate me for wanting these things?
Doc M (13 days ago)
Stop this propaganda pls
Hi5 Tilinko (13 days ago)
Identity politics, promotion of political violence, rampant political prejudice, victim culture = modern Democrats.
3D Existence (13 days ago)
Democrat : A bunch of crybaby
Philip B (9 days ago)
+3D Existence Bratass would be a better fit
Philip B (9 days ago)
Your opinion; the plural of 'crybaby' is not 'crybaby'. Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome.
537monster (12 days ago)
+3D Existence yeah, that’s TOTALLY the reason. No, pretty sure he’s just a rich boy snob who thinks it’s the job of the poor to die for him.
3D Existence (12 days ago)
537monster cuz rather than go to war and have a big risk to dying in battlefield for no good reason, he choose to focus in buisness in his prime time and make a job for thousands of people
537monster (12 days ago)
3D Existence a badass doesn’t dodge the draft.
Humza Hussaini (13 days ago)
I have no respect for the military. It consumes resources that could have been used for healthcare and education and instead are used to buy arms and often for killing innocent civilians.
Humza Hussaini (12 days ago)
+Theguyin915 That's irrelevant. That money should have gone to medical research in the first place. Why do we give soo much to the military. Its over-funded.
Theguyin915 (12 days ago)
If only you know how much medical research the "military" does you'd think twice about your statement...
Chilling Jellyfish (13 days ago)
are you playing DIXIE???? wwwwwwoooowww you guys are clueless
537monster (12 days ago)
It’s an American song.
Ton Llimona (13 days ago)
Where is the progress?
Jo K (13 days ago)
@0:11 you can guess which party she is gonna vote.
Best Korea (13 days ago)
I will vote for anyone who increases military budget to 1 trillion and repeal medicare and social security
Elena Timofte (12 days ago)
Ezekiel De La Croix (13 days ago)
Die and serve for Israel, brother. Go Max Rose!
Noel Down (13 days ago)
Talk faster, dammit
hugo white (13 days ago)
Exploiting veterans for votes disgusting.
Richard Roberts (13 days ago)
Is this girl the best narrator you could come up with? Sounds like a 6th grader.
don schreiber (13 days ago)
midterms? just another round of auction and musical chairs by untruthful, cowardly "elites." the cowardice is not about martial prowess or material achievements, it's failure to face the truth, dishonesty and untruthfulness in thought word and deed - that is cowardice. there might be reason to vote in state and local if there is actually something in it for humanity, but really it won't make any difference. as always, the so-called "elite" class is utterly clueless and ignorant, violent imbeciles and self serving cheats. there is no meaningful action on climate change, no commitment to human rights or anything else, just more crime. they will hide in their estates and bunkers like the cheatful cowards they are when the environmental catastrophe they are working so hard for finally comes about. i wouldn't be surprised if one or other of the rascals with nuclear weapons tries to blow up the whole thing. Obama and the Dems needlessly provoked Putin and the Russians while Trump needlessly provokes China and North Korea, they are obsessed with torturing Iran for their corrupted and ignorant "religion," and the thugs are taking turns raping and murdering the people of Syria just like a pack of thugs surrounding an innocent victim and pummeling them to death. first the Putin thug bombs, then the Assad thug, then the Arab dictators take their turn, then the Trump thug, now it's the Bibi thug's turn, and so on to extermination. of all people i would have thought the Jews would have learned their lesson after WWII and the Holocaust (yes it DID happen, my grandpa was in Patton's Army), but no - "God promised Israel", and the crazy fundamentalist Christians - it's all a free-for-all, it's all on Jesus, "we're forgiven."
A Priest (13 days ago)
I'm concerned about Texas becoming Blue TBH.
PoliticalMonkey (13 days ago)
Why are you playing Dixieland??? The democrats are always insane
Philip B (4 days ago)
+PoliticalMonkey Do they call you Generation "Zyklon" because you're a tool of the Nazis? If you don't get the reference, try googling Zyklon Auschwitz The largest generational cohort in US history is now entering the age range when traditionally citizens took to voting more frequently - and they went massively blue this year. Any honest demographic analysis would tell you that you are not turning anything red unless you manage to flip your elders... and I don't think you have it in you. The fact that California members of your echo chamber think like you, is not impressive.
PoliticalMonkey (8 days ago)
Philip B I’m 15... I’m not the only one in my generation that feels this way either. There is a reason they call us Generation “Zyklon”. The red wave is coming. In 2020 my generation will re elect trump. Even my friends in CALIFORNIA are red. They are trying to brainwash us but it’s obviously not working. you can have your fun for now, but the mid terms In 2021-2 will be RED
Philip B (9 days ago)
+Monkey are you still beating your wife?
Sonnys Gaming (13 days ago)
Both parties are corrupted and Donnys the most corrupted America became a shithole to the world all about wars and selling weapons to the World stealing oil from Arabs by starting proxy wars to stay in power plus hear in the States kids are in Nazi camps and Trumps Clan are Racist White People full of hate
Jim NORRIS (13 days ago)
Democrats picked the right Mascot. A Jackass
The Liberal (13 days ago)
A determined jackass, a popular vote jackass, a stubborn jackass?
ric Sosa (13 days ago)
Democracy "freedom" the Right to Vote for elective justice system is why we go to WAR..but can't get our own U.S government to practice what they preach but go to WAR and give up our Military lives for What
BdDaBomb (13 days ago)
You are more than enough if you only believe you can grow. Take care of your neighbors and be a blessing to yourself and your community. Democrat? Republicans? This isn't our generations war
?¿DèãthGùñ ¿? (13 days ago)
Ain't nobody got time to see dumb ass adults playing with power, United states Is all state from every country to make one united county the USA quit talking about power and oh hey vote me because I'll do that, WHAT about ur people, what are you gonna do to give their freedom
David Rook (13 days ago)
If the Left gains any kind of power, we are in a world of crap. The Left has admitted time and time again, they want to give away the country, while ignoring our own citizens needs, and to top that off, start fighting Trump on ever issue and try to impeach him. Really, is that what people want, a stagnant government to busy in fighting and not working for the American people.
zbudda (13 days ago)
When a democrat candidate has to pretend to be a moderate with Neo-conservative views and not a crazy democrat socialist, to get the votes...that's when your party has lost direction and is in big trouble.
ronluzim (13 days ago)
Joe Jow (13 days ago)
Democrats don't have a clue.
Shaun B (13 days ago)
It’s not Democrat’s it’s demon rats.
skagit69er (13 days ago)
Shaun B ..It”s not Republicans it’s Republicunts
Michael Newell (13 days ago)
Trump lost the popular vote. Yet he became president!? Therefore it would stand to reason that quite a few positions will change during this midterm election.? If this is truly an election that is a referendum on Trump's policies and nothing changes, then one can only assume that our election process is truly hampered through gerrymandering vote tampering election fraud and hacking with a lot of help from Russia.! As a concerned American citizen I say there is no Mueller investigation on Trump. I say it's all bulshit! Obviously I don't like Trump, big f****** deal . millions of people don't like them! I'm a lifelong Republican who did not vote for Trump because he repulses me and my standards of politics. No two pump vote Trump Punk here. So go fuckyourself! And quit f* f f****** focking** everybody else like Trump is doing. Assehole! Stick around long enough you'll see. Get ready to lube up your ass holes and get fuxked! Dumbass.! Up yours.
Bridgette Alexanderson (13 days ago)
Democrats. More government. More power. Good. Good. Yes.
Edward Smith (13 days ago)
The vocal fry from this narrator is like nails on a blackboard.
mclanaford (13 days ago)
Mr Rose. This President has done more in Two yrs. then Obama has don rib 8 yrs. you are delusional you Democratic lot
Patrick Star (13 days ago)
The Liberal (13 days ago)
Or just political deadlock for 6 years
Levi Parrish (13 days ago)
Liberal cucks
Alex (13 days ago)
level 2 helmet on thumbnail
lissa leggs (13 days ago)
Trump... „The central belief of every moron is that he is the victim of a mysterious conspiracy against his common rights and true deserts.“. The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots. H.L. Mencken (1880-1956)  ...
Veritas Est Lux (12 days ago)
*Shit report /video. You have the illusion of choice with Democrats and Republicans. Both parties are controlled by the oligarchy ; one which consists of Wall Street / Corporations, special interest groups (such as AIPAC, Soros, Koch Brothers, Hollywood millionaires, etc.), and the Military Industrial Complex. If you strictly identify as a Republican or as a Democrat, you are essentially a zombie. You are complicit in the subversion of a representative democracy and you are perpetuating the corruption of the election process. Democrats + Republicans = Rat excrement.*
nwo boi (3 days ago)
great post straight nailed it
Orangutan (12 days ago)
Veritas Est Lux and what are you then?
Road Kamelot (13 days ago)
You never have a choice regardless of whatever parties involved. Political dynamics are never affected by you alone. The two parties are in control only because people vote for them.
Belly Campana (13 days ago)
Wake up World! A handful of people control. Pedovore class must die
Pat (13 days ago)
And then a Bonapartist comes along...
Pat Lavigne (13 days ago)
Automatan Potato (12 days ago)
Elena Timofte (12 days ago)
skagit69er (13 days ago)
Pat Lavigne ..Lay off the weed!
lich tran (13 days ago)
... Russia gate is an attempt to use a fraudulent narrative cooked up by the highest levels of British intelligence to overturn the vote in 2016 so you're absolutely right people have to go out and not just vote mobilize everyone you can don't allow people to fall back and .. an example of the complete hypocrisy ... Hillary Clinton talking about civility her campaign hired a top-level British spy Christopher Steele to run stories to write memos claiming the Trump was in a hotel room in Moscow cavorting with prostitutes who were urinating on a bed maybe on him with Putin filming it and that's what Russia gates started as now is that civil this Hillary have a leg to stand on when she talks about Trump not being civil so the hypocrisy is glaring but we can't just get angry at the hypocrisy we have to get focused on why they're trying to ... Senator Lindsey Graham and Brett Kavanaugh during the hearings they spoke about military tribunals essentially and I just interviewed Dave janda and janda says that the possibility of military tribunals for those who have been seditious or treasonous against the United States and our Constitution is very very real ... .. the enemies of this country are not just bad people committed to an evil that is mostly unknown and unseen and the fact that they're working through these secret services to support the terrorists in Afghanistan in Iraq in Syria that was the Obama policy that was the Hillary Clinton policy and when Michael Flynn blew the whistle on that look what happened to him he got targeted by this fraud Muller look at the fact that the Obama administration brought into power in Ukraine a neo Nazi military wing that controls the Ukrainian government and when the Trump campaign came out against providing lethal weapons to Ukraine ... AS Q WROTE: "WE, THE PEOPLE. SAVE THE REPUBLIC!" SGTreport ** Published on Nov 5, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjaBX1PESls More Info Updated at http://tranlich.com/facebook/oldlinks1.html
PoliticalMonkey (13 days ago)
lich tran You are not of the people!
Scott Conner (13 days ago)
All the dems have to say to win by a landslide is “strong borders” but they just won’t do it. You can’t have strong social services and a back door that’s open to the third world. Until this changes I can’t see the democrats wining.
CRISTIAN ION (22 hours ago)
Philip B (9 days ago)
"Strong borders" mean... what? Keep out those damn [ fill in the blank ] visitors who overstay their visa? Because that's where most of the "illegal" aliens come from. If "strong borders" means that you intercept every single person who looks like an illegal who might be a tourist, or a student, business traveler... who did not go home when the visa expired: you will cause chaos. I would rather have a few hard-working unofficial immigrants striving hard to achieve the American Dream in my community, than turn my community into a police state where your identity documents are all that separate you from normal life, and hell.
Potting Soil (13 days ago)
This sucked.
Harrison Ressler (13 days ago)
I didn't have enough time to research the canidates, so i left my ballet blank
The Brand (13 days ago)
Keep dreaming bias liberals! DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS
trump only want war! VOTE4DEMOCRATS
patsflysfan2 (12 days ago)
Clash of Kings The West Is that why he pretty much brought peace to the Korean Peninsula? Something that even the president of South Korea gave Trump credit for doing. Also, what makes you think Democrats don't want war either? Under, the US bombed 7 countries and even invaded Libya.
Greg AVFC 69/70 Jones (13 days ago)
Democrats = empty PC slogans setting race against race. Nasty and divisive, special deals for one race but not another. Favouritism and nepotism. Fraudulent and corrupt, the vote buyers. VOTE TRUMP! Drain the nasty, PC swamp!
Philip B (9 days ago)
+Greg It's interesting that you tag Democrats with nepotism, given Trump's immense reliance on Jared. Trump's efforts to drain "the swamp" are merely to funnel the federal nutrients his way. He's the most corrupt major American politician in living memory.
The Liberal (12 days ago)
+themutantlizard I agree, the major issues of discrimination have been fixed only minor issues remain
themutantlizard (12 days ago)
The Liberal they are already equal under the law
The Liberal (13 days ago)
+Road Kamelot Anti-discrimination laws create equality for minorities and givens them protection from being discriminated by majority groups Allowing minorities to have equal opportunity
Road Kamelot (13 days ago)
+The Liberal There is no such thing as anti-discrimination except that imposed on the government. It's a classic case of false labeling. You can only "anti-discriminate" by discriminating, using the threat of force to take away someone's right to choose.
Yehuda Tagar (13 days ago)
Mazaltov! Ex-vet Dems are bound to lure hardcore pro-military GOP types.
Santiago Bron (13 days ago)
I’m not a democrat But the Republican Party is becoming Trump’s personal safe space. There are conservatives in the Democratic Party. I wonder how many liberals are there in the gop? Hell they barely even tolerate libertarians.
Kyle D (1 day ago)
+Luis Raguzzoni Clearly you don't understand libertarianism then.
patsflysfan2 (12 days ago)
Santiago Bron Conservatives in the Democratic Party? Are you kidding me? I can't see any Democrat politician who's even the least bit conservative. Also, there are Republicans who don't like the president. They may not be liberal, but they're not ultra-conservative.
V R (12 days ago)
Till us more how Democrats are the sane ones? How many riots did we see today in the streets since Republicans lost the house? Exactly zero we have jobs and a life to care about no fucking time to indoctrinate people with Marx's ideological bullshit. So sit down and shut the fuck up you are too stupid to fucking talk
Franjo Kristof (12 days ago)
That's why Democrats are calling for hate crimes abd attacks on Republicans.
Lucas Bergh (13 days ago)
You ignored the fact that a big and worthy of mentionable share of the Democrats are complete lunatics. Aka antifa aka triggered campus safe space pussies.
moon (13 days ago)
I'm voting ALL RED. Trump has done great for this country. The left wants to brainwash kids into being trans, have open borders, and remove cartoon characters for being stereotypes.
neeneko (12 days ago)
+Guy Fawkes I was more responding to the original post, not PoliticalMonkey. Ah the limits of fishbone forums
Guy Fawkes (12 days ago)
+neeneko Do you recognise that there is no actual war going on, and the war referred to bt @PoliticalMonkey is only a fierce competition.
Kids aren't brainwashed into being trans. Trans folk are born that way. Trump doesn't care about climate change and provoked a trade war with China. He constantly lies and doesn't use a secured phone jeopardising national security . So how is Trump so good exactly .
Birthdays (12 days ago)
are you crazy if Trump takes over it can be a possibility there would be a world war 3 Trump has made America worst
PoliticalMonkey (12 days ago)
neeneko no, I enjoy knowing future generations will have better tech
Lucia Costa (13 days ago)
Juan Macedo (13 days ago)
Lawl no
Alicia Cavalcanti (13 days ago)
Lucia Costa you lose
Red Head Redemption (13 days ago)
+PoliticalMonkey real enough to have voted and taken the house from you, biatch!
PoliticalMonkey (13 days ago)
Red Head Redemption Detroit:Becoming NPC
Red Head Redemption (13 days ago)
Jason Chevez (13 days ago)
Koen Altena (13 days ago)
Lucky i live in the eu
Andrew Musgrove (13 days ago)
I like how they list the unorthodox cannidates the Dems have running & under non-white that have Irish Lily White Robert (Beto) Orouke. Ummmm.... He's as Hispanic as Shaun King is black.
Veritas Est Lux (12 days ago)
+Maxwell's demon *Bozo O'Rourke is 100% guilty of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. He stole the "Beto" nickname ; a nickname that is exclusively used among LATINO males whose names are namely "Alberto" and at times "Roberto." R. Francis O'Rourke (Bozo) is a cracker who simply panders to Latinos.* Democrat or not, that cracker O'Rourke bathes in WHITE PRIVILEGE. So, STFU honky.
F (13 days ago)
Who the hell cares about their race lmfao. Democrats using race or genders as a credential has to stop, look past their color and become interested in their proposals and preparation for congress.
Andrew Musgrove (13 days ago)
Apparently this video is. Saying African American, shows African American cannidate. Then says Hispanic & shows Robert.
Hamza Ajmal (13 days ago)
Andrew Musgrove no one is saying O Rourke is Hispanic. Next!
Maxwell's demon (13 days ago)
No one is saying Beto is hispanic.
NathansHVAC (13 days ago)
Military fighting for open borders. How cute. It's just like in the EU.
Philip B (9 days ago)
Open ordure vs "open borders". How have we sunk so low that a sitting President would mock posse comitatus in advance during an electoral season... to contravene a hallucinatory threat on our southern border? Regardless of any matters centering on money - Trump is morally corrupt.
Mitsu (11 days ago)
+mclanaford EU is created mess? You mean that mess, what USA created middle east?
mclanaford (13 days ago)
NathansHVAC You are so right. What a mess the E U has created. God Bless President Trump. MAGA
NathansHVAC (13 days ago)
So Democrats want to enforce border security? That's a new one. Is that the latest promise from Hillary?
Callum Connolly (13 days ago)
this makes no sense
Jeremiah Daniel (13 days ago)
Super biased... what the fuck guys...
Willem van de Beek (13 days ago)
Creepy... America is completely militarised. :(
Philip B (9 days ago)
+NathansHVAC If you don't like it, you can turn away from FB, Twitter, etc. Since you are on this social network: you too are socialized. See how insidious it is?
Ted Curry (12 days ago)
+D. Feliciano sounds super interesting. Thanks!
D. Feliciano (12 days ago)
+Ted Curry its common knowledge everywhere, do some research
Ted Curry (12 days ago)
+D. Feliciano what book did you read that in!?
D. Feliciano (12 days ago)
+Willem van de Beek well there is one thing for sure that wont happen easily to America and it is invasion, like hitler did with lots of Europe countries!
Wolfgamer17 Pro (13 days ago)
Philip B (9 days ago)
Thanks for the offer.
Juan Macedo (13 days ago)
Wolfgamer17 Pro that is why you are subscribed to drama alert and like weird videos.
Walter Johnson (13 days ago)
What a Manlet
RPDBY (13 days ago)
We should select gov officials at random
Spider King (13 days ago)
Your high just get off YouTube and get some help
Ravi Roshan (13 days ago)
[email protected] Economist,I am an Indian and somewhat supporter of Liberals Of America.But you are a news channel.Please dont show news as propoganda.Yours job is to help people choose which side they want to swing Left or Right Or Centre,but you are imposing your ideology on People.In this video your motive was clear,Republicans are bad guys and these heroes are going to fight them.Being on the left side myself,I can feel it.No one from right is going to listen to u if u are going to show propoganda in place of News
David Smith (9 days ago)
They’re just reporting the facts, which helps people make the right choice. Right for the people. Balance is meaningless if it gives you the impression the wrong choice is equal with the right one.
Philip B (10 days ago)
+Lucas Martinez If YOU find that you " can't even speak in America without being labeled a Nazi": ...maybe what you are saying recommends that label? There are some 330 million people living in the US, and many of them manage well on a daily basis to go to work, buy groceries, chat with neighbors, do lots of things without having swastikas assigned to their speech.
Philip B (10 days ago)
Ravi, this was a 'slice of life' -type piece. At no point had it encouraged anyone to vote this way or other. This is standard journalistic fare. It is "background" if you choose to be kind, "filler" if you don't; but it is NOT news, nor discernably meant to be The Economist is British; much of its readership and audience is international but not American - let alone Americans who vote in Richmond. Please gain some perspective.
Other Pill (12 days ago)
Ravi Roshan thank you for saying this. I'm moving away for the left because of this. They play a minoritarian and identity politics, and chooses propaganda over everything else. When Trump won I was of the same view as yours, and I actually liked it because that meant the left needed to work on itself, but did it? No, it's just playing along the same lines. I wish the republicans won it completely so that the left got their lesson and took a step back and introspect. I still believe that the left has the ability to bring some change in the world, but that's cannot take place by creating class conflict, or isolating one group and focusing on other. They are really getting terrible at this point. Also, one of the liberal values was free speech and due process all of which they are trying to shut down 'for minority voices'. It's turning out to be more of a fascist than anything else.
Road Kamelot (13 days ago)
Democrats are only liberal with other people's money. Calling Democrats liberal is an insult to liberty. The Republicans suck but they still know enough shame to be vocally supportive of reduced government, free market, free choice, or economic freedom. Democrats outright support socialist agenda, the antithesis of liberty, and more intrusive government intervention. Even perfectly reasonable articulate people who admittedly lean left are driven away and insulted by the weird, barbaric, and obnoxious rhetoric and culture promoted by the Democrats.
Wisdom Humbles (13 days ago)
Pseudo Republicans. Where do the stand with taxes on middle class and small businesses. Do they support the first and second amendments. Beyond feelings and optics where do they actually stand on issues that actually affect blue collar folks.
Din Sel (12 days ago)
I dont know about Max but Ojeda bleeds working class...
Marc Padilla (13 days ago)
Rose running on a drain the swamp campaign. Good approach. If he says the President is not doing it,how's he gonna do it from his position. Under Cuomo poor people on fixed incomes are in jeopardy of losing their living spaces.The lack of maintenance and support leads many activists to speculate that those properties are slated for private enterprise that stands to make a lot of people rich,including politicians.Not that it matters much but Republicans are not in power.Rat food for thought.
Marc Padilla (13 days ago)
NathansHVAC Name o the game.Survival of the richest.
NathansHVAC (13 days ago)
He will drain the swamp after he becomes a millionaire
Dlamz Media (13 days ago)
giveussomevodka (13 days ago)
Recruit populists to fight populism. The Democrat party gazing into the abyss, like Nietzsche said it. Soon the USA's two party system will just be a 1 party, 2 flavors system. If its not already.
surfing hobo (13 days ago)
'Populist party' lose the popular vote OMEGALUL
vks_ (13 days ago)
+Ghost Duke Vladamir Anything is better than first past the post
shutup (13 days ago)
how is america in anyway a democracy , two major parties hows that a democracy in most western countries except america , voters have 3 sometimes 4 major parties to choose from and in america they just have 2 , what a farce
Ghost Duke Vladamir (13 days ago)
+vks_ proportional representation has issues too. I prefer the alternative vote or STV
G.S.P. (13 days ago)
35 of the last 38 midterm elections saw the sitting president lose some amount power. However this will probably be the 4th exception to the trend.
Automatan Potato (12 days ago)
bretert (12 days ago)
+World's Netizen your weird 😓
Ricardo (13 days ago)
Propaganda, plain and simple...
Philip B (9 days ago)
+Ricardo When alleged "propaganda" is plainly visible (at least to you),: it probably isn't. During WWII. the Allies used the opening of Beethoven's 5th Symphony as a call sign, dah-dah-dah-DAAAH. Three short, one long: morse code for the letter V. - V for Victory... meanwhile poking a finger into the German eye, reminding them that their civilization... was civilized before the Nazi takeover. Added bonus: unlike what the apparatus surrounding your daily life tells you, we Allies are not trying to eradicate German culture. Not bad thought cargo conveyed over just a few seconds.. Another very effective propaganda chop was when the Nazis tampered with Fritz Lang's movie, M. This was the depicted story of a deranged murder of children who had evaded the police; the People of the street eventually caught hi, He was tried before a tribunal of the People (black eye to the government) and eventually was found 'not guilty' by reason of insanity. That's where the original movie ended; the Nazis added just a few words at the end: "and now we must all worry for our children". . * There is a craft to effective propaganda. In its (now) less insidious forms, it might be the subtext of advertising you don't detect - read up on Vance Packard's book, The Hidden Persuaders / ISBN: 978-0-9788431-0-6
PoliticalMonkey (13 days ago)
They even used Dixieland
PoliticalMonkey (13 days ago)
Ricardo it’s happens
Sa Sa (13 days ago)
video isnt even 5 mins old
Kevin Belcher (13 days ago)
Let's face it. Trump has single handedly DESTROYED the Democrat party lol . . Democrats have no valid talking points anymore.
Philip B (9 days ago)
+Kevin How often does a DESTROYED party take over the House, with a nation-wide victory margin of at least 7%?
goff0103 (12 days ago)
The Russians put trump in power.
neeneko (12 days ago)
All trump has done is completed Newt's long goal of eliminating the value of talking points. All that is left of the GoP is race and cultural politics.
Daryl Leckt (13 days ago)
200,000,000 russians agree with you.
NathansHVAC (13 days ago)
Oprah will give everybody a car. beat that!
Ian Ko (13 days ago)
Patrick Star (13 days ago)
Ian Ko oi bruv, check the results lol I’m actually laughing right now 😂
Creeps (13 days ago)
Wave of democrat tears
Billy Bob Miller (13 days ago)
+Max I voted blue for you Max!
Max (13 days ago)
...my toilets
NathansHVAC (13 days ago)
It will be just like Christmas with all the free stuff.

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